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UK’s depth chart for the Louisville game

Here is your official UK football depth chart…


Tight End
Tyler Robinson or
Ronnie Shields

Left Tackle
Darrian Miller
Jordan Swindle

Left Guard
Zach West
Teven Eatmon-Nared

Matt Smith
Max Godby

Right Guard
Larry Warford
Jack Gruenschlaeger

Right Tackle
Kevin Mitchell
Trevino Woods

Wide Receiver
La’Rod King
Demarco Robinson

Wide Receiver
EJ Fields
Aaron Boyd

Wide Receiver
Gene McCaskill or
Daryl Collins

Max Smith
Morgan Newton

DJ Warren
Cody Jones

Running Back
CoShik Williams or
Raymond Sanders


Defensive End
Collins Ukwu
Farrington Hugueinin

Defensive Tackle
Donte Rumph
Mike Douglas

Defensive Tackle
Mister Cobble
Tristian Johnson

Defensive End/Linebacker
Bud Dupree
Taylor Wyndham

Middle Linebacker
Avery Williamson
Jabari Johnson

Weakside Linebacker
Tyler Brause
Malcom McDuffen

Miles Simpson
Josh Forrest

Cartier Rice
Fred Tiller

Ashley Lowry
Daron Blayblock

Mikie Benton
Dakota Tyler

Martavius Neloms
JD Harmon


Landon Foster
Joe Mansour

Kicker (Field Goals/PATs)
Craig McIntosh
Joe Mansour

Kicker (Kickoffs)
Joe Mansour
Craig McIntosh

Kick Returner
CoShik Williams
Raymond Sanders
DeMarcus Sweat
Dyshawn Mobley

Punt Returner
Demarco Robinson
Gene McCaskill

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

16 Comments for UK’s depth chart for the Louisville game

  1. Dumbledore
    11:46 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    We’re gonna get smoked in conference play.

  2. Mr. Belvedere
    11:48 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Who is projected to be our KR and PR?

  3. TShlew
    11:48 am August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Gonna be tough to keep teams from scoring with only 10 on D.

  4. Uhhhhh
    12:03 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    I count 11 #3

  5. confused
    12:08 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    How is this a final depth chart with so many “or” Pick the best guy and go with it…enough said BEAT UL!!

  6. Dr. Funke
    12:09 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Suprised to see Wyndham still not make the starting lineup. Must be some talent at the DE position. I’m excited for the season and I believe we are just as good if not better than the UL squad. Who do they have again?

  7. Linda Taylor
    12:27 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    I would love to have a picture of the facial expression of the UL player who lines up against Jack Gruenschlaeger when Larry Warford takes a breather.

  8. Claydwildcatclaydonaldson
    12:34 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Our two deep at defensive line and linebacker is very solid. Freshman WR not making two deep. With sweat on returns you have to figure he will get some opportunities. We know for a fact a redshirt is out!

  9. Rational Cat
    12:46 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    #6: Louisville is a solid team. Other than potentially Teddy, they don’t really have any great players, just a lot of solid ones. The key players for them are:
    QB #5 – Teddy Bridgewater (Very, very good. Was probably the best freshman QB in the country last year and has put on 30lbs in the offseason)
    RB #10 – Dominique Brown (First full year at RB. He’s big, but not super physical. He’s not very fast, but has good vision. He’s solid.)
    WR #9 – Devante Parker (Disappears at times but is capable of making a big play)
    C #55 – Mario Benavides (4 year starter anchors an O-line that is pretty solid but not very deep.)
    DE #91 – Marcus Smith (led team in sacks last year during his first year ever at DE. He should be good.
    LB #2 – Preston Brown (he’s big and can tackle. Very solid.)
    CB #21 – Adrian Bushell (most athletic guy on the team. He started as a freshman for Florida and transferred to UL)
    S #29 – Hakeem Smith (arguably the best guy on the team. Not fast, not great as a cover guy, but he can definitely tackle)
    S #25 – Calvin Pryor (the “cocaine guy” – he’s a big hitter)

    Those are UL’s best guys. Not gonna lie, it’s gonna be hard for us to beat them.

  10. mores
    1:06 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    #2, last I heard Sweat & Robinson.
    #6, yeah, Dupree and Ukwu should be very good and Wyndham just got caught behind them. He’ll still play a lot though. Louisville is by no means a great team, or maybe even a good team. But it doesn’t take a great team to beat us.

  11. truBLU
    1:20 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Wasn’t Miles Simpson recruited out of high school as a RB prospect? I’m not complaining, I just find the move to hybrid LB/S curious. Of course I could be wrong but thats what I remember.

  12. Simon Kenton Guy
    1:52 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Simpson was recruited out of high schhol as a RB. However, he is probably a tick slow to play a SEC level RB. He was a very good LB in high school and will be a solid defensive player.

  13. Common Sense
    2:04 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    If Gene McCaskill gets the starting job over Darryl Collins….. That will probably be the only complaint I have. McCaskill SUCKS. Also, I wonder why Gruenshcladfahgneber is a G not a T?

  14. Aaron Boyd
    2:16 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    I still play football?

  15. Seriously #13???
    3:04 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    That’s just stupid. On all levels.
    On a lighter note, anyone know what happened to Eric Simmons and Eric Dixon and why they got passed by freshman so quick at corner?

  16. Bill P
    3:29 pm August 27, 2012 Permalink

    Very interesting that Robinson is behind King and not starting opposite him. I, too, am surprised that McCaskill is listed as first team. I thought top 5 WRs were King, Robinson, Fields, Sweat and Collins then followed by McCaskle and Legree. Also, surprised to see Jordan Swindle and Gruenschlaeger listed as two’s on the OL. Swindle really looks to need a RS and most early talk was of Jordan Watson and a couple of the other freshmen OL. Yesterday’s paper made it sound like Gruenschlaeger had made great progress, but was still a long way away. Just general observations.