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A Video To Get You Ready for the Drive for #9

I know football begins Saturday, but this video from the master at the UK video craft about UK’s drive for #9 is too good to pass up.

Article written by Matt Jones

19 Comments for A Video To Get You Ready for the Drive for #9

  1. Obviously
    2:40 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Just goes to show, no matter what, we are a BASKETBALL school! To heck with football. It will always take a back seat to the basketball team.

  2. a TRUE blue Kentucky fan
    2:44 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Lol @ #1. Ignorance truly is bliss isn’t it.

  3. What's so funny?
    3:03 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Lol @ #2. Tell us how blissful ignorance is. We ARE a basketball school. I disagree with #1’s second statement, as I love football, too. But no matter how big football gets in the commonwealth, UK will still be a basketball school in a basketball state. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  4. a TRUE blue Kentucky fan
    3:15 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    3. Not saying we don’t have basketball tradition and it is without a doubt the best program in the world. Always has been always will be. Just don’t appreciate feeling the need to piss on our football team. We have a coach that knows what the fug he is actually doing now and the football team can be just as competitive as the b ball team on the gridiron. No need to set a standard that they will take a “back seat” to ANYONE. Anyone who feels the need to down ANY of our other sports programs can turn in their BBN card and head west to loserville.

  5. ukcat8fan
    3:25 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Thanks Matt. I appreciate the love! I judge the success of my videos on whether they get posted to the site or not. As Napolean Dynamite would say, “YES”!

  6. What's so funny?
    3:34 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    4, Fair enough. The way I look at it, Ohio St is a football school with a great basketball tradition that gets plenty of fan support. Same with Michigan. UK is a basketball school that gets plenty of fan support for football. Hopefully with this new staff our football team can start having more success to match the fan support.

  7. MRob
    4:06 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    We are a basketball school because thats where we have had success. Once Stoops gets the ball rollin in football that can change quickly.

  8. Louisville1Cal4
    4:15 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    We’ll continue to be a basketball school unless basketball goes on a big title drought & Stoops & Co. manage to bring an SEC or National Title back to Lexington.

  9. bbr
    4:18 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    “We are a basketball school because thats where we have had success. Once Stoops gets the ball rollin in football that can change quickly.”

    Not going to happen, Not saying that Stoops will not have success at UK or that UK cannot have a good footbal program. I think ‘6″ stated it correctly. The state of Kentucky, not just UK, is a basketball state. Its a part of our heritage. It is what we iedntify with. sure we can get excited about the future of football at UK but it is not going to surpass basketball in the mindset and heart of the state. In Kentucky basketball and horses are king

  10. DH
    4:23 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    I love football, but we’re a basketball school even if we win a national title in football. The fact that we’re a basketball school is not going to change quickly. Michigan was still a football school when the Fab Five were there. Florida was still a football school after they won back to back basketball championships. It would take decades of football success and basketball failure for that to change. Not being negative, but it is what it is. Not sure why it’s a problem for some people that we’re a basketball school. It doesn’t mean we can’t be successful in football, and I believe we will be successful as long as this new coaching staff sticks around

    5:19 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Great video………….. If i was Cal i wouldnt let the media anywhere near this team until the season starts!

  12. Truth
    7:04 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Iowa is identified all over the country for their wrestling program. Iowa is a football school. During the 1994 run in basketball at Arkansas, the football team went 4-7 to cap off several years of below-part recordrs..and guess what…it was still considered a “football school”. UK’s men’s basketball has much to be proud of due to its past success, but BBR, if you seriously think football’s popularity won’t eclipse that of basketball when:

    1. UK Football starts contending consistently year in and out in the upper reaches of the BCS (bowls and rankings)
    2. and we sell out every game with SRO crowds to where we will likely have to expand

    ..I don’t know what to tell you except you’re deluding yourself. Football is KING nationwide (and in the SEC), and based on the popularity of football at schools that are good at it—there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen at UK. So what if men’s basketball has been successful. No one can take away 8 NCs and 45 or so SEC Championships…but future focus won’t be on basketball. Hate to pee on your parade. PLUS…WHY would you want to be known as a “basketball school” anyway when there’s opportunity to excel in football????

  13. CALO222
    7:32 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    Does anyone remember a video a while back, similar to kentucky’s revenge, but longer?

  14. john
    7:35 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    I disagree wholeheartedly with the ppl who say that this is and always will be a basketball state. Honestly deep down I think its the exact opposite. There are more Kentucky football fans the many ppl realize there just hasn’t been a decent product for the football fans to cheer for. During the few times where Kentucky had a decent to good football team Kentucky fans were absolutely crazy about football to a level that basketball fans only reached during the national championship game. When Andre Woodson and Co beat Louisville and LSU and hosted college gameday UK football fans were everywhere and were ten times more excited then they are for a UK basketball game, and they were just cheering for a mediocre UK football team, could you imagine if we actually got GOOD at football how much the fan support would be? Especially playing in a football rich conference like the SEC where there would be so many great matchups? When Kentucky football is even halfway good, basketball doesn’t come close to touching the atmosphere or the fan support.

  15. Truth
    9:59 pm August 29, 2013 Permalink

    ^ John. I wouldn’t be surprised if those who are saying that this will “always be a basketball state”/”school'” are those who prefer it that way–and say it out of personal bias. Makes no sense in the grand scheme of things.

  16. chief_cat
    8:52 am August 30, 2013 Permalink

    Great video! Lace ’em up boys! Time for nine!

  17. JD502
    9:53 am August 30, 2013 Permalink

    I love these videos!!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. RowanCatFan
    10:14 am August 30, 2013 Permalink

    The reason everyone says it is and always will be a basketball state is because that’s in the bones of small town Kentucky. Yeah we love football too… but how many UK fans get a religious experience and are moved to tears every time they walk into Commonwealth Stadium?

  19. H.A. Milton
    11:13 am August 30, 2013 Permalink

    “Greatest Tradition in the History of COLLEGE BASKETBALL” until the same can be said for the football program, it shouldn’t even be a question. And even then it will just be a question or discussion, which I will never agree with. In the meantime, save it for the UK Football tabs/stories, I’m tired of seeing UK Football stuff, thats why I click on the BBall and BBall recruiting tabs and don’t even scroll down the main page any more…

    @UKCATFAN8, Props on another great video appetizer for the season! Keep em coming, Please!