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Will Rondo Be the Next Big Move?

NBA: Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons

NBA free agency has made the average fan’s head spin, and could there be another big move on the horizon? Although Danny Ainge claims the Celtics are not in rebuilding mode, the exodus of Coach Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, along with the entrance of NFL Play 60 kid Brad Stevens seems indicative of just that–rebuilding.

Logic would suggest that the Celtics may wish to move Rondo so as not to remain in the dreaded limbo of a mediocre rebuilding team. With the Pistons acquisition of Josh Smith yesterday, Detroit is looking like an appealing destination for the All-Star coming off a knee injury.

A Detroit squad with Brandon Knight, Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and Josh Smith could be a solid squad in the Eastern Conference, but clearly could have issues opening up the floor with such a crowded paint. Enter the slashing ability of one Rajon Rondo.

In addition to the roster appeal, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoops World and other NBA gurus, Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo are close friends, with interest in playing together.

The rumors pointing to such a trade seem purely speculative on the part of Kennedy and others, but is an intriguing opportunity for Rondo. If he were to get a phone call from Pistons owner Tom Gores, I’m guessing he will be willing to listen. Because clearly Detroit wants to win now.

Article written by Brennan English

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11 Comments for Will Rondo Be the Next Big Move?

  1. Shawn
    2:37 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Rondo and Smith play at the same high school, same high school as Doron Lamb BTW. So If Rondo goes to Detroit…..BK at the 2 and Rondo running the point?

  2. Shawn
    2:38 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    1 – A point guard who can drive to the basket and pass the ball back out and get assists at will…..that opens up the paint.

  3. wildcat813
    2:40 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    I think Rondo needs to get out of that dumpster fire in Boston but going to Detroit is dumb. Spread the floor? You gotta have shooters. See, Miami Heat. They won because shooters hit and defenses couldn’t crowd the paint against Lebron.
    Detroit is not a good fit for Rondo.

  4. KJ
    2:49 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    3- How will Rondo get to the basket if the paint is packed? Who would Rondo pass the ball out to anyway? In a lineup of Rondo, Knight, Drummond, Smith, and Monroe only Knight can shoot.

  5. Rajon9rondo
    2:58 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Can this site please stop saying the addition of Josh Smith makes Detroit a threat in the east? The problem with adding Smith to Drummond and Monroe is that there will be a complete lack of spacing for the team on offense. Add to that that Smith takes and misses an usually high number of 3’s, you have a recipe for a terrible team. Best case: they lose the same amount of games last year and end up with a good lottery pick(if they still have it, not sure if it was traded in the past). Worst case: they improve slightly and win about 39 games, which everyone knows is absolute death in the NBA.

  6. Wildcatsteeler
    2:58 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Absolutely no way Rondo will respect or listen to Stevens. That relationship will blow up within a month. If they have any sense they will trade him.

  7. we got some haters
    3:26 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Some of you should quit reading jeff goodman tweets. The rondo rivers tiff is way overblown according to rivers himself. Rondo is the best former cat In the league period. KSR constantly hates on him. I met him once, couldn’t have been nicer.

  8. Sexington
    4:41 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Who is Brennen English and why is she so sad?

  9. Austin
    7:09 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    6. The Bobcats get the Pistons pick if it is outside the top 8 I believe. With their core and the number of teams tanking, it was going to be hard for the Pistons to stay under that threshold.

    Rondo and Smith might be good friends, but they might be mismatched on the court for the spacing concerns stated above. That team could become a great defensive team, and if you can do that, you have a chance. The Pacers and Grizz made the Conference Finals without great offenses. I think the Pistons could get to that level with some time, but that is probably their ceiling…

  10. Thrashitup
    8:38 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    1 – as a pistons fan, that’s honestly exactly what I thought. Love rondo though and of course he makes any team better

  11. msnthrop
    5:54 am July 8, 2013 Permalink

    It would take Monroe or Drummond plus a pick being included for the Celtics to be interested in trading Rondo, which would then solve the “spacing” problem.