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Brent Musburger Joined John Calipari’s Call-In Show

After John Calipari slogged through the first 30 minutes of his call-in show, Brent Musburger joined Cal and Tom Leach to share a few stories before calling his final game for ESPN.

“What a wonderful place to end it, Rupp Arena,” Musburger said as soon as he entered the show.

The legendary broadcaster explained why he decided to hang up his mic in the middle of the season.  “Maybe I was tired of looking at you every Tuesday,” he joked with Calipari.  “If it’s Tuesday, I call it Wildcat Tuesday.”

After that, the two were rolling.  Tom Leach is one of the best in the business, but he was struggling to cut them off for commercial breaks.

Musburger shared stories from the best games across every sport he’s covered.  There was a night Red Auerbach antagonized the Boston crowd to go after the “biased” broadcasters.  There was a time when he entered cold war territory for a track and field event.  He once called a 16-inning game with Johnny Bench.  Another notable moment in the baseball booth came when George H.W. Bush (Vice President at the time) entered to help call an inning or two.

After Bush left the booth, “A hand came around the both and it was Keith Jackson.  He handed me a bottle of vodka.”

There were many great stories shared, but his anecdote from the ’85 National Championship between Georgetown and Villanova at Rupp Arena takes the cake.  Leading into the game, Musburger attended every Villanova practice.

On the final day, Rollie Massimino asked the suede sport-coat-clad Musburger, “What do you think?”

He responded, “You’re in deep with this team….Ya got your hands full.”

“I tell you what Mus,” Massimino responded.  “I’ll bet you that sport-coat we win this game.”

Of course Musburger couldn’t back away from the bet.  To this day, Massimino still has Musburger’s suede sport-coat.

Unfortunately, I can’t share it all, but luckily, you will be able to watch a replay of the live stream here.  Take 20 minutes and listen to the second half of the show; you will not be disappointed.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

3 Comments for Brent Musburger Joined John Calipari’s Call-In Show

  1. The Original WTF Guy
    10:20 pm January 30, 2017 Permalink

    My Brent Musburger stories:

    1. I spent the 1985 final games with friends at the Hyatt. At some point I ended up with a 12 pack, and was holding/drinking after the game ended. At one point I looked up and here came Brent. I grabbed what was probably a luke warm Bud can and as Brent came up, offered it to him. He just smiled, said “No thanks” and walked on by.

    2. In 2009 I was at the Esso Club in Clemson when Brent (who has a named “spot” at the Esso) and Steve Lavin came in on Friday afternoon before doing a Clemson game the next day. I, along with a couple of friends, ended up having a few beverages with them and I kept hammering Lavin to talk up Jodie Meeks who had recently gone for 54 at TN. Lavin agreed that Meeks was one of the nation’s best but after a bit Musburger laughingly said something to the effect that I was a UK fan and was never going to give up so Lavin might as well just give in. Didn’t see the broadcast the next day, but I’ve always thought that Lavin/Musburger talked up Meeks and maybe even mentioned the crazy UK fan they met the previous day.

    BTW, when I met Musburger in Clemson in 2009 I mentioned offering him a beer in Lexington in 1985 and was a bit disappointed he didn’t remember me. 🙂

  2. katmandue2you
    12:02 am January 31, 2017 Permalink

    Musberger’s visit was great but Cal needs to earn at least a few of the big bucks he gets paid for his radio show and quit mouthing the redundant stuff about how Kentucky is and answer at least a few damn questions!!! Every week he’s telling us how it is here at Kentucky. I got news for John…I was here way way way before he was….I know how the Kentucky program is. I know what the deal is here. So step up and “embrace the process” and “show some servant leadership” and “take ownership” and take some damn calls on your call in show after losing two games in a row. It’s a cop out. We have a right to know why Willis gets thrown under the bus for one blown assignment when Malik and others are continually turning the ball over and playing continual matador defense. I re-watched a game for the first time this year and what I saw was young players making mistakes and being allowed to continue. Then I have to listen to Willis get thrown under the bus for failing to get one damn rebound (yes a very very key one) against one of the best players in the country. Cal after the Tennessee game you stated if the young guys are playing the way they are it is because you are allowing it….(you know on the lackadaisical lack of poise and bad habits area)…well yank their ass out of the game like you would Willis or Mulder or Hawkins or Humphries or a Gabriel when they make one measly damn mistake. Shed the double standard Cal and reward our “stars” with immediate bench time like you do everyone else!!!! I love ya Cal but your butt needs coaching up a bit!!!

  3. CatBlue in LR
    10:55 am January 31, 2017 Permalink

    Nick, please, keep the fake news out of it. You implied Jackson handed him a bottle of vodka because of George Bush’s appearance. No. He handed him the bottle after the conclusion of a 16-inning game in the NLCS with a World Series berth on the line. I remember that game; if I had called that, I could have used a drink when it finished, too. Had nothing to do with the then-VP.