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A Plea for Dakari Johnson to Bring Back the Shimmy



We all remember days of Antoine Walker in Rupp doing his famous shimmy after a dunk or a big shot and lord knows we haven’t seen a celebration quite as amazing ever since. While we all love the three goggles and while I am especially fond of Karl Towns adopting the flex-and-yell-while running-back-on-defense move that Boogie made famous, I think we can all agree that both of those pale in comparison to the magic that was the shimmy. Now it took a special player to pull of the shimmy. Antoine had just the right amount of swag, goofiness and confidence that helped him pull it off perfectly. I can’t be the only one who misses this glorious celebration in a Kentucky uniform and with that said when you look at this team there is only one player who can pull off re-igniting such a beautiful thing of UK basketball lore.

It’s time for Dakari Johnson to bring back the shimmy.

You know you want to see it, and with a team this special, it deserves a special kind of celebration after a huge run out dunk when Dakari runs the floor. Last year we saw Dakari clapping wildly all the way up the floor in a Tennessee player’s face after a huge play, and that kind of in your face swagger and grace is EXACTLY the reason that the shimmy needs to become a weapon in his arsenal when the season begins.  I can picture it now. Follow me here, the Cats are up big on the Dirty Birds, Ulis picks the pocket of Terry Rozier and Dakari trails. He leaps a whole five inches off the ground and throws a dunk and to cap it all off, he looks directly into the soul of Mangok Mathiang and shimmys in his grill while he shows that big Dakari smile. Or even better, he saunters back up the court and lets loose the shimmy just as he passes Rick Pitino on the sideline.

I dare you not to smile after imagining that. And picture it again, and again as this team makes a run in the tournament. Each year of Cal’s reign at UK the team has had a THING that fans latched onto. First we had the John Wall dance, then Jorts, then the Brow, then the Flat Top and last year we had the twins arrival. This year, with a team that could be Cal’s best, we need a THING that tops all the rest. And I can’t think of anything that would please the BBN more than the shimmy 2.0.

With that said, right here on KSR, I make my plea to Dakari Johnson to BRING BACK THE SHIMMY!

We need it, this team needs it, and Dakari might not know it yet, but he needs it. If he does this he will become a legend of Kentucky basketball instantly. I already have a special place in my heart for Dakari Johnson and if he blessed us all with this gift, he just may steal all of our big blue hearts.

Please Dakari. For the fans. For the team. For your country.

Bring back the shimmy.

(For those that need a reminder of just how good the shimmy really is, watch this:)

Article written by Davey Rudolph

1 Comment for A Plea for Dakari Johnson to Bring Back the Shimmy

  1. bigbluetruth
    2:52 pm August 19, 2014 Permalink

    I for one hopes he doesn’t. I hated it when Walker did that crap, I’d expect that show boat garbage at LOSERVILLE but not UK, we should have more class than that.