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Abilene Christian’s coach will have a hole in his pants tomorrow night

© John David Mercer | USATSI

© John David Mercer | USATSI

Abilene Christian won the Southland Conference championship on Saturday to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament, and head coach Joe Golding was so excited he ripped his pants during the celebrations. In the whirlwind days since, he hasn’t had time to get it repaired or buy a new suit, so he’ll be wearing the same ripped suit — hole in the butt and all — vs. Kentucky tomorrow night.

“I jumped up and hugged our associate head coach,” Golding said. “It was an incredible embrace that we had the last eight seconds. Unfortunately I ripped my pants. So I get back to Abilene — I haven’t got my bonus yet, either. I just found out I don’t get that until June 1st, I think. I heard somebody was going to start a GoFundMe page; I would appreciate it, any help I can get.”

“We’ve got one suit place in town, that’s it. One suit place, and they couldn’t get it done. I guess you’ve got to alter and do some stuff. So I’ve got one suit, my man. I had two suits when the year started. I left one in an airport, true story. Had to go when we played Nicholls State and buy a suit or khaki pants and a shirt. I’m coaching them all in my baby blue suit, and I’m going to have a hole in my butt, man. So it is what it is, man. We’re going to be who we are and go out there and embrace it.”

This man is a national treasure. I think we’ve found John Calipari’s successor.


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25 Comments for Abilene Christian’s coach will have a hole in his pants tomorrow night

  1. Papaw
    1:38 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    C’mon ACU give the man his bonus so he can buy a suit

  2. weneedpitino
    1:42 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    This is what I said a few posts ago. This guy here could potentially be Cal’s successor, I like him a lot. Say, do you guys think that Mrs. TT is seeing my comments and applying them to her articles because she likes and respects my opinion and knowledge so much? Man I already really liked Mrs. TT and her articles so much as it was even before this, but now I like her even more than before, and it’s looking like that we think a whole lot alike as well. Go cats, and go Mrs. TT!!

    • Bobbum Man
      1:48 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      It’s lookin like ur a weirdo that’s one of the first to comment on every single post…. not many trolls are as dedicated but good grief… get a life

    • weneedpitino
      1:54 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Well mr. Bobo I happen to have an opinion just like everyone else, and there is nothing wrong with what I write or my opinion. Good day sir. Go cats, and boo to Mr. Bobo!!

    • weneedpitino
      2:03 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      I got an idea Mr. Bobo to prove my popularity and prove how much people respect me here let’s try something. If 10 of my fellow ksr commenters say I gotta go from this here ksr comments section weneedpitino will leave. I just don’t see 10 people saying I gotta go, your vote doesn’t count since you started this ridiculous mess. Go cats, and go ksr commenters!!

    • nocode96
      2:56 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      I want you here just for the entertainment. I don’t have you pegged yet, but you’re strangely wholesome, and every comment you make, even the ones that aren’t very supportive, you’re nice about it.

    • Realme
      2:37 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Bold move, wnp. So far so good. I would vote to keep you, as you have made me laugh at least 3 times.

    • weneedpitino
      2:58 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Thank you realme I can always count on a few to fight for me. It’s a pleasure to know that I have made you laugh at least 3 times, it makes my soul happy. Go cats, and go laughter!!

    • weneedpitino
      3:03 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Thank you nocode96, I am very pleased that you find me entertaining. You know mama weneedpitino always said “even if you don’t like someone or something you should always be nice about how you direct it and how you say it because people have feeling and all you know.” Go cats, and go mama weneedpitino’s sayings!!

    • ClutchCargo
      3:06 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      I’m good with wnp, as long as he doesn’t clog up the show thread with a lot of nonsense. That’s the one place on here to have grown-up discussion.

    • StillBP
      3:16 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      does a “keep wnp” vote cancel out a gotta go vote? I vote to keep wnp.

    • N-UR-i
      4:35 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Vote for Pedro

    • cats646
      4:58 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Go cats!! And GO WNP!!!!

    • weneedpitino
      6:01 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Thank you cats646, it’s much appreciated. Go cats, and go for a potential GoFundMe for acu coaches pants!!

  3. BigBlueToo
    1:46 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    ACU, Buy the man a suit!

  4. HiggieSmalls
    1:54 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    higgie higgie higgie, can’t you see
    sometimes your calls just nauseate me

  5. minton22
    1:58 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    It’s only appropriate for a Christian college coach to have a “holy” suit. Bam! I’ll be here all week folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  6. ClutchCargo
    1:59 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    Maybe he can just do what Ed Cooley of Providence did that one time and put a towel around his waist.

  7. nocode96
    2:04 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    In this picture he looks like he sat on a LEGO.

  8. RealCatsFan
    2:35 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    Wow, this guy is so likable. It’s a shame we will have to send them home early to make our run – it would be fun to have Coach Golding and his team in the tourney for a while to provide some color. Obviously I want our Cats to win, but it’s hard not to like this team.

  9. Righteous1
    2:59 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    I like you WeNeedPitino!

    • weneedpitino
      3:46 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

      Thank you righteous1 it is greatly appreciated. Ksr commenters and bbn are great for the most part. All joking aside, this acu coach is super likable though. Go cats, and righteous1 is a righteous person!!

  10. Bluebloodtoo
    3:45 pm March 20, 2019 Permalink

    This guy is a riot. I can see why players want to play for him.