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Why Thank You Patrick!


We are hard on newspapers on this website and maybe that isnt fair. Sometimes newspapers can use their access and resources to do interesting pieces that cant be done elsewhere. Take this column in the Herald Leader college basketball preview, that just went online today. In the article, the various players on the team were asked their favorite movie, music, etc and the answers are very interesting. Some of my favorites (my comments in parenthesis):

People Say I Most Look Like:

Harrellson: Brendan Fraser (which movie?)
Patterson: Shaft, the actual character
Cousins: Leandro Barbosa (that is random…but I used to get Cherokee Parks when I played in high school)
Bledsoe: John Wall (very funny from the youngster)

Celebrity You’d Drop Everything to Hang With:

John Wall: Lil Wayne
Stevenson: Kobe
Liggins: Gucci Mane (no idea who or what this is)
Hood: Adam Morrison (really, Adam Morrison? I wouldnt have believed there is anyone on Earth who would have put Adam Morrison….consider me baffled)

I Think I am Addicted To:

Wall: Candy
Bledsoe: DJ Mangoo (is this a person, a food, a place? I have no idea)
Harris: Now and Later Candy (worst candy I know)
Hood: Perfection
Krebs: Seinfeld (Good for you…best network comedy ever)

Website I check most frequently:

Wall: Facebook and Youtube
Liggins: Myspace (2006 called…it wants its website back)
Bledsoe, Harrellson, Hood, Stevenson, Cousins, Orton, Dodson: Facebook (social networking still getting it done)

Patrick Patterson:

If you think the KSR Compound was excited about that revelation, you would be correct. Patterson is the favorite KSR Player in its existence and we are glad he is a fan of the site. And maybe he can use this website intelligence to help his man DeAndre Liggins move from MySpace to Facebook before he becomes the last person left with a profile.

In other news, Konner Tucker said his favorite website is something called AzulVerdadKentucky…not sure what he was talking about.

Article written by Matt Jones