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Alex Poythress’ dad says the NBA decision is “muddy and convoluted”

Photo by Darrell Bird,

Photo by Darrell Bird,

Photo by Darrell Bird,

During all of the talk about players staying and going, many believed that Alex Poythress returning to school was a relatively safe bet, right? Well…Larry Vaught spoke to Antoine Poythress’, Alex’s father, who said that this year, the process is “so muddy and convoluted”:

“For Alex, it’s even worse because it is not very clear. Last year (making a decision about the draft) looked like a cake walk compared to this year. It is so muddy and convoluted this year.”

Poythress Sr. says that the limited time frame and the process of getting feedback through the NCAA has made the whole ordeal “a nightmare,” but in the end, it will be his son’s decision, even if it differs from his own opinion.

These comments correspond with those from our own Ryan Lemond, who says he’s hearing that although Alex himself wants to come back, there are some in his camp that feel he may not get the amount of playing time he should with all of these players returning. Ryan added that he believes Alex will be back, and his scoop has been spot-on so far. To hear all of Ryan’s comments, listen to the second hour of today’s podcast.

Vaught has a ton of quotes from Alex’s dad, which you should go check out on

[Whether to declare for draft or stay at UK “muddy, convoluted” for Alex Poythress this year]

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51 Comments for Alex Poythress’ dad says the NBA decision is “muddy and convoluted”

  1. CATS
    5:49 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    STAY, Alex!

  2. Joe B Hall
    5:50 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    This is one thing that has always worried me. I love getting the best players every year but I don’t ever want someone to not come back just because they don’t think they will get as much playing time. Alex loves school as well and clearly wants to come back, I just hope he isn’t pushed forward sooner than he should be.

  3. Honestly
    5:51 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I honestly don’t see why any one would want to draft him this year. He has no offensive game other than garbage points when no one else is around. People talk about how good of a 3 point shooter he is but I can’t remember him making more than 10 this year. He fouls a lot on defense from basically trying to hard and just seems like he gets down on himself to me. Q

    • the ghost of Bill Hicks
      5:53 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      I can’t argue with a single point you made.

    • Honestly
      5:59 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      I try….. TT rarely posts my comments because they must seem too negative for her. Sometimes somebody needs to be negatively realistic to realize how good things are in life.

  4. nagnuggets
    5:52 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    if he goes he will live in the D league.. i hope he decides to return he will play next yr

  5. John
    5:57 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Who is he listening to, people with their hand out? He could be next year’s Randle. Come back, dominate and that will clear the waters.

  6. Jason
    6:04 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    If you have to worry about playing time in college, are you really ready for the NBA? Alex should come back and demonstrate that he has the skills and demeanor to advance to the league. Teams will notice regardless of playing time.

    • raccoon
      6:09 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Well said.

  7. UK Freshmen
    6:07 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    All this fandom angst is sick. Let these kids (and they are kids), family, and advisors make their own decisions. Good grief.

    • We Hang Banners
      6:17 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      What would Rick do?

    • L1C6
      6:43 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      It’s no sicker than your obsession with this site. Hey Btw, do you remember that we beat you guys twice this year? How does it feel to be sent home from the ncaa tourney by your biggest rival?

  8. raccoon
    6:08 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I’m not sure why Alex would be worried about playing time next year. His perimeter defense separates him from Dakari, WCS, Towns, Lyles and Lee. He can actually play the 3, unlike those guys. Sure if the twins come back, we will see some Harrison/Harrison/Booker, but he will get plenty of time – and even if he only gets 20-25 minutes, if he makes the most of them and works with Cal, he will still improve his draft stock – same goes for Marcus Lee. You don’t have to start or even get 30+ minutes to get better.

    • UK Freshmen
      6:21 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Hahahaha….’Alex can play the 3’….. Hahahaha.

    • raccoon
      6:32 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Are you the same “UK Freshmen” that was just a miserable turd the whole last season and everything you ever said was wrong and your mom hates you? Was that you?

    • L1C6
      6:45 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Racoon he’s a Tard fan. And I’m not just assuming that. He’s been here for years.

    • 8time
      9:15 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      And he’s still a freshman? Interesting…..?

  9. Mills for the lead, OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    6:11 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    The only PERSON standing between Alex and more playing time is James Young. So………………

    • abbeynormal
      6:14 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      interesting thought process. I like it

    • Mc
      6:29 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Or the Harrison Twins. Due to their size, you’ll see: Ulis/Harrison/Harrison; Harrison/Harrison/Booker; Ulis/Harrison/Booker; Harrison/Harrison/AP…..

    • raccoon
      6:55 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      I think Harrison/Harrison/Booker is much more likely. Maybe a little Ulis/Aa. Harrison/Booker. I just don’t see a lot of Andrew Harrison and Ulis minutes happening – Cal doesn’t usually put two PGs out there unless either they are clearly better than the other guards (Wall and Bledsoe) or he just has to. My guess is Ulis minutes next year will be limited to Andrew’s rest/foul trouble – and he will compete with Hawkins for those minutes (Hawkins will also maybe play in general as a ball stopper).

      All that said, I don’t see Alex not getting a good number of minutes. Maybe not 30+, but at least 20-25.

  10. John
    6:22 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I would have thought that the level of competition during practice over the last two years would have him more prepared, but his problem isn’t physical. It’s mental. When he comes out next year and plays like he owns the court, he will be a lottery pick. Can you imagine a mentally tough Poythress playing fast and loose? He’d be unstoppable!

    • raccoon
      6:44 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      I agree. Sometimes we forget that these are young men and that mental toughness or whatever you call it doesn’t develop the same for every kid. And at other schools it is normal and even expected for kids to take 1-2 years or even 3 years to become big-time contributors. At Kentucky, perhaps unfairly you are going to be compared to guys like Cousins and Davis and Randle who dominate from day one.

  11. jaws2
    6:24 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    He sure won’t get much playing time in the NBA next year either. Of course, he could be getting played to watch as well. I don’t know the family financial situation but if they can do alright without Alex going, it’s in his best interest to stay. By the way, the fouls they call in college won’t be fouls in the NBA, so I don’t see that being an issues at all.

  12. Tina
    6:33 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Poythress needs to desperately improve his ball handling skills and develop a workable handle. Otherwise his athleticism in the league will be severely limited. He needs to return for another year and work very hard this summer on ball handling and show NBA scouts that he has ball skills. Poor ball handling is his Achilles heal.

    • IU student
      6:41 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      His what heel?

    • Indiana cat man
      7:51 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Well played sir…

  13. monte
    6:44 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink


    • BigBlue1976
      7:10 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Why are you shouting?

  14. AP Fan
    6:48 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Alex is my favorite player from this past year’s roster. He’s smart, athletic, and talented, while his only weakness is his assertiveness. He needs to come back another year and be THE guy on a team. If he can just expand his offensive skillset and use the skills he already has, he could be Mr. Double-Double on next year’s team. I’d love to see the guy have success in the NBA, but as smart as he is he has to know that finishing a degree at UK will pay dividends for the rest of his life if he wants a career after playing. He could do anything he wants, that’s how smart he is.

    Best of luck either way!

    • Wildcatmeow
      10:48 am April 16, 2014 Permalink

      Alex needs another year at UK, not for his degree (he can use his NBA money and earn that in the off season), but he lacks confidence. He has a good game, but he is never dominate game after game.

  15. Sherry
    6:56 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    ESPN is reporting that a press conference with Cal and the remaining six undecided players for Thursday at 5:00pm.

    • Casper
      7:33 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      Nooooo…… Say it isn’t so.

    • Jud
      7:58 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

      No they are not.

  16. Duuuuuude
    7:02 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    He is in a similar mold to Darious Miller. He should be a 3-4 year player and allow his game to develop and gain confidence. He will be a pro, but just needs more seasoning.

  17. JohnnyCat
    7:04 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    This should be a no-brainer.
    Alex is a 4-year guy. Period.
    Who in the world could be whispering in his ear otherwise?
    Certainly no one that has seen him play over the last two years.
    Good player…yes. But NBA caliber? Definitely not…yet, at least.
    Personally, I think his highest upside is a D-leaguer at best.
    Alex should be thinking Law School or Med School at this point.

  18. bbn4life
    7:06 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Tough choice for this guy. He will undoubtedly finish his degree….not even an issue. If he can hit the gym hard in the off season to build his strength and develop his mid range jumper better, I think he would be better off staying. His best option is to stay of he is willing to work a VERY hard. Good luck either way to a very classy kid.

  19. La
    7:16 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink


  20. The Chief
    7:53 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Tyler, you ought to close these comment sections down. There isn’t enough support here for Alex. He’s put in two hard years here, and is a fantastic basketball player that would be a star almost anywhere else. The reason guys like Alex come here is that, if you make Calipari keep you on the court (and Alex did that during the tournament), you have proven your toughness.

  21. KirwanTower1974
    8:06 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I love this kid. There’s no reason that he can’t have a whole game full of the same highlight plays we’ve seen only on rare occasions. Alex is so smooth, quick, and agile on the floor he should be one of the top players on the team instead of coming off the bench. I think he should stay….if he can’t start for KY, he needs more time. His time will come – when he knows how good he is.

  22. Megan
    8:07 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I should think muddy and convoluted and limited time frames militates against leaving. You don’t want to make a decision that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with.

  23. steve henry
    8:22 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    All he has to do is compare 2 former players and how it worked out for them, Daniel Orton and Darius Miller. Both came off the bench but one matured and developed the other seen quick dollars and listened to the wrong people

  24. hmmm...
    8:31 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Folks, he can always transfer to get more playing time and notoriety. Doesn’t have to go to the NBA.

  25. bbanks
    8:32 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    There is not ONE draft site that has him going in the SECOND round that I can find. He comes from a good family , and I would shocked if they listened to people saying he was ready to make the jump. I can’t even believe we are having this conversation. The young man is not ready to play in the league, and needs one more year of polish to crack the first round. Let’s all hope this is just smoke and mirrors…

  26. Art Vandalay
    9:06 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    Once he finds a little confidence and aggressiveness for his game he will certainly be a first round NBA prospect.

    Mr. Poythress needs to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being a 4 year college player.

    You send AP to the league right now and IF he makes a roster he could very well end up in Europe within a year or so if he doesn’t become more confident. He’s not even a projected draftee right now so I’m not sure what could even be muddy about this. Seems to me that someone has to want to draft you before this really becomes a decision you have to make.

    With another good year or 2 and some maturing at UK and he could have a long NBA career.

    Listen to Dad and end up in Europe within a couple of years…. if not this year.

    Makes me feel sorry for the kid. Dad may ruin a good kids career if he’s not careful.

  27. Mr. Self Destruct
    9:09 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    WTF is this awaiting moderation stuff? Like this site has any moderation? Really?

  28. Mr. Self Destruct
    9:10 pm April 15, 2014 Permalink

    I didnt cuss, no out of the way comments.????

  29. JHM
    2:17 am April 16, 2014 Permalink

    The only thing that can keep Alex off of the floor is Alex. When he learns that simple fact and starts playing like the star that he could be, then he will get all of the playing time that he can stand. Then when he wants to go the the NBA he will be a lottery pick.

  30. Darius Miller
    8:56 am April 16, 2014 Permalink

    I wasn’t scared to come back and lose my starting spot to a freshman, win a championship, be the EXPERIENCED glue guy, and get drafted.

  31. Dan nettle
    12:12 pm April 16, 2014 Permalink

    Alex is awesome!!! Please stay Alex and help us have another run. You can get your degree which is a huge plus for you!

  32. Bones Jones
    2:16 pm April 16, 2014 Permalink

    Alex is obviously a beast physically and had a strong finish this season but still has a lot of development to be made offensively. It’s in his best interest to stay in college at least another year.