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Cal on the platoon haters: “Are you sick or are you just a hypocrite?”

Darrell Bird |

Darrell Bird |

Darrell Bird |

In John Calipari’s latest Mailbag, he got on the soap box once again to talk about the platoon system. In true Cal form, he turned a question about what other teams he’s had that could platoon into a two-and-a-half minute defense that includes this message to those who don’t support it: “Are you sick or are you just a hypocrite?”:

Again, why wouldn’t somebody love this. You say society is a “me society.” Everything’s about what can I get. I’m not worried about anybody. Narcissism, all the phone, all the computer, all into me. And this team of nine–really it’s ten–McDonald’s All-Americans, decide to give up half their time for their teammate and play a certain way to give up and be selfless and you don’t like it and want it to happen? Are you sick, or are you just a hypocrite?

Think about it. You should want this to work. ‘But I hate Kentucky. And I hate that coach.’ I understand that. But don’t you love society? Don’t you want young kids to watch this and say ‘ you can be this way and still succeed and have more joy in your life doing it this way. ‘I don’t care. I hate Kentucky. I hate that coach.’

Okay. Try to enjoy it.”

In Cal speak, that’s “Tra-lalalala, haters.”


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9 Comments for Cal on the platoon haters: “Are you sick or are you just a hypocrite?”

  1. J-Dub421
    4:04 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    I love the platoon system, and I love Coach Cal.

  2. Sublem
    4:25 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    Whats the word on Ulis and Booker? Are they practicing? Did they practice? Thats the biggest news we should know today.

    • WhyNotUKBro
      4:35 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

      I’m wondering the same thing. KSR did Ulis and Booker practice today? I know it was said yesterday that if they didn’t practice today then they wouldn’t be playing on Saturday.

  3. Mc12
    4:48 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    People like to complain and whine. That’s all it is.

  4. chief_cat
    4:48 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    Cal killed it – again!

  5. inside info2
    4:56 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    WHO exactly is doing all this hating on the platoon system that Cal keeps talking about?

    • tyrus
      6:01 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

      Was wondering that also.

  6. JP Livco
    6:07 pm December 11, 2014 Permalink

    THAT’S RIGHT! He killed it. It would be genius if the coach doing this had a huge forehead, a hairpiece, or an unpronounceable last name. This is all part of the “clutter” we were warned about and knew would come. And all these certain media jerks can do is curse at their tv at all this talent on one team and write hit pieces. Bring home #9 fellas! And this gif has surpassed spinning Cal in my greatest gif ratings for the top spot!

  7. David
    8:53 am December 12, 2014 Permalink

    Cal needs to give the team elderberry.