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5 highlights from Calipari’s latest podcast with Jim Harbaugh


John Calipari wasted no time getting back into the swing of things this week, releasing the latest episode of his “Cal Cast,” which features an interview with Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh. Cal and Harbaugh may be the best recruiters in their sports, and, in turn, most of the podcast centers around recruiting. Highlights include…

1. The best parts are still Calipari’s ad reads

Cal and Ellen doing the Blue Apron ad is priceless, especially when he yells “Ellen” ala “Adrian!!!” in Rocky (or at least that’s what I thought of). I somehow doubt Cal actually likes kale, but it was nice of him to pretend to be for the ad’s sake. Cal’s daughter Erin also stepped in to help him out with the Papa John’s read, which is just as great as it sounds.

2. “I want that Kentucky blue dust everywhere”

During a discussion about recruiting, Calipari said he does his best to promote Kentucky’s program, from doing endless media opportunities to taking a picture with every fan he meets (unless they’re a recruit, because that’s sometimes a no-no).

“I like to say, I want that Kentucky blue dust everywhere. And I don’t mind going and doing things all over the country to do it. I take pictures. If somebody stops me, I’m taking a picture,”

3. Cal wants to go to one of Harbaugh’s practices

So, stay tuned for a picture of that sometime in 2017.

4. Cal asked about Harbaugh’s sleepovers

Harbaugh made news early this year when he started going on “sleepovers” at recruits’ houses, or rather, showing up at their place late at night, talking, going to sleep, and going to school with them the next day. It’s unconventional, but it certainly made some news. Calipari had to ask about it, specifically what Harbaugh wore to said sleepover and how he did his hair in the morning. Because of course that’s what Cal would ask about.

5. Cal claims he doesn’t want to know who else is recruiting a player

Calipari faces a lot of negative recruiting on the trail, and to keep his mind clear, claims he doesn’t want to know what schools/coaches are recruiting his prospects; the same can’t be said for his competitors, who often times only talk about Kentucky during their pitches.

“Here’s a good one. I’ve had some kids, when it really gets negative, stop the coach and say, ‘Coach, can you please just talk about your program?’ What you’ll have many times is, the coach will have to stop and get off the phone because he really doesn’t have anything.”

Sounds about right.

Good stuff on this episode. Click here to access the Cal Cast on iTunes. It’s also on Podbay, Sticher, etc.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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5 Comments for 5 highlights from Calipari’s latest podcast with Jim Harbaugh

  1. JLP
    1:13 pm December 27, 2016 Permalink

    Whoa! Not true at all. You say JH may be best football recruiter? NOT BY A LONGSHOT! He is controversial and hyped by media but look at Urban Meyer’s recruiting class versus Harbaugh’s for example. Urban is killing him!

  2. Tyler, we need the audio of those ad reads please. They sound hilarious!

    And I’m certain he is “no Kale Cal”, especially since Erin once tweeted a pic of him eating a plate full of nothing but meat (chicken AND beef) and it sounded as if it was pretty normal. Also his affinity for Dunkin Donuts.