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Who Will Stoops Land Next?

Come Be A Hero

What an exciting time to be a Wildcat fan! Each week it seems another player decides to up and join the ranks of Stoops Troops and push the Cats’ class further and further into the top ten. It’s a sight a lot of the fanbase never really thought could happen. The state just didn’t turn out enough talent, Kentucky lacked the tradition, and there was too much competition for elite players. Well in just a few short months Stoops and staff have flipped all of that upside down and they haven’t even played a game yet. The staff has absolutely torn up recruiting and now fans have the same question the great philosopher Bill Goldberg once shared with the masses, “Who’s Next”

Matt Elam

If you follow Matt Elam on twitter it would seem that the big man is pretty big on the Cats. I have to saw he looked pretty awesome in that black and blue jersey from earlier today. The chances of Elam being the next player to join up are slim since he said he was going to announce at the Army All-American game but with the star on campus you just never know what could happen. I’m with 247 sports on this one, Elam becoming a Cat is simply a matter of when not if.


Blake Bone

Liking UK even more now ..

– Ghost.â„¢ (@KingOfEights_8) June 10, 2013

Matt posted earlier about the elite WR being on campus and if twitter is any indication he seems to be enjoying his visit. The rumor mill was churning heading into today that the Cats could add a couple more names to the list before this camp drew to a close. We added one already with Mike Edwards perhaps Mr. Bone decides to get things going on the offensive side of the ball. Plus how awesome would it be to scream out Bone after every first down the guy gets tossed from Drew Barker.

With so many guys out there on Kentucky’s big board who are you most hoping is the next player to decide to come and be a hero?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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36 Comments for Who Will Stoops Land Next?

  1. Rei
    9:37 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    any word on Berrios? I haven’t heard anyone talk about him in weeks.

  2. Braxton
    9:38 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    The one recruit that I am wanting the most badly is without a doubt Braxton Berrios. This kid is exactly what UK needs to get this new offense being installed by Coach Brown. He’s versatile. Can play in the backfield if need be. But he is what I call a perfect mix of Wes Welker and a white man Reggie Bush. He’s as shifty as any player in the country and has great acceleration. Also has a good head on his shoulders. He and Barker would be lethal against any defense.

  3. W.W.B.B.N.D?
    9:39 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    If Elam wants to help draw other great players to UK, it would be good for him to commit like Barker did, and not wait until January.

  4. TDog
    9:41 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Ok I have heard about 4*s but what about 5*s. Are there any 5*s at all looking at us?

  5. Braxton
    9:44 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Barker earns that 5th star after his Elite 11 week. He’s got all the tools to be.

  6. King Apaka???
    9:47 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Does anyone know the guy on Twitter with the name “King Apaka”? Apparently he committed as well, but I can’t figure who it is. I could be a joke for all I know, but if anyone has any knowledgeable insight then I would appreciate some clarity to my confusion.

    On another note, I have NEVER been this excited about anything on a Monday night in June like I am tonight. I cannot wait to watch the rise of Kentucky Football over the next few years. It seems like these kids are just as excited about the turnaround as we, the fans, are. Go Cats!

    Lets Hope Joker screws up Florida as much as he did here. It’s a shame that Joker couldn’t succeed, but looking back on it now it just shows that he should never be the head coach of any football team ever again.

  7. thats budda
    9:52 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Berrios or Kief. And some offensive lineman

  8. Justin
    9:54 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    I think WR Blake Bone or Braxton Berrios will be our next commit.

  9. King Apaka?
    9:58 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    King Apaka??? Anyone know who this dude is?

  10. bigdudes
    9:59 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Who are the guys wearing #s 13 and 14?

  11. WRs
    10:01 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Did Berrios or Kief visit us this weekend?

  12. King Apaka?
    10:07 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

  13. Suprised
    10:07 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    ran into Drew Barker at a concert:
    He called wares commitment and said Berrios and elam were coming too

  14. Jared Yonts
    10:14 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    With this recruiting class so far, it should be a easy choice for Matt Elam!

  15. Kristen Geil's Abs
    10:20 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Have to admit, this is pretty fun seeing the excitement of these football players. No doubt we have some rebuilding to do, but the next 2-3 years will be fun to watch the growth.

  16. Yeah
    10:20 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    @12 can’t figure out who it is myself

  17. Takethoseonionsoffmysliders
    10:22 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Pull the trigger Matt Elam and lets show the ENTIRE NATION there is more excitement for football at U of K than anywhere else!

  18. jonathan
    10:23 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    10, they are daryl long, tight end from ohio, and dorian Hendrix, linebacker from ohio.

  19. jonathan
    10:25 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    12 & 16, that’s a twitter hoax, guy looking for reaction and followers, that is all.

  20. Thanks!
    10:34 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    19) thanks! I was beginning to think that’s what it was, but I just wanted to make sure we weren’t overlooking another big recruit.

  21. kentuck
    10:35 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    This time last year UK had three commits. I am amazed and excited to be a UK football fan! Can’t wait for the season to start. STOOPS!!!!!

  22. Rei
    10:36 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    #20 that’s some loser from Barbourville. He was a few grades behind me when I graduated high school in 08

  23. VinnyCent
    10:41 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink


  24. ca
    10:53 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink


  25. stoooooops
    10:54 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink


  26. OUCH
    10:54 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    My number represents the amount of years in a row that UK has lost to Florida in football. (#26)

  27. old man
    11:22 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    26, isn’t that about the number of felons that played for Fla during Urban’s time there?

  28. Jared Yonts
    11:33 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    Mike sweat of the 2008 class, out of Henry clay here in Lexington was a 5* recruit. He also didn’t play…

  29. Jared Yonts
    11:39 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    On 28) my bad, it was Aaron Boyd!

  30. Plainclothes Man
    11:47 pm June 10, 2013 Permalink

    GOT EM! hahahahahahaha

  31. BeauL
    12:22 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    Let’s land Big Matt & then some O-line studs! Gotta have the horses in the middle to be competitive in the SEC. Oh, and some WR’s…

  32. Rocket20
    8:10 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    Add Charles Walker of St. X. to the family. Ran a 4.48 forty at the camp and is rated Rivals #25 Wide Receiver in the country without even playing the position. He is a great football player whether at tailback, WR, of DB.

  33. NotSatire
    8:46 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    On Barker to Bone TD’s, we’ll say, “T-Boned!”

  34. Mino Slick
    8:57 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    When is KSR gonna show sum love to Stanton Truit 2014 ATH outta GA. He’s on Barkers lists of recruits! This kid is Randall Cobb 2.0! Berrios is gd but he cant see this kid!

  35. BeauL
    10:21 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    @ Mino Slick – Ole Stanton looks like a stud! Would love to see him with the cats!

  36. What?
    10:24 am June 11, 2013 Permalink

    #32, charles walker is not rater by 247 or rivals and no big school has offered him a scholarship. I’m a St.X tiger and even I can admit that this kid is not SEC caliber. Not yet at least. Don’t spread lies about a player just because you think he’s good.