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Who Wants to Be a UK Sports Blogger???


Today is a big day here at Kentucky Sports Radio as we launch our first ever American Idol-esque contest, “Who Wants to Be a Kentucky Sports Radio Blogger?” Over the last couple of years, this site has become one of the go-to places on the internet to cover Kentucky athletics. Since Rob and I created the site nearly three years ago, Kentucky Sports Radio has grown to its position today, where every single day nearly 60,000 unique visitors come to the website, providing 100,000 clicks a day. This astonishing growth has made this blog the #1 independent college sports blog in the country and has given all of us the ability to cover UK athletics in new and exciting ways.

But now we want to add to our ranks. We introduced Bobby Perry as the newest member of the staff two weeks ago and we will be introducing another new blogger at the end of this week. But we also are ready to add a third new member to our ranks and that could be you. Over the next month or so, we will pick a new KSR staff member through an interactive contest to determine the best in UK sports reporting. Ok well maybe not the best (that would be Rob Bromley), but certainly in the top 40%. The position is not paid (no positions are paid as we have to cover the high cost of Kige Ramsey’s demands) but you will get the opportunity to attend events and write about your beloved Cats. Here is what we will do:

1. From now until Sunday at 11:59 pm, if you are interested in entering the “Who Wants to be a UK Sports Blogger?” contest, you should email a mock blog entry to [email protected]. The entry should be the exact type of entry that you see on the site…..focused on some form of UK athletics, creative, entertaining and intelligent. The more creative the better and each person gets one entry into the contest.

2. After all entries have been submitted, I will pick the 10 best submissions and they will go through an “American Idol” style grilling from our current writers, specifically Tomlin, Mosley, Beisner, Turkey Hunter and Evan. They will all go Simon Cowell on the pieces and let you know the good and the bad. The fans will also use the comment section to critique as we narrow down the list.

3. We will pick three finalists, who will each get a “KSR day” in which they will be responsible for all blog posts for five hours….the fans will then vote on the winner and we will have a new UK sports blogger.

As you can see, it should be quite an event. Now you may be asking yourself…..what are the rules for entry? Well here they are:

1. Anyone can apply. There is no age limit or experience level required. Just a love of UK athletics and a creative streak.

2. To be selected, you must be committed to continually writing on the blog for at least one year.

3. You can live anywhere in the country.

4. You can be male or female (FEMALES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY).

5. Finally, all submissions should have (1) The blog entry; (2) your name and contact info; (3) a little info about who you are, where you are from and what you do and (4) your favorite Kentucky Sports Radio moment (just to make sure you arent a poser).

So there you go….the contest is on. Submit your entries to [email protected]. The winner will get to cover UK sports on the side and potentially get the ability to go to events and revel in the absurdity of this blogging institution. Understand, the competition and the critiques by the judges will be harsh….but as anyone who writes for this site can tell you, hardened skin is a must for participation. I believe there is a ton of talent out there waiting to be found. Dont let me down. Good luck!!!!

Article written by Matt Jones