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Aaron popped his own finger back into place


When Aaron Harrison ran off the court in pain during the second half, it looked like something was seriously wrong. Harrison was doubled over, holding his left hand and sprinting back to the locker room.

The picture of Andrew’s dislocated finger circulated quickly on Twitter, and just as I was getting control over my dry heaves, Aaron was back on the bench. Because he’s a stone cold killer, he popped his finger back into place himself.

“I had no choice,” Aaron said. “I just felt like I needed to get it back, so I pulled it. Chris put a towel over it and I just pulled it out myself and it went back in.”

Thankfully, the injury was to Aaron’s left hand–his non-shooting hand–and minutes later, he checked back into the game. “I just told him I can still shoot Coach, I’m good,” Aaron said of his conversation with Cal on the bench. “I went back out there so I could get back in the game.”

I’m the same way when I get a paper cut.

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13 Comments for Aaron popped his own finger back into place

    1:18 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    Jesus Christ, he’s a mother eff’n legend!

  2. BeastCat
    1:20 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    I hope it doesn’t affect his shot.

    1:20 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    That is called channeling your inner Ronnie Lott.

  4. SanDiegoCats
    1:23 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    Do the game highlights not get posted during tourney?

    • BigBlueFan
      1:33 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

      Highlights can be watched on UKBBL. LINK

    • SanDiegoCats
      1:57 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

      Thanks, thought that site was for replays only. Did not know it also had the highlights. Awesome.

  5. BTownUKFan
    1:28 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    Que up Dakari’s quote about Aaron from last year!!
    GO CATS !!

  6. RealCatsFan
    1:55 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    Did they X-ray it just in case? Either way, sounds like he will be good to go. Glad it’s his left hand.

  7. KevinM
    2:02 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    ‘Big Game Aaron’…that is all. I think he likes the LeBron rims.

  8. BTownUKFan
    3:02 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    I was barely listening to the announcers last night and I think it was Elmore but one of them critized Cal for putting Aaron back in the game…and Marv Albert was talking about Kentucky’s poor free throw shooting percentage (not sure where that came from).

    I normally listen to Tom and Mike on the radio while watching the games but we’ve had good mojo in the tourney with the radio turned off so I can’t turn it on now. I’ll suffer through for the good of the team.
    GO CATS !!

  9. cracka
    3:10 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    I did the same thing with my pinky in a pickup game, except my finger was literally 90 degrees at the joint … I was like “is anybody here a doctor? anybody know what to do?” somebody said pull on it and straighten it back up, so I did. it really didn’t hurt until later that night, and then it really, really throbbed to the point I had to go to the ER to get some pain pills so I could sleep. they said it was broken, that you CANNOT dislocate that joint, it’s like a hinge, not a ball and socket. so, I’m sure Aaron has a small break somewhere around the joint, but there is literally nothing to do for it except “buddy tape” it to the finger next to it like they did.

    • RealCatsFan
      4:53 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

      I broke my pinky finger playing volleyball one night. It wasn’t dislocated, but it had a fracture going through the joint, and they had to do surgery on it to put two pins in it. I probably would have lost all of my range of motion without this. They also put me in a big flipper cast to protect it, which I thought was ridiculous. Doubt Aaron would stand for this.

  10. Mikey Likes It
    3:28 pm March 27, 2015 Permalink

    Its not his shooting hand but this could seriously impact his Super Smash Brothers score. 3rd and 4th man out!