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Wildcat Coal Lodge Debate Goes National

Last night on MSNBC (thats the one on the left), the Rachel Maddow show debated the Wildcat Coal Lodge controversy and gave it national airtime for the first time. Rachel had a guy who is the Sports Editor for the “Nation” (I didnt know they had such a thing, but now I know where Olbermann’s career finishes) on the show and he discussed why the “Wildcat Coal Lodge” was a bad idea. Not I am not saying the guy lifted his stuff from this site…after all, the Herald Leader first reported the story…but two of his three reasons against the idea, came directly from this site…the lame name and the insult to Joe B Hall. But hey, those are obvious right? Anyone could come up with them. But then he also went farther and made the SAME BUTTER CHURN joke I did. I mean how many people make butter churn jokes anymore? Listen if you are going to steal my mediocre Civil War references, at least give me a “hat tip” in the process. Watch the clip below and then read the column I wrote on it Saturday. Now tell me that MSNBC guy is not a no-good, butter churn joke stealing fool. Now I know how you feel John Clay.

In all seriousness, I knew when I first heard the story that this was coming. The right name should be Joe B Hall Wildcat Lodge built by the Friends of Coal. The vote is today…make a sensible decision Trustee Board.

Article written by Matt Jones