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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: The 3-Point Streak Examined

November 26th, 1988.  Seton Hall in the Great Alaska Shootout.  The last time Kentucky has not hit a 3-pointer in a game.  What’s fairly absurd about that game and only shows how Rick Pitino was ahead of the game was that Kentucky only attempted 1 three the entire game.  Thanks for that Eddie Sutton.  But this year’s team seems to want to play with fire when it comes to extending that streak, which currently stands at 909 games. The last 2 games have seen the team not drain their first until late in the contest.  Overall, this team is shooting an abysmal 23% from behind the arc.  And because this season has been such a blowout-fest, fans have to find something to gripe about.  And it appears the outside jumpers and the streak have become it.  Let’s just say that the streak ends against Colombia, we should really put into perspective just how amazing this streak truly is.  Just some different ways to look at it:

Dec. 1988: Marshall (1-4)
Dec. 1988: Austin Peay (1-5)
Jan. 1989: Georgia (1-4)
Jan. 1989: Tennessee (1-4)
Mar. 1989: Mississippi St (1-2)
Dec. 1996: Purdue (1-9)
Jan. 1997: Auburn (1-10)
Feb. 1997: Georgia (1-9)
Nov. 1998: Colorado (1-12)
Nov. 1999: Utah (1-10)
Dec. 1999: Alaska-Anchorage (1-17)
March 2002: South Carolina (1-19)
March 2003: Wisconsin (1-5)
Dec. 2003: Indiana (1-8)
Dec. 2006: Indiana (1-11)
Nov. 2007: Stony Brook (1-10)
Feb. 2008: Vanderbilt (1-10)
Nov. 2008: West Virginia (1-5)
March 2009: Ole Miss (1-10)
March 2010: Alabama (1-13)
Jan. 2012: Tennessee (1-10)
March 2012: LSU (1-8)
Feb. 2014: LSU (1-9)
Dec. 2014: Texas (1-12)

Pitino (91 total): 1989-90: 9 times, 1990-91: 11 times, 1991-92: 17 times, 1992-93: 17 times, 1993-94: 13 times, 1994-95: 8 times, 1995-96: 7 times, 1996-97: 9 times

Smith (53 total): 1997-98: 6 times, 1998-99: 4 times, 1999-00: 3 times, 2000-01: 6 times, 2001-02: 5 times, 2002-03: 5 times, 2003-04: 6 times, 2004-05: 5 times, 2005-06: 8 times, 2006-07: 5 times

Gillispie (9 times): 2007-08: 4 times, 2008-09: 5 times

Calipari (20 times): 2009-10: 5 times, 2010-11: 7 times, 2011-12: 5 times, 2012-13: 3 times, 2013-14: 0 times

Times Shutting Out the Opponent
Jan. 1991: Mississippi St (0-8)
Dec. 1991: Indiana (0-5)
Jan. 1992: Florida (0-6)
April 1993: Michigan (0-4)
Jan. 1995: South Carolina (0-13)
Jan. 1995: Georgia (0-16)
Feb. 1997: Villanova (0-3)
Feb. 2001: Mississippi St (0-19)
Jan. 2013: Auburn (0-15)

Article written by Bryan the Intern

8 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: The 3-Point Streak Examined

  1. jahanc2uky
    9:15 am December 9, 2014 Permalink

    Can we see the top 5 or 10 current streaks in the country?

  2. Time Expired
    9:35 am December 9, 2014 Permalink

    Without a doubt this years team may be the weakest 3 pt. shooting team Cal has had in a long time. Until Aaron and Booker get on track the Cats are doomed to playing against zones for another 31 games this year. That means we only win by 20 to 30 pts. a game instead of 40 to 50 a game. Hmm I wonder if that really makes a difference to the losers.

  3. Rixter
    10:36 am December 9, 2014 Permalink

    BTI, Kentucky actually attempted 2 three-point shots in that game; Pelphrey missed one, and Chris Mills missed one.

  4. BlueArcher
    11:56 am December 9, 2014 Permalink

    I am pretty interested in seeing the top 10 latest threes made on the game clock… IE, the closest we have been to breaking the streak.

    Might be a challenge to come up with that data though!

  5. steve1160
    2:00 pm December 9, 2014 Permalink

    Your right this is a really tough stat to track down. Help anyone….

    I know that UNLV hold the top spot. Any idea where to find a listing of the Top 5 programs for that record. Wondering how far back we are and who else is in front of us or even close to us.

    • El_Joe
      5:46 pm December 9, 2014 Permalink

      Partial answer, Steve. UNLV was at 915 when I checked this yesterday morning (I added up the games this year). If they played last night, then they’re at 916. Vandy was at 903 yesterday. They haven’t had a game without a three since the three came in– but we’ve played many more games that they have and thus passed them. Princeton is the only other team (with UNLV and Vandy) that hasn’t had a game without a trey, but they play a lot less games. They’re a hundred games or so back.

    • steve1160
      7:49 am December 10, 2014 Permalink

      @El_Joe – Thank you! So if that is correct, then it is possible that we will pass UNLV (for total games not length of time) within the next 2 years or so at this current pace….UK winning Championships and UNLV missing the tourney all together. Sweet.

      Why is this stat not available anywhere online with the NCAA or anyone else for that fact? That said, without someone having to pull out a calculator and a current schedule to do the math.

  6. Garmaster
    3:06 pm December 10, 2014 Permalink

    I’d be interested to know our record in games that we have only hit one 3 pointer.