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Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Western

There’s a belief among much of the fan base that the biggest game on Kentucky’s schedule next season will coincide with the opening kickoff. Kentucky Vs Western in Nashville has been described as “must-win” by many and could seemingly kill all the positive momentum Stoops has built in the past eight months. You just don’t lose to the third tier school in the state. You can’t lose to the coach you had a chance to land and passed up on. You can’t start the new era off with a loss. Yes, there are plenty of reasons to be worried about this game but here’s four reasons why you can put your mind at ease this coming labor day weekend.

1. The Fluke

Western deserves a bunch of credit last year for coming into Commonwealth, punching us in the mouth, and walking out with a victory. However you have to look at the why it happened rather than just the final score. Max Smith, who hadn’t thrown an interception until this game, threw away four errant passes into the arms of Hilltoppers. It was an early omen that everything was going to break Western’s way. Then came that trick play in overtime. WKU threw a lateral pass to the quarterback who waltzed into the endzone. It was a pass that seemed just inches away from hitting the ground. It was Western’s day. If any of those plays just swing the other way for us then we’re simply looking at this game as another easy non-BCS victory. Which we should due to the..

2. The Talent Gap

Last year Western caught that perfect storm of guys who had developed into good playmakers and wanted to show they demanded attention. Kentucky had a similar approach for much of the last decade. The idea was that you’d win 5 or 6 while developing a team and then have a shot to go win 8 or even nine as all the stars aligned like Andre Woodson’s senior year. For Western, who lost 19 seniors from last year, it will be an effort to rebuild especially without Kawaun Jakes who proved to be the difference last season. The Tops’ have a great running back in Antonio Andrews but how he will do against the beefed up D-Line of Kentucky will be an early story to watch in game one. Simply put in just about every position on the field UK should have the advantage and they are going to be fired up to prove it.

3. The Revenge Factor

You don’t walk into somebody’s home field, pull off an upset, and expect there to not be consequences. Last year the team didn’t show Western any respect now you can guarantee they have been the single focus for months and months. Raymond Sanders pretty much said so last week at SEC media day when he was quoted “We want to beat those guys, we’re looking forward to Aug. 31, I can tell you that. Those guys were pretty disrespectful on our field — and disrespectful with some tweets and Facebook and some stuff. After the game, jumping and stomping on the field. It’s our field. You gotta take pride in that.”

The Cats are going to have revenge on their mind and a big crowd is going to be there to help

4. The Atmosphere

Nashville. What more really needs to be said? Despite being located just an hour from Bowling Green you can almost guarantee this crowd is going to be mostly blue. Cat fans love taking over Music city as a few bowl games and the SEC tournament. With the first game of the Stoops era taking place down there you know Cat fans are going to show up in full force. With a full day of tailgating on Labor Day weekend you know things are going to be rowdy and loud. It’s going to be a fun game to be a member of the crowd.


August 31st can’t get here soon enough. The game has a lot of anticipation from both sides and Nashville is going to be a party. In the immortal words of Bart Scott “Can’t wait!”



Article written by Andrew Cassady

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40 Comments for Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Western

  1. Bomb
    1:07 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    I think you make some good points Cassady. I forgot about the four interceptions. However, UK has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the better part of my lifetime.

    Petrino worries me, and so do our lackluster receiving corps. I could see us winning by 7+ though.

  2. Ben
    1:18 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Petrino has never beaten KY in his first season at Louisville, and Arkansas. It takes time for him to get the personnel and system installed. KY should win this game, if the mistakes stay away.

  3. UKblue
    1:40 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    You clearly don’t follow WKU football. So many falacies in this story it’s not even funny. First off, the crowd will not mostly be blue. If anything it will be split. WKU will turnout big for this game. Second, to say that Jakes was a difference maker is laughable. Third, UK is not more talented at several positions on the field. Lastly, you can dream all day but Petrino has proven himself to be a very talented coach.

  4. RUPPS_rhetoric
    1:43 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    A lot of truth in this post, especially point #1. UK played horrible in this game last year and WKU needed a trick play in OVERTIME to win. All credit due to WKU for the game last year, but if UK had played WKU the way they played UGA last year, UK wins by 3 TDs or more. Of course that didn’t happen, and I had playing the if and but game, but UK certainly didn’t give WKU it’s best effort. That WON’T be the case this year, not on Stoops first game. UK by 10…

  5. Stupid
    1:51 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Uh yes he did beat UK in his first season at UL. UK has really really stupid football “fans”. UL 40 UK 24 2003. You people need to stick to baskeeeeeetbawwwwwwl.

  6. Stupid
    1:55 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Kawaun Jakes was the “difference”? Did you even watch the game? WKU for a large part of the evening ran it down UK’s throats. Where does KSR come up with these “writers”?

  7. schwing
    2:00 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    a trick play, on the first play of the game or the last play in regulation or overtime, still counts. lower your expectations for this season, people. you’ll be less disappointed.

  8. WKU
    2:23 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Dey posed to be SEC. WKU by 17. Suck it queers.

  9. Stupid
    2:25 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    whats really dumb is thinking a trans-gender aka. teddy bridgepanties can take you the title I know he’s a Heisman candidate but since teddy is a heiswoman he will not win. also with the 100th ranked schedule, no one will give you a second look.

  10. Awaiting Moderation
    2:34 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Western has lost their starting qb, best wr, very good rb, entire d-line +1, and 1 lb…now petrino is good, but they dont just grow players at wku and last time I checked they didnt bring in a top 30 recruiting class…we win by 17 or more

  11. # 1 Reason
    2:56 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Kentucky Football has a coach unlike last year when we had a joke.

  12. # 1 Reason
    2:58 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Why are people down on Teddy Bridgewater. The dude is a good footballler and, by all accounts, a good kid.

    Quit being [email protected] It only makes you an idiot.

    I’m a UK Fan. That doesn’t mean that I have to be a dickhead, though.

  13. john
    3:00 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    I’m glad UK lost to Western last year. If UK had won I have very little doubt that Joker would still be our coach.

  14. Marcus Whirley
    3:01 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Sometimes the blog entries on this site are inane. Half of what you wrote about last year’s game is complete bull. Western was not just lucky, nor did our team take them lightly, nor did the Hilltoppers disrespect us, yada, yada, yada. Our team was poorly prepared, was outcoached, and did not execute as well as Western did on the field, end of story. And if we go in there this year with the same approach, we will be beaten again, and you will be forced to start making more excuses for why it happened.
    There is no bad blood, no revenge factor, and no desperation. Western will be well coached again this year, and if we don’t play our asses off, we’re going to get beaten again. Whystruggle to make the game into some dramatic season maker/breaker? It makes me so weary reading these childish entries.

  15. snarkster
    3:32 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    As bad as UK was last year, if UK had come to play in the first half of last year’s game WKU would not have been in a position to win on a trick play in OT. Also, WKU is not as talented this year and the Cats are better just from the new coaching staff and motivation alone.

  16. Elmer Skaggs
    3:39 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink


    All that testosterone at the Women’ Clinic must have gone to your head

  17. Unreal
    4:02 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Fantastic post Cassidy. Ill tell ya what I’ve never seen a fan site as popular as this one provide locker room bulletin board material for opponents as this one. It’s unreal…

  18. 90% of UL fans in Louisville live in the projects and leech off the government
    4:10 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Look at the skeert UL trolls LOL.

  19. soggyUKgrad
    4:26 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    I was at the last UK-WKU game in Nashville…it was the most pathetic showing of Big Blue Nation I’ve ever witnessed. Western fans easily outnumbered us. I hope with the new coaching staff and enthusiasm around the football program that BBN will show up in Nashville.

  20. #2 Reason
    5:03 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    because when card trolls come to this site they get they deserve,and if anyones a [email protected], teddys your man.

  21. Old man whirley
    5:07 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    my son is so gay.

  22. Ryan
    6:25 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    What was the bigger fluke? WKU needing a trick play in overtime or UK needing to mount a 17 point second half comeback after a thorough domination of all three phases of the game?

  23. Whirley's right
    6:53 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Well said #14. This drivel is representative of the majority of the UK football “fanbase”. The oblong ball sport simply baffles them. And #12, please don’t call someone a “footballer” again. That’s soccer crap.

  24. dshwildcats
    8:26 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    The attendance statistics kept by the NCAA disagree with your statement about the support for Hilltopper Football, brother! Houchen’s Stadium seats 22,113. According to the NCAA, Western averaged 17,415 for home football games last season. According to my math, that’s about 4,700 empty seats for each home game, in a stadium that only seats a little over 22K. I would hardly call that “whole hearted” support, brother!
    There is a lot of enthusiasm around the UK program right now, and that will be evident on August 31st. I’ll be one of the thousands of Kentucky fans in attendance at LP Field that night! Some of my UofL buddies are going down for the game to support Western and Bobby Petrino. That should make for a little more red in the stands!

  25. dshwildcats
    8:37 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    You might want to go back and check the statistics for the game last year. Yes, UK did have to come back from 17 points down. But, that was mainly due to the INTs thrown by Max Smith. UK ended up with 7 more First Downs, and 50 more Total Yards for the night.
    I realize that turnovers are part of the game, but without those 4 INTs, Kentucky wins that game comfortably last season.

  26. sUK
    9:57 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    The fact that you guys continue to make whiny posts like this about WKU sure as hell convinces us that you aren’t worried. Your athletics suck, we get it. Stop making posts trying to justify how sh!tty you are.

  27. Talent Gap?
    10:00 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    Good point about the talent gap. WKU’s 4 players in the top 20 at their position compared to UK’s ZERO. There is your damn talent gap.

  28. dark helmet
    10:55 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    I’m a fan of both teams. Wku has petrino brohm and Holt that’s 2 sugar bowls and a national championship. Wku has the same team as they did last year minus a goof d-end and they’re qb will actually be better than Jakes. If UK wins Stoops is one of the best college coaches to go along with being the best recruiter. wkus best wr McNeal is still on the team btw. Jonathan Dowling and Andrew Jackson Antonio Andrews and bud Dupree are by far the most talented players in the field

  29. WKUAlum
    11:04 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    #3 is right. Jakes is a great person and represented the university well, but if you think he was a “differencemaker”, you need to lay off the meth and couch fumes.

  30. wade allen
    11:57 pm July 28, 2013 Permalink

    You can always tell a UK fan, but you can’t tell him much. I feel sorry for the blind UK fans.

  31. dshwildcats
    6:20 am July 29, 2013 Permalink


    That “non-differencemaker” finished his career at #3 on Western’s list of Career Passing leaders. He set the school record for TD passes; and, he also set the Western record for Total Career TDs. In the game against UK last year, he wasn’t spectacular, but very solid. He had 16 completions out of 22 attempts, and threw a TD pass. That’s a completion % of 73%. Not too shabby for a guy that wasn’t a “differencemaker”!

  32. Rockfield, KY
    8:28 am July 29, 2013 Permalink

    I’m a WKU grad and grew up in BG. I was a season ticket holder for 5 years and literally couldn’t GIVE my tickets away. They were second row seats on the new side too. I’m proud to be from WKU and will probably have my WKU polo on at the game, but the fans there only show up if the teams is winning by a lot, or they’re selling beer. WKU fan passion died off almost entirely during the Elson years. They proved to be fairweather fans, similar to UL fans. I do think that they attendance will be pretty much split in Nashville though. WKU alumni generally move to either Nashille or Louisville and the alumni chapter in Nashville is their largest. I also saw Petrino at the bars Friday night ripping shots with the entire staff. Seemed to be enjoying BG.

  33. Turnovers SCHMURNOVERS
    10:04 am July 29, 2013 Permalink

    25 – “If we didn’t have 4 turnovers we would have won that game.” That is the most ignorant comment I’ve ever heard! Don’t feel too bad though because you aren’t the first idiot to post it. You might as well say “if we would have scored more points than the other team we would have won that game guys!” Fact is, you did have those turnovers and you lost. Not everything went UK’s way but WKU caught some bad breaks too. First drive for WKU a TD was called back for a holding call and they had to settler for a field goal. Later in the game one of those interceptions was fumbled and given right back to UK in better field position with only minutes remaining. If Dowling doesn’t fumble that pick back to UK the game more than likely doesn’t even go into overtime because WKU could melt the clock with what little time was left. So make all the excuses you want about being able to change a couple of plays and UK wins, because trust me you can change a couple of plays in that game and UK loses by a lot more than a trick play.

    31 – Jakes was ok, but he set all those records because he was a 4 year starter, not because he was just some bada$$ for 2 years. He will be missed just like Jack Doyle and our Q. Smith will be missed. But with Andrews, Jackson, Dowling, Young, McNeal, and many more impact players back from last season, “the talent gap” is smaller than the gap in Raymond Sanders teeth.

  34. lmfao
    2:00 pm July 29, 2013 Permalink

    #10 your an effing idiot. WKU lost a qb (thank god), no major WR’s, 4 DLmen, and no running backs. You literally have no clue. You obviously have internet access, try reading more and typing less.

  35. difference maker
    3:12 pm July 29, 2013 Permalink

    Fact: Kawaun Jakes was once benched in favor of this year’s starter, Brandon Doughty, who then was injured, forcing Jakes back in as starter. Jakes numbers were inflated by being a four year starter on bad transitional teams. Anybody who remotely did their homework would realize that.

    Fact: WKU has the top ranked inside linebacker prospect according to some media outlets, a player on the Walter Camp Award watch list (UK has zero) that dominated on the ground against UK last year, a five star recruit who transferred from Florida and intercepted UK three times last year, and more players recognized in Phil Steele’s preseason mag than UK. What talent gap?

  36. lorenzenfan
    3:57 pm July 29, 2013 Permalink

    Did the writer or some of the UK fans that posted on here even watch the UK loss to WKU last year? I mean seriously, everyone seems to blame the loss on UK’s star QB throwing 4 INT. Go back and watch the game (I did just 3 days ago). The interceptions were all FORCED, two by really good DB play and two by the QB being hurried and hit while throwing. This is called GOOD DEFENSE.

    Secondly, WKU dominated the game in Time of Possession. They pounded and pounded on the ground and then had some nice passes to tight ends. It is not like WKU had huge passing gains from a top notch QB. In fact, most WKU fans will tell you that he was a mediocre QB at best.

    Thirdly, WKU made many dumb errors too. I can think of 3 or 4 major penalties (personal fouls) that allowed UK to continue drives. I also recall WKU getting a TD and being called for a penalty (not enough men on the line–even though the announcers were perplexed by that call). Does anyone not recall WKU intercepting the ball near the start of the 4th Q and running about 30 yards before coughing it up in a fumble? Imagine what would have happened if WKU scored after that interception? The game would have been out of reach!

    Finally, everyone says “WKU got lucky by winning in OT on a Trick Play.” Yes, the play had a little razzle dazzle, but it is not like WKU lined up for a point after kick and then pulled a 2 point conversion out of their ass. WKU actually called time out after getting the TD. Then they came out and lined up for the win. No secrets there. WKU was going for it…and got it. It was a brilliant call actually, as Antonio Andrews had been ramming it up UK’s tush all night long. On almost every carry, he had more than 3 yards. So WKU lined up with Andrews and two other receivers on the right (called stacking) and then passed to the obvious receiver….with two blockers….UK bought it hook, line and sinker, and all of the players converged on Andrews who then just tossed the ball over to Jakes, who ran in without even being touched. Not really a trick…I call it good coaching. Don’t forget..>UK would not even likely have the 7 point lead, as WKU was called for a Personal Foul on 3rd and Long that was NOT achieved.

    Let’s all be realistic here. I think this game can go either way…and so does Vegas. They are rarely wrong folks. This is not going to be a blow out. Accept that, and you won’t be shocked by the result–no matter who wins.

  37. Adam Haley
    8:22 pm July 29, 2013 Permalink

    Im not going to get into why WKU will win or why UK will win. I don’t think this article is well written and I don’t think you’re arguments are really on point. I do think the game will be close but of UK fans are trying to rationalize why the should beat WKU, then Stoops has his work cut out for him.

    In the words of Andrew Jackson, “Dey spose to be SEC.”

  38. dshwildcats
    10:28 pm July 29, 2013 Permalink


    Hell, I heard Cardinal fans make the same kind of comments after each loss to Kentucky in UK’s 4 game winning streak (2007-2010), brother! Kind of funny that Western fans couldn’t fill up their stadium last season to support that great Hilltopper team; but, they are the biggest WKU fans in the world on another team’s website.

    The TOs hurt Kentucky; but, you have to overcome those, and Kentucky ultimately did not. Yes, Western won the TOP that night. But, that generally happens when one is very run oriented (WKU), and the other team is more pass oriented (UK).

    Western played like they wanted the game more than Kentucky that night, and that was probably more of a factor than the 4 INTs. That blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Joker Phillips and his staff for not having those kids ready to punch back that night. I don’t think that will be a problem this year.

    Western hurt themselves with dumb personal foul penalties in that game because they were very undisciplined. I watch a lot of the game at Commonwealth through binoculars to see the line play, and saw many cheap shots and late hits that Western didn’t get called for that night. They could’ve easily had a 100 yards in personal foul penalties alone. When you’re deliberately going for a guy’s knees when he’s 3 yards out of bounds, you’re a punk, no matter what team you’re playing for. I don’t like Louisville, but at least their kids don’t play dirty.

    I don’t think the Kentucky kids have forgotten all of the trash-talking the Western players did that night, during and after the game.

    With all of the good things that Western did that night, they still beat a team that ended up 2-10, by 1 point in OT. That same Western team also went on to finish 4th in the Sun Belt, so it’s obvious they didn’t come to play every game.

    Even with many of the same kids, I think you’re going to see a totally different Kentucky team come August 31st.

    Hope you’re there in Nashville to support your Hilltoppers on the 31st, brother! And better yet, hopefully you can make it to a few of the home games in Bowling Green. Sounds like there’s plenty of seats available!

  39. MurrayFan
    10:36 pm July 30, 2013 Permalink

    Well 38, you did get part of your last sentence correct….as a UK fan, you would be an expert on having plenty of seats available.

  40. dSH!TTYwildcat
    8:16 am July 31, 2013 Permalink

    38 – The stadium might not be full but I was at every game sitting in my season ticket seats. You see, I’m actually a fan of WKU because I went to school there and graduated with a degree from there. I’m sure you are a UK fan because the Walmart closest to your trailer park had a big sale on UK shirts that day. Secondly, let me know what Stoops’ tears look like through binoculars after WKU gets done waxing that A$$!