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Your Patriotic Monday News and Views


For many of you, today is a day off, a chance to celebrate our country’s independence from the evil Brits by sitting around and grilling steaks, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and sweating. Hopefully you will also consider those who are serving our country and those who have shown patriotism in the past such as Will Ferrell in this tremendous SNL skit shown above. The skit was on an SNL episode soon after 9/11 and as the show tried to figure out how to joke about the event following the tragedy, they hit a homerun with Will and his “patriotic thong” sketch. The premise has his office all showing patriotism at work and Ferrell deciding that his method was to wear the above outfit. It was one of those skits where everyone else in the skit began laughing and the wheels kind of came off, but it still is very funny. And coincidently, this is the exact outfit that Joe Biden wore today when he saw the troops in Iraq.

It was a very slow weekend news wise (thankfully), so just a couple of quick hitters:

— It seems like a week ago that the TMZ story on an NCAA “aggressive look” came out and there is very little of substance that has followed. We still dont know if there is anything worth noting about the report and if the NCAA was looking into the relationship between UK players and agents, we have no idea whether it was anything beyond routine. The local mainstream guys talked about the reports in their various newspapers (with John Clay even getting a column out of it), but as of now, it seems the report hasnt really gone anywhere. We shall see if this week brings us anything else.

— Some have wondered why TMZ did the report or how they may have known about the issue. It turns out the writer of the TMZ report (and they are all unsigned bylines on that site) is actually a a Louisville, Kentucky native who claims to be a fan of the Big Blue. Not sure if fans will warm to him as well now that he has written the piece, but that may be how he has a connection to the story.

Daniel Orton plays his first summer league game tomorrow and will begin his Orlando Magic action. Orton will join Joe Crawford in action although none of his games will be on television for people in Kentucky.

— What will be on tv is the Summer league with Cousins, Wall, Patterson and Bledsoe in Las Vegas. As my first road work for CN2, I will be making the trip to Vegas from Friday through Sunday to cover the guys in the first summer league games and hope to have a lot of good stuff for the site and videos on CN2 with interviews. You can watch the games online on for a $10 fee for the entire ten day event.

— This is also the week where major college basketball recruiting begins as events start in Akron, Georgia, Vegas, etc throughout the month, that will showcase the best in AAU basketball and potentially, crystalize where Kentucky will be going in the 2011 and 2012 classes. There may be some news over the next few weeks but I must say this….recruiting has changed under Calipari and now Kentucky’s targets are few and far between and the “news” of the recruiting summers has kind of gone away. Dont expect surprises like with Tubby and Clyde. Calipari is too good and the days of summers of recruiting tidibts have kind of faded away.

— I spent Saturday night at Belterra and I have a question…is it required that people must smoke by the truckload in casinos? I feel like the rest of the world has kind of gotten over this whole “smoking inside” thing….casinos needs to be next.

Royce White will not be playing for UK next year. The Cats have decided against bringing him in. Good decision.

— If you havent watched my interviews with Mike Pratt, go to the CN2 website and check it out. Pratt talks open and honestly about Calipari, the various UK players and what he really thought of Billy Clyde. Interesting stuff.

— Finally, lets put the power of the KSR nation to the ballot box. UK Women’s Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell is not only a great coach, but if you listened to the Bachelor Auction podcast, also a great KSR podcast guest. His wife is on the board of the Children’s Advocacy Center and is in a Lexington’s Best Dressed Contest. The winner gets a good sum of money for their charity and helping out Jenna Mitchell is a good sign of support from the KSR nation. She is currently in 5th place and with the KSR votes (first place only has 2400 votes), we can easily take her to victory. So give her a selection and help the Advocacy Center and Jenna at the same time.

More all day….it may be a holiday for you, but not for us. We will have a full day of coverage, so stay tuned….

Article written by Matt Jones