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Woo the Ladies Man

I hope everyone out there has enjoyed their Mother’s Day Weekend and are now ready to continue the trudge toward the next holiday on the calender, Memorial Day…..a day which usually represents the sacrifices our citizens have made for democracy and which we celebrate by drinking on lakes across America.

The big news of the day was the scoop published by the Herald Leader this morning. No it was not the “news” that Rekalin Sims would not be going to Georgetown and is instead headed to California (as reported by my grandmother eight months ago). Nor was it the “news” that Rondo may be slipping on mock draft boards done by teenagers before the first pre-draft camp (nice get Tipton).

No actually the big news is that Woo Obrzut has a girlfriend who attends UK Law School. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. First of all we all know my affection for Woo… is officially at non-sexual man-crush stage and there is no amount of Jared Carter praising that will end it. Second, I am in the law….it is a part of me…I feel it in my bones, especially when I am watching the exciting new drama on NBC “Conviction”, which is enjoyable for me and the six others who partake. To combine Woo and the law…..well that is just too much.

The topic of Woo and to what extent he gets women has been one that has intrigued my friends and I for some time. It is a necessary part of life that signing with UK basketball ensures that one will never have to worry about women again for the rest of his life (as exemplified by the career of Jeff Brassow). But some have argued that Woo, due in part to his quirkiness, may not be fully utilizing his possibilities. He allegedly dated Angela Phillips, former gorgeous UK Women’s player, before she decided to “switch teams” and then transfer. But I have never known besides this girl, where Woo and the ladies are meeting. Well now I know. In the Law Library! The Turkey Hunter and I are always skeptical of the claim of hot women in law school….but if there is one, I hope it is there for Woo. The thought of Woo and a lawyer makes me happy, and could give him the money he needs to make his dream of a Polish restaurant in Kentucky possible….and thus keep him here for perpetuity. Go WOO!!!!

Article written by Matt Jones