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Calipari on Tyler Herro and PJ Washington’s struggles

Tyler Herro led Kentucky in scoring during the Bahamas trip with 17.3 points per game off 56% shooting from the floor, 44% from behind the arc. Through two games in the regular season, Herro is averaging only seven points off 23.5% from the floor, 12.5% from three. He didn’t have a single point vs. Southern Illinois despite six attempts.

When asked about the freshman’s struggles so far, John Calipari said Herro is still figuring out how to create shots at the college level.

“He’s still trying to feel his way out. We had to do this with Kevin Knox. We had to go through the process with him – here’s how you create shots. It’s not high school. Again, I’ll explain. When you’re in high school you catch the ball and then you try to figure out if you have a shot. As you move up that ladder in this game, you have to see shots before you catch the ball. So, you work to create a shot for yourself is before you catch the ball. Then some of it is, I’m going to go this hard and he’s going to leave his feet and it’s going to give me something. Not catch the ball, what do I have, a dribble for no reason and then shoot a contested shot. Those days are done. Can’t play that way. So, he’s going through that process and teams are not going to give him those easy shots.

“But I’m fine. He and I talked a little bit today. Some of it is I’m happy that he’s going through this because evaluating players when it’s all going good – I want to know when it doesn’t go good, what are you now? How do you play? What do you do now?”

Another player that’s struggling thus far: PJ Washington. On Friday night, Calipari attributed PJ’s five turnovers vs. Southern Illinois to the lingering effects of his hand injury from earlier this year (it was still taped up), but today, Cal said his stance was an issue as well.

“Yeah, he’s just losing balls that some of them he shouldn’t lose. Part of it is he’s playing just way too erect. Be an athlete. Play like you’re a guard. You’re athletic enough to do that, but you have to get down and do it. So, when you look at it there’s a lot of stuff getting through his hands that I would say shouldn’t. He’ll be fine.”


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5 Comments for Calipari on Tyler Herro and PJ Washington’s struggles

  1. JusSayin
    4:44 pm November 13, 2018 Permalink

    They’ve had two bad games. They will figure it out.

    Both of them have the type of game thay you would expect to struggle if a team has chemistry issues. As the team gets they will look better.

    PJ needs to own down and Herro needs to learn how to run off screens to get open.

    • bigblue2284
      10:03 am November 14, 2018 Permalink

      Washington had a full season of underwhelming last year. The guy isn’t next level good, only an average at best college player. My guess is there isn’t any real NBA talent on this team.

  2. kfwa
    5:22 pm November 13, 2018 Permalink

    Cal’s approach to basketball makes it easy for KSR writers.

    You can re-use the same stories each year and just replace the players name and the opponent

    MId season we’ll start the Cal drinking game on words – young, freshmen and process.

    • bigblue2284
      10:05 am November 14, 2018 Permalink

      Duke is young… Crushed us like a Coke can. Cal breaks his teams spirit every year, they played better in the Bahamas before he had a chance to “coach them”.

  3. N-UR-i
    6:36 pm November 13, 2018 Permalink

    Eddie Gran is coaching them on his free time