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Yahoo! shows the Cats some love


In what is the postseason awards equivalent of yelling “first!”, Yahoo! Sports has named their All-American teams and handed out some virtual hardware to a number of players, including three Cats.  Terrence Jones was named Third Team All-American, Brandon Knight earned an honorable mention nod and Doron Lamb was named National Sixth Man of the Year.  It’s great recognition for the guys for a season of hardwork, though I’m still amazed at how Brandon Knight continues to fly under the radar.  It might be a little bit of the John Wall shadow, his unassuming demeanor or, more likely, nationally televised games in Maui early that saw him struggle, but I’d take him over Jacob Pullen.  If that makes me a homer, I don’t care.

Full list of award winners

Article written by Thomas Beisner

44 Comments for Yahoo! shows the Cats some love

  1. Cousins Fake Teeth
    10:47 am March 7, 2011 Permalink


  2. TerranceJonesAteWashington
    10:54 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Brandon Knight is considerably better than Terrance Jones. I don’t understand why the national media has not recognized this.

  3. Don
    10:55 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t get the Knight thing, he’s a farkin’ beast. He has every shot in the book, set multiple Kentucky records, and is the embodiment of student-athlete.


  4. JackGivensIsTopTenEver
    10:55 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    B Knight is no J Wall but J Wall is no B Knight… Kid deserves more national recognition because for sure he has matured and played well as the season progressed!!!

  5. JackGivensIsTopTenEver
    10:57 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Hey #2 the media is not that smart!!! NBA scouts are though!!!

  6. Diller
    10:58 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Where’s the love for Eloy??

  7. Bob Loblaw
    10:59 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Knight should be an All-American while Jones should be an honorable mention. Jones just shows up for half of the game.

  8. blueblue
    11:01 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Both these guys will be pre-season firts team all-american IF they return for next season.

  9. Schene
    11:01 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t see how Brandon Knight isnt getting more love. I mean, he’s winning. The score is like bazillion to 0.

  10. UK Student n Fan
    11:01 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    I agree, Knight is a beast. The 3 from the corner with somebody ALL over him yesterday(maybe Hopson not sure), was absolutely sick and was a huge turning point toward the end of the game. Having said that, I also think people around here give T.Jones a little too much hell than he deserves, because without him we would be screwed. But, we already know Jones is going to the league, so I am completely fine with Knight flying under the radar. I want him back next year so bad. If Knight and Lamb return, they better seriously watch out because we are going undefeated.

  11. Eddie Sutton's Liver
    11:06 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    I love him flying under the radar because I’m selfish. The less hype, the lower he’ll be projected in next years NBA draft, thus a better chance of him returning to my beloved Cats for his sophmiore year (Senior Year academically). Knight, Teague, Gilcrest, and hopefully Lamb – best 2012 backcourt in America….by far.

  12. Boyd Baker
    11:07 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    11. Exactly. I was just going to point this out. I don’t them to get a lot of love, because I want ’em back for another year!

  13. blueblue
    11:08 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    I really DON’T think we know where Jones will be next season. I, for one, don’t think he’s ready to go to the league. He’s an awesome talent, and we’re lucky to have him, but he CAN improve his status in the draft by playing another year in college. And think about this. If PPat spent some time in the D-league at the beginning of this season, where do you think Jones will be next season if he decides to go to the league??

  14. The Real Pioneer
    11:08 am March 7, 2011 Permalink


  15. GoCats2
    11:10 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    If Knight and Lamb both returned would Miller and Lamb come off the bench? I think it would be rough on chemistry if Miller and Lamb were bench players next year.

  16. GoCats2
    11:11 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    #14 Are you the old Mark Hamilton? Your overuse of Caps reminds me of him.

  17. rdt fan
    11:13 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    To Beisner: Brandon Knight is the most complete player to play in a Wildat Uniform in a long time. Excellent mind and clutch player.

  18. matfug
    11:14 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    what a moron caller Matt just had on the radio show…calling Mark Krebs a bench warmer, maybe Mark isnt J. Wall. but last time i checked he made the team, and played for the team! this jack off that called in im sure never played a game in his life besides back yard ball…freaking moron!

  19. Bundy
    11:21 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    15- If Miller stays aggressive and keeps improving, he will not play behind any fresman. That is just my opinion… but it all depends on where Darius is mentally.

  20. Bundy
    11:22 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    They are definitely sleeping on Knight, but that’s cool. He’ll wake them up when the NCAA tourney rolls around…

  21. Cat in the Hat
    11:23 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    No way Jones is ready for the NBA. Cant go to his right whatsoever, does not know the meaning of a pump fake, and cant make a 10 jump shot to save his ass ! WTF ! I realize we need him but come on ! Knight is way more deserving of 3rd team AA

  22. Jdnky82
    11:24 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is OVERATED, He was awesome in the beginning of the year, because there wasn’t alot of game tape, or scouting reports on him yet. Now he is totaly predictable, and doesn’t change his game up or make adjustments. he is very talented, and athletic, but needs alot of work. No way he is all american. Its a slap in the face to Knight, who is twice the player jones is.

  23. Laker Cat 18
    11:27 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Just think, a little more effort and hustle in his game and he could be 1st team.

  24. Whatifs
    11:27 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Say KY got hot and won a national championship this year, how ridiculously high would the expectations be for next year?

  25. The Real Hambone
    11:34 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    18… I don’t know how often you read this site but if you are new, let me give you some friendly advice. There are many MORONS that masquerade as true ‘humans’ on here and the radio show. Most of these impostors hide behind a facade of catchy nicknames i.e. SexnNursingHomes and BPhysco. Its best to ignore them when possible, when this is not a credible course then put them in their place and move on; much like you just did. Have a nice day.

  26. kyrobman
    11:38 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Come on guys give Jones some love, he is still a young players and need to do some things better. But he is not deserving of all the garbage that a lot of you all have been talking about him. It’s his decision to make, win lose or draw. Give these guys love, not grief.

  27. bung
    11:50 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Miller is our key right now if jones and bk would just “assist” him….i gave up on us running

  28. SexnNursinHomes
    11:50 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    25- that was some sweet words. i’m touched. like della reese touching an angel.

  29. chillyD
    11:51 am March 7, 2011 Permalink

    25 – I read enough and listen to the radio show (when I can) to totally agree with you. However, I still find it hard to
    believe that these idiots don’t see how stupid they sound talking smack about T Jones. If you think Knight is better than Jones,
    I get it. But you don’t have to put one of them down in order to build the other one up! There are other players on the All American
    list that you could make the argument of Knight being more deserving with. The amount of criticism that Jones gets is fascinating and
    frustrating. Check his stats, fools. And think about the fact that your lack of support is just another reason for this kid to
    go pro next year.

  30. SagaciousMind
    12:01 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is so inconsistent and plays outta control at times. He’s our player and i love’em, but it amazes me how ppl say he’s 1st team all sec and up for all these finalists awards. His bball IQ is not very high and he drives me nuts when he drives to the lane and forces a bad shot instead of kickin it out…which he finally did yesterday to Miller for a big 3. He has way too many stupid turnovers. He has to be leading the team in turnovers, especially when he’s averaging 1 or 2 walks a game. He’s just not where Cousins, Wall, or Patterson was at this time last year. If he goes pro, it’s gonna be on the Bledsoe, Orton level. Yeah he may be a lottery pick and drafted on potential, but I see him gettin eaten alive in the NBA. He really needs to come back for another year IMO. He has to learn how to play against ppl bigger than he is. As for Knight, I agree. He has been the most consistent player on this team, guaranteed double digit points, but gets little love. He is more valuable than Jones to this team. Knight is definitely the MVP. I cant wait to see the sec honors. Knight should win FOY, they both should be all sec somewhere, and Liggins should def be on the all defensive team.
    BTW, I am not saying Knight is more talented than Jones bc that is not true, I am saying Knight has been more consistent. Knight messes up, he keeps going. Jones, he used to pout. That’s why I say he should stick around. But regardless, I believe Knight will be back. And if Jones really byes into brotherhood, he may as well. He should.

  31. sangaman
    12:05 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    “Most underrated” is such a ridiculous award. By virtue of winning that award, it demonstrates that the winner has received enough attention to win a national award. Doesn’t sound very underrated to me. The true most underrated player probably didn’t even receive consideration for that award.

  32. SagaciousMind
    12:06 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    And before I hear it, I do support Jones in whatever decision he makes. And I am aware he will be a top pick, but he has much to learn before he goes into the NBA. Patterson stuck around to work on his shot, he can do the same. Also, he could stick around next year and if Cal messes around with the rotations, have Jones play the 3 some because I guarantee, ppl probably expect him to play the 3 in the NBA. Unless he toughens up, he cant compete inside in the NBA. But, no one expected Bledsoe to do much this year and he is, so I guess it’s a toss up.

  33. matfug
    12:07 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    #25 well said. i too think its quite funny to see these “fake” people!! just thought it was an interesting comment from a caller on the KSR radio show, that was talking about M Krebs. knowing this cat has never played a game in his life. talking about how much better UL was than UK. the only thing i can say is true UL has had a better season than most thought, but lets face it, when the majority of their schedule is played on their home court, id hope they would have had a good season. but still as Matt Jones pointed out, the win/losses of UK and UL are the same, but the tie breaker would go to UK, i seem to remember the game played in Dec, was a total handling of the guys in red…..

    Go cats! great play in the 2nd half, way to gut it out. they couldv folded, but the didnt. they took a good shot from UT, and still came out on top. we needed a win like that, the last 3 games have been tough. thats what we needed. congrats to coach cal, and squad for putting together a good year, we’ve had some tough losses, but for a very young inexperienced team not bad. Its tourny time, time to avenge the losses we did take.

  34. Serouisly?!?
    12:07 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    If Terrence Jones is 3rd team AA and Brandon Knight is honorable mention, clearly the Yahoo! Sports voters haven’t watched a game since December.

    Yes, Jones is a talented player, but there is no way he should be on these lists.

  35. ThrobnThor
    12:10 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    forget Troy Mckinley… JIM DINWIDDIE is the man!!

  36. Where's this award?
    12:12 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    1st Team AA Pound your chest and scream after you make a play, then give up and easy basket on defense – Terrence Jones

  37. rhettzi
    12:22 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    how is Jones still getting more recognition than B Knight????

  38. ChicagoCat
    12:25 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Yea this all shows how little the national media pays attention to the SEC conference games that arent high profile. While Knight struggled a little early on in the season and TJones was ripping off highlight reels, Jones has regressed considerably in conference play and Knight has really stepped up. The fact that Dickie V gave TJones an honorable mention for SEC POY with no mention of Knight only buttresses this fact.

  39. Blueburg
    12:44 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is a talented freshman who put up big early #’s in non-conference, got the attention and could not maintain those #s no matter how much he hogs the ball. I thought he’d gotten away from that the last few games and had matured some, but he went back to his old ways yesterday. His shooting mechanics suck therefore you can’t have confidence in him at the line. His inside game is his strength but his shots are too loose and limp wristed. We need him in the paint rebounding, getting putbacks and blocking shots. But he is not a PPat type of player who will adjust his game and make sacrifices for the good of his team. As far as all the awards, it is just that kind of a year; not a whole lotta big names. Harrison Barnes didn’t get goin early enough so I think TJ just kinda fell into the early conversations. But he’s weak, we all know he needs another year but it will be his decision if there is no lockout.

  40. Flavor of the Meeks
    12:47 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Wow, one of our players is named to an All-American team and we as a fanbase are upset. I really don’t understand the hate for Terrence Jones. Maybe it’s because I use statistical analysis as opposed to “what my gut says” when ranking players, but I have a lot of trouble saying Knight is by far the better player*.

    17.1 PPG 1.8 APG 9.2 RPG 2.2 TO 1.9 BLK 1.2 STL .447 FG% – Jones
    17.7 PPG 4.0 APG 4.0 RPG 3.2 TO 0.3 BLK 0.6 STL .449 FG% – Knight

    At best, they’re pretty equivalent. At worst, Jones’ much better RPG, TO, BLK, and STL make him the clear-cut favorite. When you factor in defense, I don’t even think it’s a contest. Knight is the better offensive player (1.30 PPS for Jones and 1.35 PPS for Knight), but that’s not the entire game. Jones’ defense is leagues ahead of Knight, and the man is a beast on the boards. I think we focus too much on what someone does with the ball in their hands, when that’s only half the game. Defense is important — that’s what made Wall such a good player.

    Even if Knight were the better player, is that any reason to be upset that Jones was named to someone’s All-American team? Can’t we just love both players and not tear down one to build up the other? I don’t remember anyone doing this regarding Wall and Cousins last year. I understand the frustration with Jones — as good as he’s been, he hasn’t came close to being the player he could be. However, that doesn’t make him bad or even give us reason to be upset. The kid is a good ball player — any team would kill to have him. I’ve got a feeling some of you will be rooting for him to fail in the NBA. I hope that’s not the case, but sometimes it feels that way. You should always root for and be happy for UK players, even if you feel they’re not as good as everyone makes them out to be.

    *The last few games, Jones has played well below his usual level. I understand and acknowledge this. Five games do not make a season, though.

  41. fan watch game
    1:07 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Jones, quit the stare downs after every shot you make. Quit back peddling all the way down the court. Try turning around and follow your man back down court.

  42. road_warri0r
    1:30 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence Jones is NOT ready, NOT even close for NBA. Cousins, Wall, Patterson, and yes Bledsoe had it together mentally and had a winners and warriors heart. IF TJ stays and learns how to play as a part of a team, and learns when and when not to dribble /walk, and STOP missing those shots from 2 or 3 feet away, then he may have NBA stock. He has regressed more than I have ever seen a player do in one season. He has lost the ability to handle the ball, shoot short and long, it like some alien has inhabited his body who has NO basketball sense. I would take Miller any day of the week over TJ. If Miller shot the amount TJ does he would be averaging 30 points or more. Didnt TJ have more shot attempts in the first half of yesterdays game than the rest of the team combined? Does Cal want this to happen or does TJ just take it all on his own? The best place for TJ is the bench until he learns to play for the team.

  43. Blueburg
    5:33 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    41 Exactly. He does the primal yell and hits his chest even if he only hits the front of the rim and that’s ALOT!

  44. Tokyo Satchel
    6:41 pm March 7, 2011 Permalink

    Congats to him. I love my cats and I love TJ becuse he plays for my cats, but that award is a joke! All- American honors consider defense right? His interior and weak side help defense are about the worst I havever seen for a top flight player. If you consider how may dunks and layups he gives up, then his offense is not so great.
    The fact that he is considered a lottery pick should give you pause. He is a tremendous talent, a rough diamond who needs some polish, though I suspect he will bolt knowing he may not even be a starter on next years team.