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With Friends Like These….


I admit to being totally fascinated with the whole Rick Pitino saga going on right now in Louisville. While much of the story has still not leaked out, what has come out is that Rick Pitino called the FBI and claimed that Karen Sypher, the soon to be ex-wife of the UL basketball equipment manager, has committed extortion in conversations with him. Beyond that, most is speculation. But I must admit that these comments by Sypher’s attorney Thomas Clay from the Courier Journal article on the story, strike me as interesting:

“There is a federal investigation going on, and there may be criminal charges placed against her as a result of what coach Pitino has brought to the attention of the FBI,” Clay said. “. . . There are no counter allegations, and as far as I am concerned this criminal investigation is going to proceed to a logical conclusion and I hope that we can put this matter behind us as quickly as possible.”

Now far be it from me to tell someone what to say…..but these comments are kind of bizarre. He admits that there could be criminal allegations coming due to what Pitino has “brought to the attention of the FBI” and in the process, even calls Rick Pitino, “Coach.” Remember, this is her lawyer saying these comments. Using the phrase “brought to the attention” almost suggests the truth of the comments….he doesnt use the word “allegation” in talking about what Pitino has said, but rather acts as if the comments are themselves true. Then he suggests that “no counter allegations” will be made, thus seemingly closing the door to any claim of wrongdoing by Pitino. And finally, we will get a “logicial conclusion,” rather than a client that is exonerated. That doesnt sound all that confident either. I know this is a semantics issue and may be mere wordsmithing, but that quote really doesnt give a good impression. The P.R. campaign certainly has gotten off to a rocky start for the Sypher side of the aisle….

Article written by Matt Jones