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Why Not Aaron Boyd?


Earlier this afternoon, Joker Phillips didn’t exactly toss out any optimism to UK fans regarding his struggling wide receiver group.  Joker said that the same guys that were failing to make plays Thursday against Western Kentucky were the same guys failing to make plays in practice today.  And he made it clear that there will be changes in the depth chart for Saturday’s game.  Demarco Robinson is expected to be the guy who gets the reps, but I have one simple question.

Why not Aaron Boyd?

He was a four-star recruit and picked the Cats over the team that played for the national championship last season.  It was a big moment.  You were excited and you’re no idiot.  By my calculations, he’s stored up at least eight stars worth of production up to this point.. 

Why not Aaron Boyd?

According to Wikipedia, though you can carry the virus for the rest of the life, the acute symptoms of mononucleosis should disappear after a few weeks of rest.  So unless Wikipedia is suddenly in the business of telling lies, health is not an issue.

Why not Aaron Boyd?

Gone are the days of kids talking trash on their Facebook status.  Now it’s all about Twitter.  And #27’s Twitter account?  It’s private and professional. 

Why not Aaron Boyd?

This might surprise you, but receivers are supposed to be able to catch.  After having over two years of working with his brother on those Larry Fitzgerald drills, he should be good.

Why not Aaron Boyd?

Because he’s not suspended anymore.  And that’s a good place to start.

Why not Aaron Boyd?

Statistics say that kids living in broken homes are 30% more likely to fail their classes or skip school.  Problem.  Fixed.

Why not Aaron Boyd?

Because no one else is handling their business and three years after he arrived with much celebration, he has to know that this is his chance.  If Aaron Boyd is ever going to be a player for the University of Kentucky and if he wants to have any shot at making a paycheck for playing football, this is an opportunity that he better grab by the balls and squeeze it tight.  If there’s ever a time for “Flyguy” to spread his wings, it’s now.  So count me in on the movement.  I want to #FreeAaronBoyd.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

34 Comments for Why Not Aaron Boyd?

  1. bradley13
    10:44 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    because he sucks. its that simple. not hard to tell, its UK, if he was worth one shit he would be playing. get real players not retards, joker.

  2. specialkd24
    10:45 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    At the WKU job he was doing a great job of riding the stationary bike on the sidelines.

  3. Bill
    10:51 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Play Boyd. Go Cats

  4. Doron aka Cold Buckets
    10:56 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow is #flyguy. He’s also #sneakerhead.

  5. UKani
    10:56 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    I say why not Aaron Boyd. If you’ve seen Matt Roark run after he catches the ball then you’ve got to be thinking “How fast is this guy”. Simply put Matt Roark is slow…. very slow… He may have a 4.5 time in the 40yrd dash but he plays slow. Aaron Boyd is slow but he doesn’t play that slow…. There is a difference there, plus the guy can catch the ball. Matt Roark can run routes better than Aaron there for he can get open. Why not have a 2 TE set where one of the TE’s is a primary pass catcher and doesn’t block. You can put Aaron Boyd here, therefore he will force LB’s to cover him. Aaron can get open against a LB. Its about schemes.

  6. Jason
    11:00 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Please dont move forward with this, KSR. It’s only going to embarrass Aaron and put him and the other receivers in an awkward position. Look to comment #1 for a little glimpse into what this will turn into.

    Please just dont do this one.

  7. Cal Purnell here
    11:04 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s get to important things, like how exciting will Big Blue Madness be this year?

  8. ez
    11:05 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Why not Boyd. He could not do any worse than Butterfingers Roark.

  9. Tosis
    11:11 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    I’m with #6

  10. damn joke
    11:14 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    because aaron boyd is awful, redshirt junior and still hasnt figured out how to crack the lineup of a subpar receiving corps. why the hell would he care now? let him party and act like hes big time in town and soon he will be a waiter at fridays. kid is awful and i have no confidence in him. my contribution to uk thru season ticket purchases and merchandise purchases have had more of an impact than anything boyd has done. now please boyd go out and shut me and my damn mouth up because i for one believe you are a scholarship bandit.

  11. JBR
    11:18 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe he could crack the line up if he had coaches that could develop him and know talent. I don’t know, because I haven’t been there, but look at the decision the staff made on their infatuation with Newton and running Moss off…it appears that once in Joker’s doghouse, you don’t get a fair shot after that.

  12. jrod
    11:26 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink


  13. Joker
    11:26 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    @5. No way! Makes too much sense!

  14. ryan
    11:28 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    I tell u what, if we are looking for Aaron Boyd as the savior for our WR problems we better be playing in the Sun Belt and not the SEC, lets face it we have no SEC WR’s, every yr every other SEC school ( not Vandy) has a Frosh that excels in an impact skill position……except us, enough with UPSIDE, bring in a guy who can play day 1, not a project

  15. tyson
    11:39 pm September 6, 2011 Permalink

    i lost all hope for Boyd when i read an article over the summer and he basically said, “hey, if i dont do it this year there is always my senior year.” i am paraphrasing, but only slightly. it didnt sound like he wanted to put for the effort to do what it takes to play.

  16. yourajoke
    12:27 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    @10 Maybe you should jump off your high horse. I bet you couldn’t get a job at Friday’s.

  17. 7 And Counting
    12:47 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    I played high school ball with Aaron. Yes, he may be a bit of a primadonna, and yes, he is not the fastest of receivers. But, when the guy gets on the field, he will run as hard as he can and go up after balls without hesitation. He is a guy that we used to go to inside the 20 and throw it up to him in the end zone, and if he could get his hands on it he would come down with it while jumping over db’s. When is the last time he saw the field? He deserves a shot!

  18. SagaciousMind
    12:50 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    I find it funny that everyone wants to say the kid is awful when they’ve never really seen him play. He had to be doing something right in high school to get a 4 star rating. Is it the coaching staff? Maybe. Or maybe it’s Boyd’s work ethic. If these players had the work ethics Cobb had and like Trevathan, there is no doubt in my mind they could excel. Laziness seems to be the problem. Give him a shot and see what he does. If he tanks, then sit his ass down.

  19. I hate
    12:56 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    when I can’t see the comments

  20. 44 Stitches
    1:00 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    Why not Aaron Boyd because he is lazy and overhyped. Boyd got a 4 star rating playing in KY. Seriously how many 4 and 5 star products does KY produce year in and year out? Not that many and hardly any 5 stars. Point being he earned that 4 star playing against weak competition. He has shown he is lazy or either overhyped. I wish him nothing but the best since he is from Lexington and plays for UK but I’m not stupid either. Demarco Robinson might be a baller but I do know he played in a pass happy offense down here in Ga. I hope he turns out to better than advertised and not like Boyd. Aaron Boyd please, please prove me wrong. I will be more than happy to eat my words.

  21. Greg
    1:18 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    Mono increases the size of the spleen and makes it vulnerable to rupture in contact sports. Until his ultrasound shows it has decreased in size he can NOT play.

  22. Trent
    1:34 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you people need to grow up. What makes you higher than this student/athlete that represents UK that you can talk about someone, probably half your age, like he is just a low life worthless individual? I’m 25 years old, but I feel sorry for your children if this is the way you act, resorting to a website to trash talk about a student/athlete. 1 and 10, I would say I hope your children play a sport and people start talking about them and how much they “suck” and are just awful individuals so you can understand just how pitiful your thought process truly is.

  23. Trent
    1:39 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you need to grow up, 1 and 10 especially. What makes you feel that it would be ok to come on a website, hide behind a name, and trash talk a student/athlete, probably half your age, and feel good about hitting the submit comment button? I feel sorry for your children if this is the way you act. I would say I hope your children are participating in athletics and you hear someone talking about how awful, over rated, and just an overall bad person they are, but that wouldn’t make me any better than you. But I guess it would make them better than you, because they are not hiding behind a name on a website, at least they would be saying it where you can put a face with the comment.

  24. ebell55
    2:18 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    I love KSR but you guys are like a cancer to UK football. I’m all for the occasional joke but the negativity about the football team is getting RIDICULOUS! The earlier comment in another post about trading players with Alabama was over the top. Our football program has enough negativity around it I wish you guys wouldn’t add to the fire. We are 1 and 0 let’s let some of the negativity die down until we lose a game.

  25. Boyd Spy
    5:25 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    A good friend of mine used to “see” Aaron Boyd quite often… She said he told her that he didn’t want to play college football, and that he was still playing only because of the full ride.

  26. justsaying
    8:08 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    This is one of the posts that proves KSR knows nothing about football.

  27. Hoss
    8:46 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    22- maybe it’s because we have watched a 4-star prospect literally piss his career away at a spot we need the most help?

    Just a stab in the dark. Give most kids that opportunity and see what they do with it. Then, there is Aaron Boyd.

  28. Paducahfan
    8:49 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    In any sport, such as US Open tennis, the opening round exhibits lots of poor performances by good players and numerous upsets/near upsets. Who knows why? Nerves, maybe. We all think that we have more good, fast players than we have had in the past. Let’s hope the opener was a game we survived and that we can now settle down and play like we all hoped.

  29. Catsantonio
    8:55 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    Roark was recruited as a QB/TE and we have him playing WR……..makes sense.

  30. Obama
    9:23 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    I like this idea. It allows those that care not to pull their own weight to be rewarded for doing just that. I commend KSR on their progressive thinking.

  31. Trent
    11:45 am September 7, 2011 Permalink

    He may have pissed his career away to this point, but confidence is everything to a kid. All he has to do is go out and have one good game and maybe his confidence swells and he is who we initially thought we were getting in a 4-star WR. All I’m saying is talking about a student in this manner does no good at all. It’s not like this is some rinky dink website that no one reads, we’ve heard from several sport stars that say they read the site. If I’m at a school and I read from numerous people how much they think I suck then why would I want to play for that school? To prove them wrong, but at the same time I can see how someone could become unmotivated and their lack of interest drop.

  32. SweetTeaMob til I DIE
    1:23 pm September 7, 2011 Permalink

    I say play Boyd. Atleast until Roark can learn to catch the damn ball. Boyd may not be fast and may not break for any long, spectacular runs after the catch, but he will catch the ball and move the chains.
    I’m excited to see E.J. Fields get tossed into the lineup on Saturday.

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    7:08 pm September 7, 2011 Permalink

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  34. UKFAN78
    6:44 pm September 8, 2011 Permalink

    Some guys are gamers and some are practice players.
    Ill take a gamer any day! Games are won by plays on the field, not in practise. Fran Curci always said that Art Still doged it in practice, He was an All American performer on the field. I say give Boyd a chance, and for more than one game. Considering what I witnessed in Nashville last week, it has to be an upgrade.