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World Wide Web Weekly


Like most of you, my time at the computer follows a similar and predictable pattern.  Check KSR, refresh KSR, look at facebook, respond to my mom’s wall posts (I’m hoping you aren’t doing that one,) refresh KSR, respond to Erin Calipari’s status updates (I’m sure you all are doing that one,) check twitter, refresh KSR.  Rinse, repeat.  So for those of you that rarely make it out of the cozy confines of Uncle Matt’s basement, I’m collecting some links from around the internet on the week that was. Some will be UK related, some may not, but they should all (hopefully) interest you.  And again, if this idea is the worst piece of garbage you’ve ever heard of, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section…  (And yes, this is me trying to edge BTI out of the clicks to pick job…)

And on to the links.

-Do Drew’s TAWWTTW leave you feeling empty inside?  Do you need more to get you ready for this weeks Georgia game?  Here’s a more in depth, statistical look at this weekends game.

-Tim Tebow’s jump pass has been check raised.

-Look, I’m not saying we should employ this defensive strategy, but it’s at least worth taking a look at.  (NSFW, also, not safe for people with any sense of dignity.)

-Want to know how Rider treats their Star Players?  They put them in front of an awkward white man and make them answer questions in something that could only be derived from the genius of James Lipton.

-Hate the Patriots?  Then you clearly just don’t know how great they really are.

-Do you want your own chance to talk to Nicholas Ballasay about the issues?  Then sign up here to join the Rider Men’s Basketball Team.

-Next, a sport so great we will probably adopt it as the official KSR tailgating past time. (That picture is Legendary.)

Finally, I wanted to include a gem from the comment section during the flame war earlier this week. Perhaps we should all learn a lesson from kyeric when we post…

I am upset at things! I have an opinion, but rarely voice it anywhere else but on a website where I can remain anonymous. I love my local sport team, as they are FAR superior to the sport team from your area in every way. It seems to me that I am rational and objective with my arguments supporting my cause, whereas you are uneducated and your comments perpetuate social stereotypes and racial predjudice!

I am going to type many more insightful responses and refresh my browser many times to see how many people back me up. They are the ones that can see that what I am saying is prophetic and wise! Anyone else can jump off a bridge and I will probably think of a good way to put you down long after this post is archived. No matter, I will think of you at night and curse your (screen) name!

Go Local Sport Team!

Go Local Sport Team indeed.

Article written by Will Lentz