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Who Wants To Be A Blogger: FAQs


Just think, this could be you!

Well kiddos, about this time last year I was writing my first entry blog for the Who Wants To Be A Blogger round 2.  And about a month ago it finally ended.  Now, 150 posts later, I’m gearing up to judge round three.  Matt has already given you the details, but I’m here to add a little flavor to the prompt, Tomlin style.  So here are your WWTBAB FAQs.

I’ve heard about this blogger contest thing, who all can enter it?

Anyone!  Last year we had anything from a song writing Caleb Epley to the venerable Jonathan Fraysure to the very Mormon Jared Quillen.  While it’s more likely that you will win Matt’s heart if you’re a cute co-ed at a bachelor auction (and Drew’s if you’re holding a bottle of Sambuca,) for this contest, all shapes and sizes are welcome.  Nay, encouraged.

Even if I don’t have any writing experience?

Are you funny?  Especially if you don’t have any writing experience.

What do I get if I win?

If you win you get to write for the site!  That means when you Google yourself, you will actually come up instead of that jerk accountant from Minnesota.  It also comes with the adoration of middle aged men across the state (and their friend requests,) and a guarantee that girls boyfriends will always be way more interested in you at parties than their girlfriends.  On top of that, every now and then you might get a free burger at Bunks (swear to God, best burger in Lexington.)

Well that’s cool, what’s the pay like?

Every now and then, you might get a free burger at Bunks!

Don’t you guys have enough bloggers already?

That’s like asking John Calipari if he has too many five star recruits.  Or the Catholic Church if they have too many Pope’s.  Or Jerry Tipton if he has too much Fixodent.  Impossible!

Matt’s post says it can be on any topic in Kentucky sports,  does that mean I can write about my Fraternity’s beer pong team?  We’re undefeated!

That is a good question.  No.

In reality, you can write about pretty much whatever you want, so long as it fits the criteria of Intersting, Creative, Informative, Unique and Funny.  And at least loosely related to Kentucky sports.  When I applied, Matt gave us a couple prompts, so I’ll go ahead and give you some too.  These aren’t necessary to use, but if you’re at a loss for a subject, you could always try one of these.

1.)  Write about your most memorable game experience.

2.)  Write about your favorite Basketball player to average less than eight points a game.

3.)  Predict the future of Billy Gillispie (this is the one I picked when I submitted an entry.  If you ask me, it’s still relevant.)

4.)  Write a hate piece about one of our rivals.

Cool, when is it due?

Wednesday by 11:59 PM.  Don’t you read Matt’s posts?

<Awkward glance>


So… Is this the political announcement?


Good luck everyone, and just remember to have fun.  And be awesome.

Article written by Will Lentz