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Cal says the NCAA is finding ways to embarrass him


John Calipari’s media tour rolls on, and this afternoon, he went on “The Jim Rome Show.” He mainly repeated things we’ve already heard, but I had to laugh when Cal channeled his inner Southern debutante when talking about Rex Chapman’s tweet: “The LA thing was so…you know, bless Rex’s soul, I don’t think he meant it in a negative way or anything, but what are you doing? It’s not true. It’s just not true.”

As anyone in the South can attest, there’s nothing more cutting than a “bless his little heart.”  Another interesting comment came when Rome asked Cal if he felt he wore the “black hat” when it comes to the NCAA:

“I think the whole point of this thing–how the NCAA has handled some of the stuff and why people, not just me, a lot of their critics say it’s selective enforcement, and I’ve been thrown in that at times. I’ve never been found to do anything, but it’s kind of ‘here’s how we can embarrass this’–you know what I’m saying, and that’s how I felt.”

Preach on, Cal.

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24 Comments for Cal says the NCAA is finding ways to embarrass him

  1. L1C6
    3:26 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Cal’s on fire today and I love it!

    • Fire
      6:04 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Die in me loosah

  2. Hey
    3:27 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Just ask UL fans – they’ve got Calipari and the whole NCAA figured out.

    They “bring da’ facts and da’ logics, yo!”

  3. Mc
    3:28 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    The NCAA cleared D. Rose to play prior to the season. If they didn’t clear him he wouldn’t have played.
    You can’t reasonably expect the coaches to know every tidbit of their players lives. Now if they do know of wrongdoing, and don’t report it, it’s an issue.

    • UL
      3:31 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Naw, dawg.

    • Can Of Worms
      3:58 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      [DO NOT OPEN]

  4. Mike
    3:32 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    How can you not like Cal? This man is so much smarter than the NCAA and I believe that’s why they don’t like him. I hope the Big Programs do pull out of the NCAA NATZI REGIME!

    • cracka
      3:54 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      “NATZI” … for real?

    • heh
      4:25 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      HA, he said “natzi”. Was that on purpose. NATZI!!!

    • UKGrad83
      4:37 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink


  5. UNC
    3:39 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Selective enforcement… We have no idea what Cal is talking about.

    • Huh
      3:52 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Ask a guy named Kanter, he may have some insight for you. That’s just one.

    • Michael F. Jox
      3:56 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Good one, “UNC”. “Huh”, get a sense of humor.

  6. inside info
    3:55 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    I think most people are coming around to the fact that the NCAA is a joke when it comes to helping student-athletes and I applaud Coach Cal for trying to make a difference. I just hope his ego and constantly taking shots at the NCAA doesn’t land UK in trouble with some of that selective enforcement. Sandy Bell must work crazy overtime.

  7. Chaz
    4:07 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Follow the money. Maybe I missed it, but what happens to an 11 billion payout to the NCAA before taxes and royalties get their share. Cal is claiming college athletes across the county don’t get enough to eat. Not just Kentucky athletes, but everyone who participates in college sports. Rick Majerus (RIP) fretted over buying a breakfast while telling a player his dad had passed away. His school could have been sanctioned.
    Something ain’t right.

    • Archie926
      5:42 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      The NCAA is actually non-profit they don’t have to worry about taxes. $11 million is $11 million. Add in sponsorship money and royalties off licensed merchandise and then you have the total picture.

  8. theWilkman
    4:32 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Cal is on point today. Can you imagine how much better it would be if we had won? I don’t think the internet and sports media could handle it.

    • BocasCat
      4:46 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Makes me even more upset we lost… These interviews would be even more epic with another championship in his pocket.

  9. Old Timer
    4:42 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Kanter plays one year of college ball if he keeps his Washington commitment.
    Enough Said.

    • KevinM
      6:18 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

      Agree 100% on this comment.

  10. rockymtcat
    5:41 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    get em, cal. The ncaa should have an asterisk by its name representing all the times they have screwed up. They need to vacate their high horse. The ncaa cleared derek rose to play 3 times! Would uk get the same treatment as unc in a case of academic abuse? Would uk ever have a postseason ban postponed like unlv did? The ncaa is inconsistent and arbitrary.

  11. puppet master
    5:59 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    I hope coach cal stays at Kentucky for the rest of his career but if he has to go for some reason I hope that he takes EMMARTS job as head of the NCAA. at least cal would be fair. I would love to see emmart have to hand cal the keys to his office. GO CAL FUC EMMART.

  12. Shawn
    7:55 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Before Its all said and done and Cal retires……UK will be neck and neck with UCLA In titles and the NCAA will topple. Then his career will be complete. Its coming people. It Is coming. The NCAA will not be here 10 years from now.

  13. Bledsoe's Biceps
    8:11 pm April 14, 2014 Permalink

    Most of us agree many of the NCAA rules and their inconsistent enforcement is an absolute joke. But you also have to remember it is the academic types that greatly influence the agenda. ie. University Presidents or ex-ones that are members of the NCAA ruling committees and hold high positions within the NCAA corporate structure. Many of them still cling to the notion that the student portion of the equation is top priority. While their school is reaping millions, due to the athletic part of the equation. They refuse to admit this reality, because it chafes them to admit academics is really not the driving force behind college athletics. It is crumbling faster and faster, as the dollars have grown so large and the ones responsible (student-athletes) have been excluded from benefiting from that growth.