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Calipari: “It would have been a shame if we made a three or something crazy and won the game”

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

How upset was John Calipari with his squad tonight? Kentucky fought back at the end and could have made a late shot to tie it up or win it, but Calipari said his team didn’t deserve a happy ending.

“Tennessee was better than us,” Cal said, noting how Tennessee practically led from start to finish. “They deserved to win the game. It would have been a shame if we made a three or something crazy and won the game.”

If you thought the team looked off, you’re not alone. Calipari said he’s not getting through to a few of his players, who are playing more for themselves and not for the team as a whole.

“Tom Brady made a statement that these guys aren’t listening to and I told them to last night: doing what’s right for the team sometimes may not be right for you but that’s how you win. You do what’s right for the team, not necessarily what’s right for you as an individual player and I’m not getting through to some guys. And I told them after, you’ll continue to lose. I’ve done this 30 years. You cannot do the stuff that they’re doing and win basketball games. You cannot do it. I don’t want to call guys out but I can go right down the line. Here’s what I’m asking you to do, you refuse to do it. Here’s what I’m asking you to do — I’ve got to call a timeout — Wenyen?!”

Clearly, they’re either not listening to Cal or they’re not Tom Brady fans, but Cal says he hopes they throw up the white flag soon.

“But we’re all freshmen. We may need to lose a few games in a row and then have them come to my office in mass and say, ‘Coach, we surrender! Tell us what you want us to do because we know we can’t win now but we think we can! We thought we were out in Vegas playing Houston Stars, but we’re not.’ We’ve got all young kids and it’s growing pains.”

“Hopefully this grabs their attention, and we get back to, how do we have to play as a team to be one of those teams. What we were tonight, we’re not, and a lot of that credit goes to Tennessee.”

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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3 Comments for Calipari: “It would have been a shame if we made a three or something crazy and won the game”

  1. Kyblue34
    1:03 am January 25, 2017 Permalink

    Sorry, I don’t buy this excuse anymore. Even if our players had “listened,” would the outcome have been any different? Maybe if we didn’t play the same damn defense every minute of every game that even Rick Barnes has figured it out? Maybe if we actually ran any type of half-court offense at all, then our players wouldn’t be so quick to jack up contested jumpers and travel so much? Maybe if our head coach would actually make in-game adjustments? Maybe if certain players were sent to the bench after making mistake after mistake after mistake, while others are benched for making one minor mistake? I wouldn’t want any other coach, but Cal only has his own stubbornness to blame for this one.

  2. shendo
    7:44 am January 25, 2017 Permalink

    Amen. Wenyen is this year’s Marcus Lee. What did he do wrong? Cause a guy who was grabbing and throwing elbows all night long to flop? Get a bogus call on a tip in? At least he was rebounding. Sure Calpari been doing this for 30 years but he is NOT doing it like he did pre 2012. Does anyone remember the dribble drive? Every year now we have to watch him try to prove someone who has never been a post up player prove to the nba the are. Reference KAT,Skal, Randle. Minnesota said KAT’s range, not his post play is why they picked him. Would have been nice to see that range against Wisconsin. Tyler was not the only person who could see Skal had no business on the low post but we had to watch it because Cal and his messiah complex thinks he is the one who is getting these guys to the NBA. They were going anyway! Skal and Orton prove that. You think Davis,Wall, Cousins etc were not going to be drafted? Jorts is the only one I can think of and Cal’s hand was forced on that one because of Kanter. Otherwise it would have been ‘players (who are going to improve his lottery pick statistics) first. Get over yourself and get back to coaching.

  3. BBN4Ever
    12:53 pm January 25, 2017 Permalink

    Really? It’s one game! The sun came up this morning, and we’ll be right back on track when Kansas comes to town. Tennessee is always a tough win for the Cats down there, and they lose as much as they win. Chalk it up to normal Wildcat behavior!