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Bam Adebayo considering entering draft with no agent


Bam Adebayo will enter the NBA draft. He will the enter the draft like the sun will come up tomorrow and like Rick Pitino will say next year’s Louisville team reminds him of his ’96 Kentucky team. Those things are all guaranteed to happen.

The question is whether or not Adebayo will hire an agent when he enters the draft. If he does, he is gone for good. If he doesn’t, he can later decide to return to school for a sophomore season.

To that, we are hearing Adebayo is considering the latter — that he will enter the draft and not hire an agent.

I still think it is very unlikely we see Adebayo in a UK uniform again, but for those hoping he comes back, this news leaves open the slim chance he decides to do so. It’s a wise move for him and for anyone else who isn’t a lock to hear their name called in this year’s lottery.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 Comments for Bam Adebayo considering entering draft with no agent

  1. Bobbum Man
    5:07 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Can’t understand why you guys think he’s such a lock to be gone. Once thought a lottery pick now projected late first round, another good year he could find himself back in the lottery. Especially when he could play the 4 like he needs to be doing to begin with, he’s no NBA center

    • Luether
      5:58 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      Plus, next year’s NBA draft is forecasted to not be as deep as this year’s according to my sources…

    • TBW3011
      7:59 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      Sources? How about common sense and 2 eyes. Next years draft is terrible compared to this years.

    • CatsfaninFL
      6:09 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      I think it has more to do with family situation than lock statys for lottery. Probably wise for us to respect him whatever he decides. Can’t be easy.

    • I’ve not held out hope that anyone is coming back (except the victory cigars) ever since Brandon Knight left early. It’s not that he wasn’t a terrific player. It’s that he was was such a great student I thought he’d surely stay 2 years, but he didn’t. I think Bam’s gone.

  2. Jayy
    5:09 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    So if he doesn’t hire an agent and gets drafted he still can come back?

    • runningunnin.454
      5:18 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      There’s a deadline by which they have to make a decision, and either stay in the draft, or withdraw.
      Can’t stay til the actual draft and then come back.

    • thenamerobdigity
      10:58 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      Unless you are Randolph Morris lol

  3. Underdog
    5:13 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    I would imagine if he gets drafted, the drafting team would absolutely legally require he join their organization. Meaning, he could not go back to UK.

    I think by not hiring an agent he’s going to go through the whole process and then pull out at the last minutes, unless he knows for sure that he’ll be a first round draft pick.

    If Bamba comes, Bam will move back to the 4 spot.

    Bam and Bamba! I like the sound of that.

    • BigBlue1976
      6:27 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      Has nothing to do with it. The ONLY way to return to college is to withdraw before the draft by a certain date. Once you are past that date you are gone per NCAA rules.

  4. Underdog
    5:14 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Land Bamba and Mark Smith.

    Or Bam and Mark Smith.

  5. T-wah
    5:23 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    I would like to see us get Mo Bamba; HOWEVA…I would MUCH rather have a year 2 of Bam than 1 year of Bamaba any day. Unless Bam knows for a fact that he’s going to be a high draft pick, I think it would be a win-win situation for him and UK if he were to come back and further develop his skills. Besides, we keep hearing that next year’s draft is projected to be fairly weak.

  6. BigBlueJesus
    5:46 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Would love to see Bam back for yr 2. Maybe someone should give him Terrence Jones’ number, ask him how well that worked out for him in his second year.

    • BigBlueJesus
      5:47 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      And it worked out well. Banner #8

  7. ukcat56
    6:10 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Weaker draft next year for his position as it stands now. Smart move on his part regardless IMHO. I’d love to see him come back for next year.

  8. Angelo
    6:29 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Why do you guys think Bam can play the four spot? Perimeter defense? He is not a shooter.

    • TBW3011
      8:02 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      He can certainly guard a 4. And Cal isn’t stupid. If he comes back he won’t be standing in the corner shooting 3’s like Willis did at the 4.

  9. chris43
    6:48 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    He’s not going to be a lottery pick by any means. In fact most mock drafts have him at the bottom of the first round and I mean very bottom. He has potential and talent. He needs another year in college to improve. I doubt that he returns to UK but that’s exactly what he needs most.

    • TBW3011
      8:02 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

      Mock drafts are terrible. He won’t slip past 20 if he goes this year.

  10. garypatterson7o
    7:15 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    I read somewhere online that he’s coming back…so it must be true!

    I have already filed for t-shirt copyrights “BamBamba”, “BamBamba 2k17”, “Come on baby, do the BamBamba!”.

  11. leon singleton
    7:50 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    Need a rich booster to help his family out it works for North Carolina an Duke.

  12. WaterVerve14
    10:18 pm March 30, 2017 Permalink

    It’s funny this came out the day he went to Phoenix to visit Cal meanwhile Quade was there. I’m going to take a big gamble and say he has decided to stay but like all of last year’s team will test the waters. If I’m Bam I love a pass-first guard like Quade. It means I get more touches and more opportunities which will let me get much higher national play and be higher on draft boards. But I think a big part of him being in Phoenix was telling Bam to keep this to himself. Media and twitter blows up “Bam think about staying at Kentucky” and Bamba goes running to the Blue Devils. I think this is all a strategic play to get both Bam and Bamba by Cal, and Bam is in on it.

    We can only hope…

  13. dballrb
    12:03 am March 31, 2017 Permalink

    League minimum of over $800,000.00 per year.If Bam’s family situation is a deciding factor,I think he’ll do what is best for his family.Hard decision.

  14. Sentient Third Eye
    8:33 am March 31, 2017 Permalink

    I always assume everyone is gone. That way when they occasionally come back, it’s gravy!

  15. hersheyisabear
    10:18 am March 31, 2017 Permalink

    He is just testing the waters. He will soon hire an agent. Hate to see him go.

  16. wiley_70
    12:22 pm March 31, 2017 Permalink

    I like Bam, but let’s face it right now he’s a d-leaguer. I can’t understand what the hurry is to get to the d-league. We have sent way too many not ready for prime time players to the league. Is there no one that will be honest with these players?