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8 Notes from My (Fan) Experience at the NBA Draft


The NBA decided KSR wasn’t important enough to get a media credential for last night’s Draft, so my husband and I went to the event decked out in our Kentucky gear instead. What happened? I’m glad you asked.

Here’s what $50 at the Barclays will get you

That’s Section 225, Row 18, Seats 10 & 11. And yes, it was that high up.

Sixers fans were EVERYWHERE

We made peace with our nosebleeds after meeting the Sixers fans around us. At first, they were extremely entertaining, doing various chants and mocking every other fan that climbed into our section. Hilariously, most wore Nerlens Noel jerseys while clamoring for Nerlens to get traded to the Celtics for the third pick.

Regardless, they all seemed happy when Simmons joined the fam:

Their charm quickly wore off. After a few crude and unoriginal jokes about Calipari (“Hey, Jamal, how much did that car Cal got you cost?”), we made our way farther down in the section.

I was pretty much the only female fan there

It takes a special type of fan to attend the NBA Draft, so I wasn’t surprised that 99.9% of the crowd was male. I spotted maybe five other female fans at the Draft, most of which shared the same eye-rolling expressions I did at their male counterparts. There are sausage fests, and then there’s the NBA Draft, apparently.

But hey, no bathroom lines.

Drunk NBA Draft fans are the most obnoxious of them all

I’ve seen plenty of drunk, obnoxious fans in my day. (Hell, some days I’ve been one of them.) I thought drunk, angry NFL fans took the cake until I went to a NHL game and witnessed drunk, happy hockey fans; however, when it comes to levels of inebriation and obnoxiousness, drunk NBA Draft fans take the cake. You know what’s a great idea? Putting a bunch of drunk Philadelphia fans next to a bunch of drunk New York and Boston fans. Yeah, that won’t end in a brawl. Never.

God bless that cop.

Waiting for Skal to get drafted was painful

Going in to last night, Skal Labissiere was projected by most to go eleventh to the Orlando Magic. That didn’t happen. In fact, Skal didn’t go until the 28th pick to the Sacramento Kings (via Phoenix). The hour or so it took for that to happen was excruciating. Obviously, we were very far away from the Draft floor, but even in the rafters, the tension from Skal’s table as he, his family, and Calipari waited for his name to be called was palpable. Skal’s year at Kentucky didn’t go as planned, but you couldn’t help but hurt for the kid as name after name was called other than his. Calipari was clearly agitated, pacing to and from Skal’s table on the floor. Even though Skal is with fellow former Cats in Sacramento, that organization is so dysfunctional you wonder if it will stick.

After a day in which there was so much positive spin for Kentucky basketball, watching Skal slide to the end of the first round was jarring.

I’m going to need a Phoenix Suns jersey

The wait for Tyler Ulis was also tough, but at least he’s going to Phoenix to reunite with Devin Booker. The pure joy that emanated from Ulis’ camp in Chicago when his name was called was the best part of the night:

There was also joy in our camp, to the point that my husband bought tequila shots, a move I definitely regretted this morning.

Everyone loves Karl


Karl has been my favorite since I first met him in the Bahamas, and after an historic rookie season, the rest of the world is catching on to what an awesome guy he is. Karl joined Calipari on various ESPN shows yesterday, but he really shined as a correspondent on last night’s Draft telecast. They played ESPN’s coverage on the big screens at the Barclays Center, and every time Karl came on, the fans around us stopped and listened, kids especially. The BBN is accustomed to Karl’s charm, but after last night, it’s clear the league is under his spell and determined to put him front and center.

Clearly, there was no media space for KSR

The NBA turned down KSR’s credential request due to “high demand and limited working space.” One of the benefits of our birds-eye view was being able to see all those empty chairs in the media work areas:

Thanks, NBA. I had more fun anyways.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

9 Comments for 8 Notes from My (Fan) Experience at the NBA Draft

  1. SanDiegoDave
    8:18 pm June 24, 2016 Permalink

    This is a copy and paste off ESPN:

    “I’m very skilled, and I’m ready to show that,” Labissiere said. “I can do a lot of different things, put the ball on the floor. I can score many different ways offensively. I can pass the ball. On defense, I can guard smaller guys on the perimeter, and I run the floor really well and block shots.”

    He did none of those things at UK. I doubt he can do them in the NBA.

  2. onsides
    8:51 pm June 24, 2016 Permalink

    $50 for those awful seats? That’s absurd Mrs Tyler. On a side note, a single game ticket next year for the home football game against Vandy will cost you $60. Be thankful you have a press pass.

  3. playmorezeppelin
    11:22 pm June 24, 2016 Permalink

    Skal didn’t ‘drop’ to 28. He earned that spot all on his own.

  4. david8577
    11:24 pm June 24, 2016 Permalink

    Pretty cool behind the scenes pics. Also cool to see the man worthy of Tyler’s carefully made sandwiches.

  5. snarkster
    1:19 am June 25, 2016 Permalink

    If you made Cal a Sandwich now and then he might get you better seats or even credentials at these kinda things. 😀

  6. cats42301
    6:48 am June 25, 2016 Permalink

    TT, how does the NBA or any other group verify that the person who is requesting a media pass is in fact a member of the media versus an average fan just saying they are to score good seats. If I was to show up with fake credentials saying I worked for Hodunk, KY Newspaper would they verify all my information was legit before deciding on whether I get a pass. Just curious how how the system works

  7. bluecat15
    9:42 am June 25, 2016 Permalink

    Ok, NBA draft is over. Lets move on to our current roster.

  8. CaytsCaytsCayts
    9:42 am June 25, 2016 Permalink

    This was pretty fun to read, and so cool you went.
    Also, why is your hubbie’s Kentucky shirt, in
    PukeDuke blue?!? I’ve noticed that in the past few
    years, places selling shirts that keep getting darker
    and darker blue. Dat ain’t our colors, mayn!

    Thanks for sharing your experience + pics.
    ‘Much appreciated!

  9. catdaddyd
    12:16 pm June 26, 2016 Permalink

    I’d rather you cover it from a fan perspective than a media perspective. Good stuff.