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Will Conference Expansion Leave This Guy Without a Home?


The young gentleman above (I think Rodney Dangerfield once said something about young guys like him and tigers…but I digress) is one of many UL fans who spent the moments after Saturday’s game sending me various hateful messages on Twitter. The general themes prevalent were happiness (understandable), gloating (forgivable) and vulgarity (less than shocking), and they entertained me with their various degrees of misspelling and contempt. But for the more knowledgable of the Card faithful, Saturday’s win also came with a dose of humility, as they recognize that a much more serious issue is about to hit them square in the face. The latest round of conference expansion is about to fundamentally change the landscape of college sports forever. While we all watched the games on the field, the most important news occurred in the boardrooms, as Pittsburgh and Syracuse became official members of the ACC. With the addition to 14, the ACC also doubled the penalty for leaving the league to $20 million and set us all on a course for what is inevitable, the move to four mega-conferences.

With two of the Big East’s cornerstone members abandoning ship, we now fully set sail for a two-week period in which teams desperately try to find a home for the foreseeable future. Most believe that the Pac 12 is likely to approve four new members this week, with Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State moving to the West Coast league. At that point the Big 12 collapses, and the Big East is on life support, leaving those teams scrambling to find a home and three leagues, the SEC, ACC, and Big Ten, ready to pick up the scraps. The set-up as it would then be situated would look like this:

SEC: 13 schools with the addition of Texas A&M

ACC: 14 schools with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh

Big Ten: 12 schools with the recent addition of Nebraska

Pac 16: 16 schools with the Southwest Four

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Some have speculated that the scraps of the Big East and Big 12 could get together and form a football league, find new basketball homes and survive as a powerful, but shaky conference. The theory is that the scraps would still have enough talent to get an automatic qualifier to the BCS and five powerful conferences could still exist. I doubt it. Instead, I have been a believer for some time that we are headed to a system of four leagues of 16 teams, that will make up the power of college athletics going forward. These teams will either (A) control the football landscape and play on a different tier in all sports, including basketball or (B) in John Calipari’s world, break away from the NCAA and form their own organization of major football and basketball. Being one of these 64 teams would essentially mean breaking away from college sports as we now know them, creating a super league that would be the totality of major college athletics. Such a system is extreme, but it would consolidate power amongst the schools that already have it most and is the most logical outcome for all involved.

But if that is where we are headed, which of the remaining schools will make the cut to be part of this 64 team power play? If we assume the dissolution of the Big 12, these current BCS schools will be without a home:

South Florida
West Virginia
Kansas State
Iowa State

With the ACC still needing 2 schools, the SEC needing 3 and the Big Ten theoretically needing 4, that leaves 12 schools for 9 spots. But it isn’t quite that simple. Notre Dame in such a system might have no choice BUT to join a major conference, as their options for competing go out the window in such a system. Plus a few non-BCS schools with aspirations of greatness such as Central Florida, Houston, Memphis and Boise State would want to find a home, even if it looks unlikely one would exist. We would then be left with chaos and a scramble between conferences and schools to find the best fit. For me, three interesting questions would then be raised:

Who does the SEC take?: What once seemed like a foregone conclusion, that the SEC could grab a couple of ACC teams to get to 16, now seems less certain. The ACC has become more stable with the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh and has doubled its penalty for leaving. That does not mean that the SEC could not reach in and take a Virginia Tech, Clemson or NC State, but it might be less likely than just a couple of weeks before. At this point it seems almost certain to me that West Virginia will be team #14. They currently have no home in a folding Big East and the SEC geographic connection is obvious. But who else do you take? Do you go Midwest for Missouri or Kansas? How about a team like TCU that fits the SEC culture but isn’t necessarily an obvious draw/powerhouse. Do you take South Florida, a huge university in a big market but almost no fanbase? And what about Louisville? Would UK try and keep out its little brother? Interesting questions, with no obvious answers.

2. Does the Big Ten change its academic standards?: For years the Big Ten has claimed, with some factual justification, to hold itself to a higher standard than the other major conferences. Mostly composed of large, land-grant institutions with a strong academic reputation, if the league chooses to go to 16, something has to give. There simply are not four programs that fit its current status. One would assume the league would try and add Missouri, Kansas and Notre Dame (if they would listen). But what if Kansas and Missouri have joined the SEC? Do they go with Iowa State/Baylor. And even worse for the Big Ten, what if none of their top three choices are available and they have to dip into the former Big East schools or into Conference USA? Would they take a Louisville or Cincy? One has to think no, but if 16 is the magic number (and most think it is), finding #16 is not easy for the Big 10.

3. What happens to Louisville?: Locally, and for our flat-billed friend above, this is the most important question. The Cardinals fit rather easily into two major leagues, the Big East and the Big 12. But now both leagues might disappear. And finding them a home in the remaining three isn’t easy. Academically, they are not a Big Ten school. Louisville is also not a very attractive member to the SEC with the potential creation of an SEC Network. Because UK games would ensure that the city of Louisville would subscribe to such a network (via its cable and Direct TV agreements), adding UL might potentially bring literally ZERO new subscribers to the table. Literally every other option would be better. So while facilities and tradition for the Cardinals are terrific, financially the argument for the SEC is harder. The ACC might be a fit, but most believe UCONN and Rutgers have the inside track for those last 2 spots. If so, then where do the Cards go? It is hard to imagine a scenario where the Cards don’t have a major conference home…but it is also hard to imagine exactly where that home would be. They may be the highest quality program in limbo and their future is far from certain.

The next three weeks will shed a great deal of light on all of these questions. Most of my questions above are premised on a belief that we will have four power conferences of 16 teams. If that doesn’t happen, the crisis may be averted. But if we do, where we end up is far from clear. Luckily for UK, their place is secure, and we all can just be interested observers, instead of sweating out the future viability of their athletic program.

Article written by Matt Jones

68 Comments for Will Conference Expansion Leave This Guy Without a Home?

  1. Howard Schellenberger
    9:07 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    UL is on a collision course with Conference USA, the only variable is time.

  2. Philly
    9:13 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    If the Big 10 makes a move for Rutgers, I wouldnt be shocked to see the ACC go after UConn for 15 then either Villanova/Temple for 16. Obviously the 2 Philadelphia schools arent up to par athletically but Philadelphia would be a very attractive market for the ACC and with the use of pro arenas/stadiums their facilities wouldnt be that bad.

  3. Yellow Line Guy
    9:14 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Heard UConn wants to go to the ACC.

  4. D.Parker
    9:16 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink


    How was KSR not linked to this incredible article from The Atlantic about the past and possible future (or lack thereof) of the NCAA. Just the first couple of paragraphs where Sonny Vaccaro puts the Knight Commission in their place is worth the lengthy article’s reading.

    As a fellow-lawyer, I think you would enjoy the legal aspects of the article and as a UK fan, we can relish in the hypocrisy that is the NCAA.

    The article’s called “The Shame of College Sports” here’s the link:

    Keep letting Drew post as often as possible.

  5. Matt Jones
    9:22 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I did link to it and talked about it often on the radio and tv show. It is great

  6. D.Parker
    9:24 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Now I feel dumb, I guess I’ll just have to start refreshing the site 100 times a day instead of my normal 50.

  7. john4uk
    9:25 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Why any UK fan would be concerned with what happens to UL is beyond comprehension.But for allignment purposes,how about Rutgers and U Conn to the ACC,West Virginia,Oklahoma,andSouth Florida to the SEC,Notre Dame,Kansas,Kansas Stae,and Missouri to the Big Ten.Then the Pac 12 could pick up Oklahoma State,Texas,Texas Tech,andIOwa State or Baylor.
    For those few concerned fans,Ul and Cincy could return to Conference USA from whence they came.

  8. Whistle Blower
    9:28 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Thug UofL fan. Don’t you know if you wear your hat backwards it should be camoflauge? Toot toot.

  9. DTuck
    9:37 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Philly market would be attractive, but Villanova and Temple just can’t do it from a football perspective. Temple had their shot at the Big East for football. They just can’t draw enough, even with Lincoln Financial Field as a perfect place to bring in big name opponents. Villanova is just too small and still a I-AA or FDS program. I hear that it’s UConn and Rutgers up here in the northeast. I think OU, Ok State, Texas, and Texas Tech are a lock of the Pac-10, er Pac-12, I mean Pac-16. For the SEC, they have to get WVU and Missouri. After that, I think South Florida or TCU are the best remaining choices. Kansas would be a pick over U of L for basketball, but this is purely a football decision. I think Kansas ends up in the Big Ten, er whatever they call themselves these days.

  10. E Cat
    9:39 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Good post. Though no fan of UofL, for the prosperity of Louisville, I do hope the school finds a big-league home. Two questions/concerns:
    1) What role, if any, will the academic standing of a UofL (or Cincy, or Memphis) play? Again, I know hypocritical, but UofL has a different academic mission than the land grants.
    2) What, if any, consideration of alcohol sales play in Louisville’s decision? I understand a big revenue generator for UofL basketball/football. UofL would not be able to sell beer in the SEC, ACC or Big Ten.

  11. UKGoBigBlue
    9:42 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    SEC gets: Missouri, West Virgina, then maybe TCU, Baylor, South Florida, Cincinnati

    ACC gets: UConn, Rutgers, then maybe UL & Cincinnati

    Big 10 gets: Kansas, K-State, Baylor maybe Missouri

    UL & Cincinnati to Conference USA; neither school fits in well anywhere

  12. barn
    9:43 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink is reporting today that has ‘submitted paperwork’ to join the sec.

  13. hotlanta
    9:44 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    i know its fun to think about UL not getting selected in a major 4 conference but lets be real, its not going to happen. This is all about money and we all know UL makes a lot of it. The city is large enough (1 million pop.) where that is not that big of an issue. if i was a betting man, i see them in the Big 10. i understand the academics theory but in what situation was academics ever an issue? this is all about money, UL will be fine. Fun to give them hell though.

  14. Les Miles
    9:48 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    The $20 million exit fee essentially means nothing, unless that $20 million is on top of withholding the university’s tv revenue in the final year. Texas A&M’s exit fee was estimated to be $28-$30 million before negotiations with the Big 12. What conference are they going to be in next year?

  15. Matt Jones
    9:52 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #14 but every school in the ACC just voted this weekend to enforce that 20 million provision…that would seem to be a ridiculous thing to do if a move to the SEC was imminent

  16. DTuck
    9:54 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    If the ACC gets UConn and Rutgers, that would put them at 16 already. They would not have room for Louisville or Cincinnati. Louisville does make money as a program, but it’s not really about that. Their football is not attractive to any of these leagues. Football money drives everything. Good point on the alcohol sales. That would take a lot of money away from Louisville, making them a lot less attractive from a money standpoint. It’s musical chairs and if you are already in one of the 4 conferences, you are in good shape. If you are not, you better find a chair or get left standing. This will make or break a program’s revenue stream.

  17. kaboom!
    9:58 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    no notre dame included in list. another school to knock uofl down a spot.

  18. SteveHayesBreath
    9:59 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    UL will be back in conference USA. Mark my words and for the love of God don’t smell my breath.

  19. Jason
    10:00 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I know it won’t happen, but UK needs to look at the ACC. With Syracuse, Pitt, and a possible UCONN you are looking at a heck of a basketball conference. Our football team is clearly never going to win consistently in the SEC, especially if we add an Oklahoma or somebody else of that stature. With each football powerhouse the SEC adds that takes away from the basketball part of the conference. Pretty soon, big time basketball recruits will want to be playing in the ACC.

  20. DTuck
    10:01 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    ACC $20 million provision was a clear signal that they want to be the 4th big conference and think they have the momentum to be just that with Syracuse and Pitt moving. Pitt has a decent football problem. The others don’t add much there. Their big football selling point is we have Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Clemson. We’ll have some teams that could challenge the big boys every few years. But, they’ll really push their status as the #1 basketball conference. You think you see a lot of them on ESPN now. Just wait. Duke, UNC, Pitt, UConn, and Syracuse. It will be the weakest of the 4 football superconferences by a long shot though.

  21. huge ky fan
    10:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    i no alot of ppl dont care bout kentuckys football team but im gonna hope the best no matter what. after tlkin up our o-line the whole start of the season i thought our offense was going to be good. also their is experinced players out there on the o-line. i dont no what their problem was against louisville same thing for the d-line cause u of l o-line sucks. fiu got like 6 sacks against them and how many did we get. maybe 1 or 2 if we even did. if they want to prove they have talent they are going to have to do that by beating florida this weekend. i know most of the fans are going to say no way, but i think our guys are better than what they did saturday. hopefully they can start playin to their full potential and start gettin kentucky better football recruits so our program will improve. GO CATS RISE!!!!!

  22. DTuck
    10:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I think Notre Dame either joins the Big Ten or stays independent. They have the big NBC football deal and that won’t change, no matter how bad they get. Their fan base is all Catholics. I was surprised Texas didn’t consider the same thing with their new network.

  23. wailupebob
    10:07 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I will go out on a limb. I think the SEC gets WVU, Virginia Tech and NC State. I think NC State has had enough garbage tossed at it by UNC and Duke. The ACC will take UCONN and Rutgers and then take USF and one other to get to 16. I think the BiG will be left with Kansas, KSU, Missouri and Iowa State because it dallied in going after Pitt and Syracuse.

  24. jsrobi0
    10:08 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #14 & #15 – I agree with 14, $20mil means nothing to the SEC if it thinks it can make far more from those schools over the next few years. The reason all the ACC schools voted for the increase is because the landscape is so uncertain right now (or was before the ACC blew up this weekend). It is no different than when the SEC said it was happy with 12 right before adding number 13, or when every coach says they are happy at their current school right before they leave for greener pastures.

    My predictions for the SEC: 13 – Texas A&M, 14 – West Virginia, 15 & 16 – Virginia Tech and Florida State

    13 is already done (now that OU and Texas will likely go West), 14 is about to happen (now that the Big East is fallig apart), and 15 & 16 will happen sooner now that the ACC is making moves. Syracuse and Pitt will end up being replacements in the ACC rather than additions. Eventually UConn and Rutgers will be the “additions” to the ACC.

  25. L-Yes
    10:16 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Just looking at this chumps picture makes me want to punch his teeth out.

  26. rgd213
    10:17 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I totally agree with Les Miles…Everyone that thinks the ACC is set is in for a rude awakening…If the BIG decides or SEC for that matter decides they want some one in the ACC do you really think the 20 mil means anything to them? You people can’t be that Blind.

  27. Justin G.
    10:21 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    21, its not about how good our guys are. It is obvious that even if our guys get a lot better, they are still going to have the hurdle that is Joker’s PLAY CALLING! It is as bad and stale as it can get. UL is bad, and they knew exactly what we were going to be running! Actually, the entire crowd knew what was going to be run! Joker is exactly what his name entails! He is a JOKE of a head coach. The worst thing, is that UK’s opponent get much better then the 3 crap teams we have played so far, and Joker has not been able to remotely improve on anything, from week to week. I am not going to be attending any more of the home games this season, just to get a point to our AD. Who wants to see us getting blown out by 40+ points? I don’t! Who wants to hear Joker make another horrible post game conference, every week this season? Not me again!

  28. cat fan
    10:24 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    #19 is exactly right.

  29. DTuck
    10:29 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    What does the ACC add though if you are looking for members there? Virginia Tech fits football wise, but there is like 7 people that live in that town. I think Florida is blocking Florida State and that would be the other school you would want. NC State, no thanks. The schools themselves voted this provision in. If those schools were thinking about moving to the SEC, why would they want to add such a penalty? No one forced them to do this. It could be just a smoke screen, but I don’t think so. I think the ACC likes where it is, and you can’t say the same for the Big East. They will be the 4th conference and the Big East either dissolves or becomes a small basketball conference.

  30. Han
    10:34 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I’d love to see Kansas for basketball, obviously. They’d be West, of course (unless we went North SEC and South SEC), but having such a huge rival in the conference would be cool. It would give us a Duke/UNC dynamic.

    Hopefully we can beat the Big Ten for Missouri, depending on who else they get. I’d be disappointed if we settled for a WVU, Florida school and TCU. Missouri, Kansas and WVU would be better, though probably not by football standards.

    7) Oklahoma and OKSt are probably a package deal.

    22) Big Ten is the obvious conference. They’ve been trying to get ND forever, and if it comes down to joining the Big Ten or losing their chance at a title, they’ll join. Their basketball team is about to lose its conference anyway.

  31. RockBottom
    10:35 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    This is the kind of insightful content that sets KSR apart.

  32. Somervillain
    10:36 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Since I care way more about hoops, I agree with 19 and 28 too. It would be sad to leave all of our conference dominance of course, but I’d rather be in what will be THE basketball conference.

  33. Les Miles
    10:41 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    15. Yes, and A&M devoted their allegiance to the Big 12 before they shortly left. If any university can better their situation for the future they will leave, even if it means foregoing a $20 million exit fee that would most likely get knocked down some. Hypothetically speaking, if FSU (or any other ACC school) knew they would be accepted into the SEC and could make significantly more money, they would be gone tomorrow. I’m not saying any school in the ACC is lining up their departure right now, but I don’t think they would say no if a better deal came calling. An exit fee of $20 million is not a big enough deterrent to keep a university from leaving a conference.

  34. Chuck Strong
    10:51 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    F the CATS!

  35. huge ky fan
    10:58 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    27. we always blame it on the coach. we have to give a coach a chance. we always want to fire them after a year. u are right bout the play calling but he has only a little to do about the lines. he cant call a play for the line. they either block or get ran over and cause a sack. which happened to many times in the louisville game. if they lines do their job our rush yards would of bein way more yards and he would of actually had time to pass the ball cuz at times he had to force it since they ran over or o-line almost every time.

  36. Not Rick Pitino
    11:03 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Would KY seriously leave for the ACC?

  37. rolly
    11:11 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    36 – no.

  38. Kyagr
    11:26 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    If UK joined any other conference, I would feel like a second class citizen. The SEC is THE conference!

  39. Renoir
    11:27 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    That ghetto commuter school moron in the pic was born in a toilet stall in Trixies between lap dances. L yes

  40. J Howard
    11:28 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    I Love the idea of adding West Virginia (tradition and passionate fans) It would be great to get a Florida State and a Clemson but I don’t expect any ACC school to break off (especially since the football competition is so fierce in the SEC)
    The idea of a Texas A&M, West Virginia, Mizzou, Kansas is kind of interesting….
    I am finding all this to be fairly exciting. Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

    Honestly though, Louisville to the SEC, I don’t want them here, but it would be fun to see them play Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M week in, week out. Haha!!!

    Great read as always KSR!!!
    Go Big Blue!

  41. uk123
    11:32 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Although expansion is 100% football driven, sec basketball will get much stronger with the additions of a&m, wvu, mizzou and whoever else. Also bama is becoming a decent program and Arkansas seems to be on the verge of getting back on track.

  42. lpool003
    11:34 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    lol I have been saying this for weeks, ever since the A&M to the SEC became a possibility… UOFL IS GOING TO BE LEFT OUT. What could UofL possibly bring to a conference to make them attractive?
    1. Basketball
    2. Facilities
    3. A new market (for Big 10)

    If you look at these three things it is very possible they are left out, look at the facts..
    1. Kansas, UCONN, WVU and arguably Kansas St. are more attractive basketball programs right now as they have been mainstays in the top 25 for several years.
    2. Yes, uofl has a fantastic basketball arena and nice facilities, but mainly we are talking about the Yum! center here and no conference is going to invite a team simply because they have a nice basketball arena.
    3. This is the most important factor and what will eventually keep UofL out of any power conferences. THEY HAVE THE WORST MARKET ON THAT LIST except for maybe Baylor and Rutgers. Rutgers will get in on academics and we have already seen the trouble Baylor has had trying to get into a conference. Even lowly old Cincinnati has a much more attractive market than UofL.

    When all is said and done, there is a reason Jurich runs all those ridiculous adds for his programs at their games and tries to hold every possible media market he can get his hands on, to attempt to grow the UofL brand. Sadly (for them), nobody outside Jefferson county cares about UofL. They bring nothing to the table academically and they add nothing except a nice basketball arena for visiting teams to play in 1-2 times a year. They are going to be left out in the cold should this 16 team super-conference alignment happen, mark it down.

  43. Justin G.
    11:38 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    35, look at last year, where we went 6-7! We had may more dynamic playmakers (Cobb, Matthews, Lock, and King), and could get away with crap play calling, like 3 yrd passes on 3rd and 8, because we had playmaker that could make something out of nothing. This year, they are not here, and Joker, is being shown for what he is. I mean what was happening during Spring Practice? I have not seen any positives when watching this team. The best part, was that Joker would not utilize the No-Huddle against the Cards (until the very end of each half), when it was the only thing working (probably because he wanted to do a set draw up the middle for a 1-yrd gain)
    The funny thing is that under Rich Brooks, I would always question who was calling some of the crazy, bonehead plays. Now, I know! Just look at our first 3 games of this season! Do you think RECRUITS want to come play for a team that lacks any creativity, can barely be competitive in the SEC, and shows little promise of being able to change it. I mean, our 3rd down play calling is not even meant to get us 1st downs! Just wait for this 3 game stretch to come! It will be as ugly as it gets. Florida usaully beats us by 30 (even when we have had solid teams), but I bet it will be in the 40’s this years, at the min. I’m glad we do not involve our tight-ends in any of our offense, for it might make things to complicated for Joker.

  44. uk123
    11:41 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Oh and its very likely Kansas is left out in the cold when its all said and done. Great basketball program but that still puts them behind the eight ball because their football program makes little money and basketball revenue cannot make up for that gap. Then there is the whole tv market thing. Their fans just don’t care enough about football. They don’t bring enough tv eyes during football season.

  45. snarkster
    11:44 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    The ACC goes to 16 with UConn & Rutgers. If the SEC can chisel away one of the more-southern schools then the ACC replaces them with USF. The SEC really needs to go hard after WVU and keep Missouri away from the Big 10, then for the 16th school the either lure one of the ACC schools or go with TCU. The Big 10 adds Notre Dame, Kansas and Missouri (if they can wrestle them away from the SEC. For the 16th (and possibly 15th) spot they will go with K St and/or Iowa St ahead of commuter schools like UL, UC or Memphis. BYU would be another possibility, but very remote. The PAC 12 will add UT, TT, OU & OSU.

    TAMU, WVU, Missouri and then one of the ACC teams (VaTech, NC St., Clemson, GaTech or FSU – especially FSU) would be the best possible outcome for the SEC.

  46. snarkster
    11:50 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    44. Kansas was in big trouble until Pitt and Syracuse opted for the ACC. Both were big targets in the East for the Big 10. Losing them means the Big 10 has to look Wast for three teams to go with Notre Dame and KU will probably be one that gets an invite.

  47. sluggercatfan
    11:50 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    Krugar…38…Isn’t it a shame though that we are just in the SEC to draw the money..The powers that be could care less about competing in football and they like the bb cause there really isn’t that much competition…Because of that , this expansion stuff only puts us farther down the latter to almost never play in a bowl game….I would trust Jurich much more than the bunch at KENTUCKY to get them in a good situation, which I think is what will happen…

  48. huge ky fan
    11:54 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    35. i agree with what your sayin but we still do have dynamic players (king, clemons, fields). your right bout the thrid down plays. he chooses they shittest ideas. u might not think clemons is good, but he dont get good looks at runs because of the way our blockers are. they just get pushed around and thats the main thing i was tryin to prove. fields is good he had good catches against louisville.

  49. huge ky fan
    11:54 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    43. i agree with what your sayin but we still do have dynamic players (king, clemons, fields). your right bout the thrid down plays. he chooses they shittest ideas. u might not think clemons is good, but he dont get good looks at runs because of the way our blockers are. they just get pushed around and thats the main thing i was tryin to prove. fields is good he had good catches against louisville.

  50. snarkster
    11:55 pm September 18, 2011 Permalink

    If UL makes it into one of the Big Four conferences, it will mean that that conference failed big time (seriously, not just taking a shot at the Ratbirds).

  51. flemingcountycat
    12:00 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    #27 I bet you don’t want to sell me your tickets, if you’ve even got season tickets. 30 makes a good point about ND and their b-ball being homeless. As far as the $20 mill goes, you have to consider the signifigance of whats happening here. Never before has this many schools re-aligned in such a short time frame. I would guess if the SEC thought there were dollars to be made by adding a certain school, amid the current turmoil and race to 16, they and the member schools would defray the withdrawal fees. Remember, $20 million is one bowl season payout, especially if both LSU and Alabama make BCS bowls.

  52. Opti
    12:07 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    We are very fortunate to already be in the SEC.

  53. Justin G.
    3:21 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    49, King is the 1 receiver Newton eyes down every play, Clemons is a true freshmen (I wish Joker would get him out of the backfield for some catches in open space, possibly in the flats, and not the standard 1 yrd draw up the middle), and EJ fields just played in his first game of the season against UL. They are good, but when you compare them to our counterparts in the SEC, one can only gasp!

  54. Daniel
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  55. JDaws
    3:49 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    I say take Kansas, Missouri, and WVU if you’re the SEC.

  56. Common Sense
    4:47 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Mizzou would rather be in the Big Ten, both geographically and academically. I look for the Big Ten to add Mizzou and Rutgers quickly, then try to get Notre Dame and a filler school.

  57. ESY
    8:31 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Last time I looked (like Saturday), Kentucky was a Basketball school. The SEC’s #1 focus for adding teams is football. Basketball is such a distant second that it is hardly worth mentioning. So my question/comment is this: With the ACC becoming the pre-eminent basketball conference (added Syracuse and Pitt, may add UConn and Kansas) how might this effect Kentucky basketball recruiting in the future? Yes, it is a rhetorical question. The Top basketball players will be drawn to the ACC. As good as Cal is, his job will be much tougher.

  58. Coyote Hunter
    8:43 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    UL goes to the Sun-Belt conference…see ya little bro..have a nice life

  59. galtoid
    8:57 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    The built the Chicken Coop specifically for Big East Basketball games. Jurich has been punked on this one. Hilarious.

  60. galtoid
    8:58 am September 19, 2011 Permalink


  61. ZCG
    9:02 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Why doesn’t the SEC look at Notre Dame? Then Missouri and Memphis, to round out the 16. Two good football additions, 3 good basketball additions.

  62. 'eer I come
    9:24 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Why is it a given that WVU commits to the SEC? Now that Pitt is in the ACC, wouldn’t they at least consider following their ‘backyard brawl rival’ to the ACC? They would also have natural rivals w/VA Tech, Maryland, and Virginia.

    Although I guess it’s possible WVU had the opportunity and declined to join Pitt & Syracuse.

  63. 3 fan
    9:33 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Matt, major props on a well thought out, in-depth write up. If UK were not in the SEC already, I don’t think they would be asked in.

    I still would have loved a Texas-FSU-Miami combo to the SEC. Would have given me a reason to buy a football ticket.

  64. That One Guy
    9:44 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Found this on ESPN, very interesting point…

    Just a thought, but what would happen if UK moved to the Big East? Syracuse, Pitt, and (possibly) UConn are leaving. UK is the northernmost school in the SEC. UK is a traditional basketball school with a football program that needs more leeway to build and gain momentum. I’m against super conferences, but UK moving there would make sense.

  65. bigcat76
    10:59 am September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Honestly, they are only a couple years out of Conf. USA and the metro conf. do they really deserve a seat at the table?

  66. cardfan1
    12:51 pm September 19, 2011 Permalink

    Why is Vanderbilt in the sec.? What do they bring to the table?

  67. lpool003
    1:33 pm September 19, 2011 Permalink

    66. They bring academics, rated #17 in the country for academics by US news. Currently, the closest ranked school is Florida at 58. This is part of the point why UofL is unattractive to a power conference, they are a small market with poor academics (ranked 164 which would be 63 spots lower than the next current Big 10 team, Nebraska) and they don’t improve any of the 2 major sports in the Big 10 or ACC. They could improve basketball in the SEC, but the SEC is going to pick up 2-4 football schools as evidenced by A&M joining and all the rumors of the SEC wanting Mizzou.

  68. Alex
    4:36 pm September 19, 2011 Permalink

    I know that guy. This is hilarious.