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Calipari responds to having one of USA Today’s “Hardest Jobs In Sports”


Last week USA Today ranked the 6 hardest coaching jobs in sports and the head coach of Kentucky basketball came in third on the list, behind the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. John Calipari caught wind of the list over the holidays and he responded on his official website today, saying, “I’m not sure it’s the hardest sports job, but this is one of the best.”

Coach Cal listed the four things that make his job difficult and then spun them to why they’re also what makes the job so great. He has this to say in closing:

It took me 20 years to get to a position like this. If you want me to talk about the fact that I walked uphill with holes in my shoes to school I can, but the reality is we all have a story to tell. This was a 20-year journey for me that I’m very proud of and grateful for, but I’m not going to say my job is tougher than any other job because I know how hard they all are.

There are things at coaching jobs across our state and across the country that are just as tough as this one, but I will tell you there is no better position to be in if you want to touch the people around you, from the fans, to the staff, to the players, the community, program and university. We deal with a lot here at Kentucky, but they are all things that make this worthwhile and satisfying.

Read Cal’s lengthy piece on his job and why he loves it at

Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 Comments for Calipari responds to having one of USA Today’s “Hardest Jobs In Sports”

  1. Dusten
    9:51 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    Wow. Really well said, Cal.

  2. GoCats2
    9:55 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    Cal says the fans cant get enough info and we want stuff 24 hours a day 365 days a week? Definitely, I want an article like that to read everyday please.

  3. iPhone reader
    10:21 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    Drew, when u guys came out with the new site design you acknowledged u had an issue with reading posts on iPhones. Cal’s site has that figured out. The text stays big enough to read and the width automatically is correct when u turn the phone sideways. Please , please, please ask Cal’s people how to fix this on ur site!!

  4. Harsh Reality
    10:40 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    Job would not be as tough if we didn’t have so many redneck fans. Most of which have never seen the inside of a uk classroom.

    • Ryan
      10:58 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

      Stay classy Harsh Reality. A fan is a fan……just be glad we have millions of them (redneck or otherwise). The best thing about UK basketball is it unites people with different views and backgrounds, etc.. Very rarely do people get to be a part of something so great in their lives. I have always felt sorry for (more really just never understood) Louisville fans…..why would you not want to root for Kentucky (especially those born here) and be a part of the best program ever. Not many people or fan bases ever get to experience a history like ours. Go Cats!

    • GoCats2
      11:18 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

      Never understood why some peole think you should only be a fan if you went to that school? How does that work for Pro teams? When are you “allowed” to be a fan for them? If you enjoy watching a team play, and you want them to win, you are a fan. Going to the school is not a requirement in any definition of being a fan. By the way I am a proud alumni from 96 but that doesnt mean I saw the inside of too many classrooms!

    • Kristen Geil's Abs
      11:52 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

      I’m proud to be both a UK grad and a redneck. But, UK basketball is more about the students and the alumni. If you don’t realize that, then you haven’t been around it long enough to understand.

    • beavis
      8:35 am January 3, 2014 Permalink

      Harsh Reality,,,,Spoken like a true Redneck. Was informative ,,,did not know you had to go to UK to be a UK fan. Don’t know how you put up with so many rednecks on this site. Suggestion, go find another site.

  5. crazycatfan
    11:13 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    Well said Ryan.

    WE LOVE YOU CAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR “GETTING IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Grant
    11:14 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    So according to USA Today IU football is 6th hardest coaching job. Huh?

  7. Johnny
    11:49 pm January 2, 2014 Permalink

    like Ryan said, the best thing about UK basketball is it unites people with different views and backgrounds, etc.. I also read the view by Coach Cal. And great comments by Ryan….This led me to think about my priorities as a Kentucky Fan.
    1) God
    2) Family
    3) Kentucky
    4) USA
    5) SEC

    Then I thought, why do Kentuckians hurt themselves in competition when we live in a global worldwide economy by playing each other. UK Athletics needs to reinvent themselves and play more rivals outside the state of Kentucky. When you compete as a Kentuckian against each other, a Kentuckian always loses. I do not like that….

  8. oregon cat fan
    12:08 pm January 3, 2014 Permalink

    NEVER get tired of that gif!