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Calipari references two-year path when talking about BJ Boston

Could BJ Boston return to Kentucky for a sophomore season? After Boston scored a team-high 21 points, including six threes, in Kentucky’s 92-64 romp of South Carolina, John Calipari said the freshman may be mentally ready for the next level, but physically, he’s not there yet.

“Let me tell you why I stick with him,” Calipari said of Boston. “Every day I look in that gym, whether it’s after practice or whether it’s morning and he’s in there, like some of the better players. Here’s the issue for him: it’s not mental. It’s physical. He’s physically not able to to do what his mind is telling him to do. And I’m trying to get him to make the easiest plays, catch and shoot, one-dribble pull ups. If you get to the rim, try to get fouled because it’s not anything mental, it is more physical. That, you know, holds him back a little bit at this point.”

Boston came into this season as a projected top three draft pick, but his stock has dropped considerably as the year has gone on. Right now, Boston is a late first round pick in most mock drafts, and earlier this week, The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie predicted he will stay one more season in Lexington. Calipari referenced Immanuel Quickley and PJ Washington when talking about how beneficial a second year could be for Boston.

“He’s never lost the fight. This stuff has been hard for him. And it’s also eye-opening to know as an individual player, man, physically, this is — I’m not where I need to be physically and so, we’ve had other guys. It’s like Immanuel Quickley. Immanuel Quickley walked in my office and said, ‘Coach I know you said this would be hard.’ This is after his freshman year. ‘This is way harder than I thought and I didn’t have a good year. But I’m coming back and you watch. No one will outwork me.’ Those are the guys that should come back. That mentality. PJ Washington. That mentality. I’m not coming back to do showtime. I’m not coming back to say, ‘Hey, this is my team.’ I am coming back because I’m going to get better and I can accept that I didn’t play the way I needed to play. And this is way harder than I thought.”

Calipari said he will still encourage Boston — and all of his players — to test the waters and get feedback on where they are and how to improve their game. In Boston’s case, that might mean hearing another year in Lexington is what he needs.

“Every kid, I’ll spend three minutes with each of these kids. I don’t spend this much time on this. I’m not trying to — I like when kids go through the process because the teams aren’t going to lie to them. They’re going to tell them the truth. Going through the process is good. Whether it’s any of these guys. You can’t be delusional because if you are, it’ll catch you. You have to be real and you can’t blame anybody for your performance. You own it. And then you say, here’s what I can do and how I can get better.”


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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28 Comments for Calipari references two-year path when talking about BJ Boston

  1. CJKAssassin123
    3:52 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink


  2. wakegupper
    4:01 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    Where are those h8ers that said he was going to sit out the rest of the year after the reported injury? You know the ones that assumed it was BJ Boston (it wasn’t). This kid has worked and kept on working. No off court drama, no attitude issues on the court. I hope he learns what he needs and comes back next year to figure it out and goes on to have a great career. I hope those fans that were all over him grow up and move out of mom and dads house and realize many 18 year olds have to have some time to learn.

    • nocode96
      4:19 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      They have nothing to say unless it’s negative. It’s like they’re mad we get the best possible players out there. They want a team of Derek Willis’ so we can go 18-12 every single year.

    • TBW3011
      7:34 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      18-12 would look good right now. 😉

    • kiowa99
      4:29 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      Sometimes I dislike our own fans. If they player is really good and leaves after a year “they are garbage”, if they aren’t good enough to leave and stay for another year “they are garbage”.

      They don’t like one and dones, and they don’t like players that are not good enough to be one and dones.

      I see why players leave after being bombarded by hate online no matter what they do.

      40-0 is the only way to keep most of the fan base happy.

    • 4everUKBlue
      6:53 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      kiowa you nailed it. Those fans are an embarrassment to BBN, outsiders think we all toothless knuckle dragging morons. The last podcast talked about how those so called fans and how they are costing us recruiting battles. What coach would want to jump into this cesspool where nothing will ever be good enough for those people?

    • TBW3011
      7:34 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      When has Boston sitting out ever been mentioned? Or when was he hurt?

  3. Southky
    5:07 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    If ya’ll believe he is coming back to college next year I’ve got some oceanfront property in southern Kentucky I’d love to sell you! Lol

    • BlueByYou
      5:57 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      Like you or anyone knows for sure

    • EdC
      11:27 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

      The Harrison twins weren’t going to either until they did.

  4. UKinIN
    5:59 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    The only things that players that sign at UK are required to do is follow the rules of UK, the SEC, and the NCAA. Fans have zero input on that. As players they are required to follow the rules of the basketball program. In other words: give 100%, act professionally, listen to the coaches, and put the team first. Fans have zero input on that. Why fans think that their opinion matters when it comes to a kid deciding to return to UK or leave, for any reason, is beyond me. We’ve followed these kids for 24 games and we’re supposed to know what’s best for them? They have UK coaches and NBA teams giving them advice but they’re letting us down if they don’t do what’s best for us as fans? If you can’t support the individual players, whether they play well or not, you’re not needed in the fan base. So be on your way and leave the program to those that want to support it. Go Cats.

  5. TTA2
    6:15 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    BJ, my first suggestion would be to not take suggestions from a comment section on a website. If we were really that insightful we wouldn’t be be wasting our time making suggestions on a website.
    Secondly, please, please, please follow your dreams and jump to The League! It’s where you belong and where you will end up! Why wait? If the rules were different, you’d be there now.
    I’m sure we can sign another sure fire lottery pick to be as productive as you are.. There’s a reasonable chance we could get to ten wins without you. I know it’s a stretch, but we are a players first university. Go ahead pursue your dreams. We look forward to following your progress. I’m sure we can get you a ride to the airport.

    • TBW3011
      7:36 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      I don’t disagree, but do find it funny you telling him don’t take advice from a comments section while giving him advice on said area

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      7:59 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      It was sarcasm dude.

  6. UKInsider
    7:05 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    Is it possible this is just Cal making stuff up to get the fanbase fully behind Boston down the stretch and a subliminal message to recruits. I think yes.

    • TBW3011
      7:37 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

      I think it legitimately makes sense for him to come back. Has it been discussed already or is Cal simply planting a seed for future discussions? I have no idea

    • Axel72
      12:55 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

      If he cares about Boston, he will tell him to stay and get the trainers to put about 15 pounds of muscle on him before next season, if he does that and improves his shooting which he can by having the strength to play through contact at the rim he very well is a lottery pick.
      I think right now him being 26th is fantasy, in my limited viewing this year there are at least 50 players ahead of him in the Big Ten alone, man that hurt to say.

  7. dwhite
    7:47 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    Hope he comes back and if not best of luck young man.

  8. BobbyBlue
    8:56 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    Early on I couldn’t wait for him to leave, but he is finally showing amazing improvement.
    The difference between a 26+ place draft and a lottery pick is many millions of dollars, and he already has the work ethic to put in the time needed in the Wright room and on the practice floor. Seems returning would be a no brainer.

    • Keith Branstetter
      11:57 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

      BobbyBlue, amazing improvement ? Look at Boston’s stats the previous 5 games and tell us that with a straight face. Every few games the kid looks like he can play but never has a fanbase saw so much in someone that produces his statline.

  9. BobbyBlue
    8:56 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    Weight room

    • Axel72
      12:45 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

      Yep that’s his best chance at future success, got to get much stronger or the NBA will be one and done. Hopefully somebody that cares about him and his future have his ear.

  10. millertim
    9:53 pm March 6, 2021 Permalink

    This would be HUGE if Boston returns!! As I stated before on another article, a Mintz-Boston backcourt next year makes them a Top 10 team!!

    • Axel72
      12:41 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

      I really like Mintz at point and Boston at shooting guard, with Askew learning from Mintz how to play the PG position. I think Boston has really improved in his shot selection in the last month, he still needs to get strength to get to the rim, he isn’t going to get quicker so strength is that young mans best chance going forward.

  11. Axel72
    12:34 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

    I don’t understand the stigma about players staying 2,3,4 years. All of these guys should stay at least another year. The need to build strength, stamina, and consistency. If any of them want to be a NBA pick that makes it to the second contract stay, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the college life for a few years and there is nothing wrong with not being a lottery pick at 18. Take advice from your coaches, feedback from the NBA scouts and most of all don’t listen to your entourage, that cause more failures than anybody in your life. Good luck, make a decision you can live with after all it’s your life.

  12. Axel72
    12:37 am March 7, 2021 Permalink

    One more thing Davion please come back get your masters and enjoy the real atmosphere of Rupp Arena when you pull up @ 28 feet and hit nothing but nylon. It is a electric atmosphere you didn’t get to experience and deserved to feel.

    • millertim
      8:22 am March 7, 2021 Permalink


  13. Nickerbocker05
    4:28 pm March 7, 2021 Permalink

    I swear I just had a dream about this exact thing last night!!! #DreamsDoComeTru