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Ben Simmons is so good and LSU is so not

Ben Simmons put on a show in Baton Rouge last night, as he seems to do quite often. Simmons finished with 21 points and 12 rebounds, as well as a number of dunks like this one:

Simmons is, without question, the best player in college basketball and it’s not all that close. He is a sure-thing to be selected first overall in the 2016 NBA Draft. Get your bets in now.

His team, on the other hand, is bad. His team is very bad.

The Tigers blew a second half lead to lose to Wake Forest at home last night, dropping to 7-5 on the season. LSU is now at risk of missing the tournament in March — the NIT Tournament.

Unfortunately for Simmons & Friends, the schedule is about to get much more difficult. LSU opens SEC play at Vanderbilt, at home against Kentucky, and at Florida.

The Tigers could very easily be 7-8 in 10 days.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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17 Comments for Ben Simmons is so good and LSU is so not

  1. Laker Cat 18
    10:33 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

    Because of Simmons, I personally believe that LSU could be one of the 13-loss 12 seeds. If it’s close, I don’t think the NCAA will keep the best overall player out of the tournament. Bad for finances.

  2. jonthes
    10:38 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

    They’ll play like the Kings next Tuesday. Then lose several straight.

  3. Rise
    10:47 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

    Shows how good of a coach Cal and Kyksicndsii are. They can win with young talent.

    • ClutchCargo
      11:02 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

      Even better, they’re so good they can be selective in which young talent they sign. And I’m not suggesting at all that Cal and Kifuehnishsncs didn’t try to get Simmons, but they both know they will be getting somebody at that level and who fits in their program on a regular basis.

  4. Long Dong Silver
    11:07 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

    His handler steered him in the wrong direction.

    • ukwildcat89
      11:20 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

      How did he steer him wrong? He looks like a star on a team with sub par players. Great move on his part, who cares how the team is doing (He will not own a piece of LSU gear after this season.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      11:36 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

      From what I’ve read about Simmons, he sounds like a good kid. He would have fit in perfectly at UK. I expect he’ll be a kid who shows up in Baton Rouge the way UK kids flock back to Lexington.

    • BCO
      12:35 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

      I believe his godfather was hired as an assistant coach to lure him there. The NCAA needs to eliminate this BS rule of short term hiring people close to recruits, either family members, old coaches, etc….way too many coaches are using it to get these superstar kids then firing the guys once the kid leaves. I know Cal used to do it at Memphis, but I disagreed with it then too. And Pitino has done it several times in Louisville. Thats how he landed Trez Harrell and I think thats how they landed VJ King for the 2016 class too.

    • Long Dong Silver
      2:43 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

      Simmons would be the top pick if he had skipped this year of college. He’s losing a lot, and if you’re a competitor, that sucks. His handler steered him wrong. He could be winning while working on that #1 draft pick. And I didn’t say anything about him being a bad kid. How would I know that? LSU gave his guardian a job to get him there. His guardina was selfish and steered him to a loser. Johnny Jones and LSU are losers.

  5. BobKYCats
    11:14 am December 30, 2015 Permalink

    It would really be a crime if LSU is so bad we’re deprived of seeing Ben Simmons on the big stage.

    • Leuther
      2:36 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

      Chalk up the “crime” to LSU’s ineffective and incompetent head coach…

  6. BCO
    12:38 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    Its really puzzling how LSU is that bad. Its not like its Simmons and a bunch of scrubs. Their PG, Quarterman, has NBA scouts looking at him. Craig Victor is a Zona transfer with a LOT of talent. They’ve got a great SG in Blakenly, and a knock down shooter in Keith Hornsby. They should be steamrolling teams and somehow they’re worse as a collective unit than their individual talents.

    Only one way that happens: coaching. Johnny Jones may be the worst coach in the SEC. Most coaches would kill to have that line up. They have enough talent to win it all….no exaggeration…and they’ll be lucky to make the NIT. Unreal.

  7. blueballs80
    1:38 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    LSU will be looking for a new coach come next season. With all this talent, they should be winning, instead they are shitting themselves. The NIT is a possibility.

  8. jaws2
    2:01 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    I can assure you of one thing. In the SEC if you’re playing at home against KY you’re going to play waaaay over your head AND get every call in the book. Just the way the league wants it. They’ll give us all we can handle down there, and I’ve already got lower levels for when whip their asses on senior day!

  9. Bluegrass7914
    3:04 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    Defense is why they suck. They can score the necessary points to be in games but defense is poor at point, shooting guard, and center. Small forward and power forward they are just average on defense. LSU is ONLY winning games if Blakeney shoots well. If he is off they are not winning against good teams. His shooting keeps them above water.

  10. Jud
    4:29 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    He said if he didn’t go to LSU he would have gone to Duke. Thank you LSU. If he was on Duke they would walk away with another title.

  11. gottodoit
    5:50 pm December 30, 2015 Permalink

    Saw the LSU v. Wake Forest game.

    Simmons is smooth, quick, a safe bet at the free-throw line and full of energy.

    He also is an NBA-type one-man show.

    Maybe he has to be because of the lack of a supporting cast.

    Just know he needs to be more aware that he has teammates – and his teammates must swallow their egos if they want minutes on the floor with him.