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Calipari said cameras catching Monk laughing at end of Florida game is a good lesson


One of the hot topics after UK’s loss to Florida was Malik Monk smiling and laughing on the bench during the final seconds of the game. Turns out Malik was laughing at the Florida student section, who was serenading him with “Happy Birthday,” but unfortunately, the ESPN cameras caught his brief moment of laughter, which rubbed some in an already frustrated fan base the wrong way. Jerry Tipton asked John Calipari about Monk’s laughter today on the SEC Coaches Teleconference, and Cal admitted he was upset too until he heard the context.

“First of all, when I heard it, you know, I got on him, and what they had done is they were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him because it was his birthday and that’s why he was — he caught it. But, I said to him, ‘Do you understand you’re at Kentucky and the camera is always on, the mic is always on.’ You know, it’s a lesson for him. I mean, two seconds before, Joel [Justus], my assistant, was sitting next to him and Isaiah [Briscoe] and they were going nuts about how bad they’d played. ‘I can’t believe this, you and I are better than this, what in the heck, how did we let this,’ and then they started singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ which I looked at Joel, I said, ‘Joel,’ and he said, ‘Coach, I didn’t see any of it and I was sitting there.’

So, he learned a lesson. I’ll probably put him out in front of the media tomorrow and let him explain himself.”

Only at Kentucky would this be an issue, but Cal’s right; context or not, Monk will learn from it and move on, as we all should.

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11 Comments for Calipari said cameras catching Monk laughing at end of Florida game is a good lesson

  1. RUPPS.rhetoric
    12:12 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    Raise your hand if you had Jerry Tipton as the media member to ask this question.

  2. secrick
    12:14 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    Yep a good lesson for us, he’s a kid and kids just want have fun.

  3. scwhite9
    12:18 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    I hope everyone let’s it go. He’s a kid at heart. I have had to contain my laughter at a funeral. Someone said about the deceased “he looks better than ever.” I said: “he looks dead.” My daughter and I could not contain our laughter. I had to finally pretend to cough so everyone would quit looking at me. I was older than he was at the time. We all laugh at inappropriate times. Let’s move on and wish him the best.

    • Realme
      12:23 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

      You have me laughing now. Hope no one thinks it means I don’t mind that we lost that game.

    • catsarerunnin
      1:19 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

      So laughing at a funeral and poking fun at the deceased is similar to Monk laughing during a UK loss? Disturbing.

  4. Mc12
    12:55 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    I disagree with the statement that only at Kentucky this would be an issue. I think there would be fans from just about any team with expectations if a player was laughing on the bench during a blowout. I personally didn’t think it was a big deal, and it didn’t bother me based on the context. However, if this happened at UNC, IU, UL, Duke, KU or just about anywhere else, some portion of those fan bases would have been disappointed and reacted the same way.

  5. runningunnin.454
    1:01 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    Do not put him out in front of the media; c’mon.
    Does K put Grayson Allen out in front of the media….if he did, I missed it.

  6. leon singleton
    1:03 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    His rebounding is an issue.

  7. TWhite
    1:12 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

    I’d rather see them laughing and smiling on the bench then arguing personally. This at least shows that they are over it already. Nothing you can do at that point but move on. If they were arguing with each other that shows less maturity than smiling. I mean let’s be real, they are college athletes, they aren’t happy that they are losing.

    • ibescootch
      2:59 pm February 6, 2017 Permalink

      Cal never said they were arguing. It sounds like they were commiserating on how bad they each played, like they were disappointed with themselves. Sounds pretty mature to me.