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Why do I hate Tennessee, let me count the ways (actually it’s just one)

I think that picture perfectly sums up why I hate Tennessee, and his name is Tony Harris.  I wish I had the ability to photoshop that picture, but I’m no Beisner.  If I did though, I would put one of those little speech bubbles above Harris that says:

“Yeah BI***!!  I am whippin your a** (as he scores his 4th point of the game with 3 minutes to go).  You ho’s can’t stop me (as UT claws it’s way back within 15 of UCONN).”

And then Harris would proceed to cheap shot somebody for his 5th foul, and then continue to talk sh** to everybody who would listen, which would be nobody.

And the thing about Harris too was he had Pacman Jones syndrome.  He wasn’t that great, yet thought he was the most awesome player since Wilt.  Add to that he was a thug who you were more likely than not to be stabbed by if you saw him in the street, and you can understand my frustration.  And he did it all while on a mediocre UT team. 

Of course, Harris was quite the baby maker as well, spawning such greats as Wayne Chism and Duke Crews.  If there is a more unlikeable group of guys over the past 15 years than UT basketball players, then they certainly play for a correctional team.  And that correctional team probably has committed less crimes than the UT guys. 

Here’s another analogy:  Tony Harris was like Don Barzini in the Godfather.  He was cocky, thought he was the best Don, and tried to murder Don Corleone (in this case Tayshaun Prince).  But then he gets shot by the Corleone’s coming out of courthouse, which is appropriate for Harris.  Because Tayshaun was really, really good, and a gangster. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t care if you talk smack.  Lebron James can talk smack, Tyler Hansborough can talk smack, Jodie Meeks can talk smack.  Tony Harris CAN NOT talk smack.  Wayne Chism CAN NOT talk smack.  JP Prince CAN NOT talk smack.  The only guy I can remember that could talk smack at UT was Chris Lofton, and he never did AND battled cancer.

In summary:

Tony Harris: BAD

Chris Lofton: GOOD

Article written by Bryan the Intern