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The news out of Calipari-land today throws the smooth-shooting guard, Darnell Dodson, in the House that Snoopy Built. Nothing is more infuriating to a fan than wondering why a particular player is in the doghouse. We never get any real perspective from the coach as to why a particular player isn’t getting the playing time that we feel he so richly deserves. Since we have two players now, DeAndre Liggins and Dodson, occupying time in basketball’s version of a leper colony, let’s take this opportunity to review a couple of the more famous past residents of UK’s doghouse.

Player: Jodie Meeks
Coach: Billy Gillispie
Proof: Referred to by his coach as a “streak shooter”.
Commentary: One of the aspects that should have been a red flag for the Billy Gillispie era. I think Billy never overcame the animosity as evidenced by the whole Nike T-shirt embargo. I wake up every day thanking Jebus that Gillispie no longer prowls our sidelines.

Player: Joe Crawford
Coach: Billy Gillispie
Proof: Benched as a starter during his senior year.
Commentary: Personally, I actually agreed with this assessment at the time. Crawford didn’t really live up to his potential and he seemed to be eternally taking selfish shots and trying to enhance his own NBA status. Looking back, he was probably a talented kid struggling to do too much amidst a fairly unfavorable coaching situation. Can you tell I’m not giving Clyde the benefit of the doubt? I can’t let it go.

Player: Kelenna Azubuike
Coach: Tubby Smith
Reason: “Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane”.
Commentary: Tubby had the quick hook for Kelenna and delivered that classic line when asked why his star player wasn’t seeing much PT. This is often one of the flash points that Tubby haters use to demonstrate how ill-suited Smith was to coach the Cats.

Players: Cory Sears, Adam Chiles and Rashaad Carruth
Coach: Tubby Smith
Reason: High levels of H1-AHole virus infections.
Commentary: Fans fell in love with Carruth’s shot, but when they learned about his selfish, bratty behavior, he became the poster child for “Players UK Should Avoid Recruiting”. The rest rounded out Team Turmoil and threw a heavy taint on the program. I hate these guys. Good on Tubby for throwing them in the Marmaduke Mansion.

Player: Jeff Brassow
Coach: Rick Pitino
Reason: Damned if I know.
Commentary: I can’t, for the life of me, figure this one out. Brassow was seemingly the perfect Pitino player. He hustled, could shoot the three, had a high basketball IQ, and played decent defense. Yet Pitino would continually yank the Texan and make him ride the pine after one missed shot. Even this couldn’t get JB out of Pitino’s Puppy Pound.

Those are just the ones I came up with off the top of my head. I know I missed a few (and left off a few from the pre-Pitino era). Feel free to use the comment section to add your favorite doghouse dweller.

Article written by Christopher Johns