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Will Totten on Sam Maxwell


Sam Maxwell, Sr. LB #50, 6-3 244
With all of the players on Kentucky’s football roster, I was assigned to Sam Maxwell, Senior Linebacker from Hartwell, GA . I know what you might be thinking, and yes, I am bitter that all my carefully crafted Mister Cobble jokes will go to waste (damn you Greg Turner).

I’ll be honest with you here, finding information on Sam Maxwell is not easy, his Wikipedia page was apparently sold to some US Weightlifter, Lindy’s College Football Preview mentions nothing of his name although he is #1 on the depth chart, and even his page hasn’t been updated since the 2007 season. But using a quick Google search you’ll find that Sam Maxwell is on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, and also enjoys poems about Roger Federer. What I can surmise from all my information gathered is that at some point in time, Sam Maxwell was born the son of Carey and Betty Rucker and Christopher Wright, who according to multiple sources, led an assassination attempt of King James I in 1605, solid pedigree for a linebacker.
Sam only played 2 years of varsity high school ball, after which he chose to continue his education at Kentucky over North Carolina, proving not only that he is smart, but that he’s heterosexual. Last season, Maxwell played in all 13 games for the Wildcats, compiling 25 tackles and a sack while splitting time with Senior Johnny Williams. All together, he was a pivotal role player on one of the best defenses in the SEC. Now to the real topic at hand….

What can we expect of Sam Maxwell this season? While the defense is being anchored by All-SEC players such as Micah Johnson, Trevard Lindley, and Corey Peters, Maxwell will be assigned the task of b eing second fiddle to Johnson, while mentoring young, inexperienced LB’s such as Jacob Dufrene, and Danny Trevathan. His numbers or Facebook status’ may not be as flashy as some (see Johnson, Micah), but he is important nonetheless. On a team where experience is still at a premium, having another 4-year Senior to lean on defensively is absolutely amazing. I fully expect to see Maxwell and the Incredible Hulk lead an underrated Kentucky team to their 4th consecutive bowl this season, proving that Kentucky football is here to stay.

Mosley’s Take: Not bad at all, Will. Nice, straightforward summary of how Maxwell fits in with some humor sprinkled throughout. I liked your initial entry a bit better, but you have a solid voice and should continue to refine your style. I might’ve liked to have seen you go all or nothing with the Micah Johnson angle by either minimizing your allusions to him, or by completely disregarding our rules and have a Sam Maxwell preview written completely about Micah Johnson. It would have been weird, but funny. As it was, I can’t fault you for much of anything, but it didn’t quite pop like your initial entry.

Article written by Mosley