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Yesterday’s Other Presser


While the Wildcat Nation was focused on Calipari’s press conference yesterday afternoon, Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was holding a press conference of his own. Like Calipari, recruiting rules prohibit Romar from talking publically about Terrance Jones, and so much of the presser turned into him either dodging the question all together or alluding to vague hypothetical situations. You can read the entire transcript of the presser on this Washington Blog, but here are some notable quotes from the Husky coach:

If the recruiting class remains the same are you happy?: “I think this will be potentially an exciting team if it can come together. I think we have a lot of pieces. With one scholarship to go we’d like to add one more piece. (Laughter)”

You didn’t recruit Ross until he de-committed from Maryland. Is that typically the way you operate? If a kid is verbally committed somewhere, you won’t interfere?: “That is correct. If the kid were to for instance, never mind. Next question.”

Is that practice common?: “(Laughter). Yeah. I’d say so. For a lot of schools. For a lot of situations.”

But not always?: “Nah. It is interesting. Sometimes a kid will be committed and then something goes on 4-5 months later. The kid commits as a sophomore. Some things happen. There’s a coaching change. And he has a different perspective and he wants to open up his commitment at that time. Anyone that begins to recruit him, just like us with Terrence Ross. You make sure that the commitment is over (and) that the kid is opening up his commitment at that point.”

What happened with Enes Kanter?: “He hadn’t passed the SAT so we couldn’t get him in at that time. We knew here we go. If we couldn’t get him in at that time, the whole world was going to be after him. So I’ll just leave it at that.”

The last answer was discussed at length yesterday, but if you read the context of question and then the quote, you can see that Romar obviously meant that at the time Enes was committed to Washington, he hadn’t passed the SAT. According to NCAA rules, Enes couldn’t sign a NLI without being accepted to Washington. Romar, therefore couldn’t seal the deal and Enes decommitted. I doubt Romar has any knowledge of the current status of Enes’ SAT, nor does he really care.

Article written by Katie Martin