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Wrestlemania is HERE!


You can make an argument that this is the best weekend in sports….the Final Four, Opening Day and Wrestlemania all in one three day period. Could it get better? I admit that I dont really watch a great deal of wrestling anymore so I dont even know what is happening tonight at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, but it is historic nonetheless. For Wrestlemania has given us moments that have lasted forever….from Hulk bodyslamming Andre….to Ted Dibiase becoming champion….to the Megapowers exploding… Hulk v Warrior….to Hulk v Sarge….the rise of Bret Hart….Stone Cold becomes a legend…..Rock v Stone Cold…..Hogan v Rock and the list goes on and on.

Tonight I am sure Triple H wrestles someone, John Cena will be annoying and the Undertaker will try to keep up his streak. I hear that Chris Jericho is wrestling Ricky Steamboat, Superfly Snuka and Roddy Piper, which I would watch if given the chance. But 54 bucks is a lot for a night of wrestling, even if Mickey Rourke is rumored to be involved So I will likely simply be live blogging and folks can update me on what is happening. But I can still sit back and realize that tonight does mean one thing….I am getting old. I can remember Macho Man v Hogan like it was yesterday….and it was 20 years ago. Wow

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Article written by Matt Jones