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Who Will Win the National Championship?

Article written by Matt Jones

38 responses to “Who Will Win the National Championship?”

  1. EEK

    in it to win it! 🙂

  2. wampuscat43

    Louisville doesn’t exist!

  3. Ricky Penetrator


  4. MojoRisin

    Why are we red?

  5. Barack Obama

    North Carolina!

  6. Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation

    we will absolutely roll Louisville and then handle Kansas by 10 in the final … # 8

  7. Justin

    #4 – Why indeed?



  9. Mitch Barnhart's Lucky Socks

    Matt who? Matt Jones. Matt, have you heard if Cal is practicing the players or resting this for more than usual this week? When can we find out who the Refs will be? NYE game UK had 43ft’s. Do you see this rematch game giving UK around 40 free throws just like in the NYE game and in last couple games in the tourney?

  10. Azubuike's Bicep

    Can we have a post specifically about not getting out of hand this week. I can’t help but think that regardless of how things go, there are going to be some things that happen that make this state look bad ie. fights, riots, etc. It may sound exagerrated, but the way this game is hyped gives me a bad feeling about what will happen AFTER the game, regardless of who wins. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  11. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Kansas/Ohio = Dumb
    Rest of nation = Smart

  12. Rockfield,KY

    9. Tom Eades is one of the officials this weekend. Hope we don’t have him as an official.

  13. Mitch Barnhart's Lucky Socks

    Listening to the NCAA president give interview over the weekend…sounds like a lot of fouls will be called. Who does that favor? Well in the first game it favored UK

  14. Gap Tooth Danny

    (using reverse wishology) I hope it’s TV Ted and Jamie Luckie.
    Why? Because UL’s only hope of beating us is (getting away with)reaching, grabbing, hacking, etc.
    Just seems like one of the “look at me” officials would not put up with those shenanigans.

  15. fakebutthead

    #11 — Actually — World = Smart!

  16. CatlantaCatFan

    It’s good to see that the people of the world’s oceans favor Kentucky as well. With The Mariner on our side, we cannot lose!

  17. stuck at work

    11. I don’t know about dumb lol it’s ok to believe in your team I know I believe in mine…..doesn’t hurt that mine (UK) is the favorite though

  18. Robbin

    #10 I think you are right. Win or lose there will be trouble in the two cities Saturday.

  19. In Cal We Trust

    I would rather play UL first and then Kansas or Ohio St., then have to play both Kansas and Ohio St. to win the title. DickyV ranked the teams (#1)UK, (#2)Ohio St., (#3)Kansas, (#4)UL. I agree with DickyV’s ranking.

  20. Card Nation

    @ #4 America is INFRARED! The world is ours!

  21. Joe

    16 – LOL

  22. Louisville Police Chief

    ***Breaking News***

    All business leaders and civic leaders along with the Mayor of Louisville are pulling for the University of Kentucky this Saturday. Everyone is concerned that the west side of the City of Louisville (west of I-65) could be burned to the ground if the University of Louisville wins the game and their fans take to the streets.

    We are also warning University of Kentucky fans to take down their car and home flags just prior to the end of the game. We are concerned that the University of Louisville fans will take out their frustrations on University of Kentucky fans.

    Be safe – and Go Big Blue
    Louisville Police Chief

  23. Champ

    Anybody besides me scroll over the picture actually thinking it was ESPN and it was going to show me the percentages?

  24. Caywood Ledford

    Pretty much the same poll for three years in a row now. Let’s hope we can get it done this time around. If not, it’s time for Cal to pack his bags.

  25. NKY CAT

    24, you are an idiot. now, GTFO

  26. blue
  27. Laker Cat 18

    Freshman still wont get it done

  28. Cal's Pal

    Huh, so that’s where Kansas is.

  29. Cardsux

    Laker Cat, Darius is a senior, Lamb a soph, and Jones a soph, and that’s enough to whomp yo azz and the Tards!

  30. Peyton Siva's girlfriend

    With Poseidon on UK’s side and the Devil on ours, how could we possibly win?!

  31. hmmm

    24 yeah right. 2 ff and an elite 8 in first 3 years. All we can ask is putting the best talent in a great spot and eventually we’ll win. Better than a 12 year wait.

  32. David Padgett

    I can’t find the door.

  33. Johnny Red

    #22. Finally there is a Cats fan that shows the fan base’s true racist colors. By the way, last publicized incident of car vandalism, a UK fan was the perp. Go figure.

  34. Will Totten

    33 — by inferring that #22 was being racist you actually proved your racism. Nowhere in there does be mention skin color but you took it upon yourself to stick up for the minorities when you saw he was talking about crime and vandalism. #AbrahamLincolnSaysShutUp

  35. uk3k

    we own you world!

  36. stevie

    34, you are absolutely right. 33 is an insult to humanity.

  37. Rae

    33. Race wasn’t mentioned. Also, your use of finally shows you were looking for an excuse and letting your biases cloud your judgment.

  38. UK all day

    #33 actually i have pictures from the post florida celebration in louisville of louisville fans jumping up and down on a car parked on a street sooo….