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Calipari looks to the future in third and final “Vision of the Program”


John Calipari released the third and final installment of his “Vision of the Program” series Monday morning on In it, he looks ahead to what he expects out of Kentucky basketball in the coming years. Among those expectations: he wants a better atmosphere for fans in Rupp Arena; high graduation rate for players who left early for the NBA; more former Wildcats in the NBA All-Star game; and to surpass UCLA’s record for NCAA titles. He plans to accomplish all of that by staying at Kentucky for the remainder of his career:

Kentucky basketball is an everyday thing, but you can’t live or die on every win and loss because you’re going to die a lot if you do that. It’s about incremental improvement and growth on the court and in life that will allow us all to succeed and reach our dreams. With that mindset, how long can I coach here? My plan is to coach here for the rest of my career. I want this to be my final coaching position.

Kaboom indeed.

Here’s the part about chasing Wooden:

Our next challenge is to chase UCLA’s 11 titles. I hope you understand that it’s going to be very difficult. We’ve won eight titles since 1948, and now we’re going to try to win four more. This could take more than a decade, but so what? Let’s chase it. Can we do it? Sure, but it’s going to be really tough. The tournament isn’t a best-of-seven series and the best team doesn’t always win the title. The trick is to always be one of those teams at the end of the season that’s right there. That’s the first step.

And a final message to the fans (and recruits):

There will be some who will attack me, attack the program, attack the approach, and some will even say, “He only talks about the NBA.” But I can only tell our fans it’s similar to what Frank Sinatra once said: Our best response … is massive success.

Read more in Cal’s “The vision of the program: What we’re chasing”

Article written by Drew Franklin

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7 Comments for Calipari looks to the future in third and final “Vision of the Program”

  1. truebluethroughandthrough
    9:36 am May 16, 2016 Permalink

    Here’s the promise that we have to make then, in my opinion. He says he’s staying here. Get the contract done. Then as UK fans, you have to have support him through a 2-3 year drought (it will happen at some point) and TRUST the coach to handle it. I feel like he always will handle it, but as a fan base, you’ve gotta have your coach’s back 100% and not want to give him the boot when he has 1-2 “off” years.#incalwetrust

  2. mikeintn
    10:15 am May 16, 2016 Permalink

    I agree, and great to here that Cal, looking forward to a lot of great basketball in the next twenty years, I understand will be some bad times, but its going to be mostly good. GO CATS!

  3. 2thepoint
    11:45 am May 16, 2016 Permalink

    Looks like Cal has made his decision to continue to help young men reach their dreams rather than chase another one in the NBA. He now has a new dream of catching UCLA in titles won as a goal for himself, the team and fans alike. Along the way Cal passes many other distinguished coaches in total wins. Of course that means coach k coaches until he dies.

    We do need to support him all we can even in down years. I don’t think he will have a protracted losing streak because of his recruiting ability. His stating he will be here coaching for many years will counter the negative recruiting done against him such as, “he is bolting for the NBA” and, “he is going to retire soon”. I say, long live Cal!

  4. runtsfan
    11:46 am May 16, 2016 Permalink

    Winning 4 in 10 years probably can’t happen because of the lack of continuity of players and the difficulty of winning a single elimination NCAA tournament. UCLA had multiple years with fabulous all-NBA players. But it’ll be entertaining and we’ll win lots of games. Enjoy the ride.

  5. runtsfan
    11:55 am May 16, 2016 Permalink

    And “once upon a time”, we did win 4 in 11 years.

  6. Biglaw Dawgin'
    12:02 pm May 16, 2016 Permalink

    On Rupp: That was Cal’s way of saying that the University needs to step it’s game up. Slight praise, peppered in with phrases like “little has changed” and “historical gym.” Interpretation = The place is old and we need to put some money into really cool stuff to get the atmosphere humming. Cal obviously can’t achieve that goal on his own, so he needs fans to pressure the administration to step it up.