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Calipari on Kentucky’s ever-growing injury report

Immanuel Quickley was a surprise scratch tonight, sitting out the Utah Valley game after suffering a chest injury in practice. Thankfully, Kentucky was able to win without him and EJ Montgomery, who sat out his third game with an ankle injury, but if the Cats want to resemble the team that beat Michigan State a few weeks ago, they better get healthy quick.

“EJ’s not been playing and today we didn’t have Immanuel, so we have seven scholarship players,” John Calipari said. “So, I’m happy we won the game. We’ve got to get these guys back and get going.”

Calipari said Quickley’s injury happened on the final play of yesterday’s practice.

“He got hit and was too hurt to play,” Cal said. “He’s one that if he could have played, he would, no question.

When will Quickley return?

“I don’t know that yet. Hopefully he and EJ begin — hopefully maybe this weekend, maybe not. I’m not forcing them to come back. They’ve got to figure it out but I will say when you’re us and you have a veteran team with some young guys and veterans are out and its all young guys and just a couple veterans, woo. The thing’s hard.”

The injuries continued to pile up in the second half when Kahlil Whitney dislocated his finger, but kudos to the freshman for toughness. Instead of immediately going to the bench, Whitney popped his finger back in and gave Calipari a thumbs up to show he was good to stay in before Cal made him come out.

“It was all taped up but I mentioned it after,” Cal said. “Think about it. His finger popped out and he went down and tried to rebound that way.”

Calipari said he wasn’t sure if Whitney would have to miss any time, but he knows Kentucky can’t afford an even shorter bench.

“I don’t know yet. Let’s hope he doesn’t,” Cal said.

Send all your healing vibes to the Wildcat Coal Lodge, 318 College View Avenue, Lexington, KY 40506


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14 Comments for Calipari on Kentucky’s ever-growing injury report

  1. Han
    10:06 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Hope they heal up quick.

    And we are gonna have like 12-13 guys next year with how badly Cal hates having this kind of depth problem again.

  2. Catfan4life-original
    10:07 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Injuries happen but Cal recruits a bunch of soft players and naturally a few who are just going through the motions to get this year over and on to the next. I long for the days of what UK teams and college basketball used to be but I have to accept those days are over.

  3. bigblue2284
    10:07 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Cal working that injury excuse early this year. This isnt anything new, since the 2014-2015 season we have been stuck watching terrible basketball until March. We hold out hope of catching lightning in a bottle come tournament time and then flame out, the last “fun” season to watch 2014-2015. Cal isn’t landing the big talent and this is the product we are stuck with.

  4. A_Blue_Wildcat
    10:09 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Good thing we never use all 12 scholarships

    • Aar
      10:24 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

      A week ago we were worried about Richards’ ankle. Tonight, he puts up his second double-double of the season.Yes, it was against the type of competition he usually thrives against. I believe Cal’s approach that demonstrated performance breeds confidence and Richards will be ready to go toe-to-toe with the best bigs in the country by March.

      Quickley will be OK. Hope Hagans’ leg injury is behind him. Looking to see which version of Montgomery returns from injury. Hope it’s a continuation of the early season version.

      After watching both exhibition games in Rupp, I expected the Cats we’ve seen the past two games. I’m also incredibly impressed with their potential. If 7 of the 9 scholarship players progress at the rate players usually achieves under Cal and put the injury deal cleanly in the rear view, I’m really looking forward to March and April.

    • A_Blue_Wildcat
      10:56 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

      Nick played solid this game but good god it was Utah Valley, we won’t see what this team is really made of until December when we start playing decent teams again

  5. Wade
    10:25 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    What’s up with dontaie Allen

    • Bluehender
      11:07 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

      Good question

  6. hal9944
    10:27 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Anyone know anything on Dontaie Allen’s status? Injury update? Time table for returning?

    • Irish son
      10:31 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

      He lost a leg. He will be back as soon as he’s fitted for a prosthesis

    • hal9944
      7:45 am November 19, 2019 Permalink

      And you lost your brain apparently.

  7. makeitstop
    10:30 pm November 18, 2019 Permalink

    Our amazing strength coach they featured during halftime doesn’t look so amazing. We can’t keep people healthy. Bad luck or bad practice?