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Who Wants to Be a Blogger Begins Again


Do you hear that sound? Yes its the sound of summer upon us, which means one thing: The Third Annual KSR Who Wants to be a Blogger Competition. Yes our annual affair in which we try to find the next KSR blogger is here and it is time for those of you out there who read the site and say, “Those Guys Suck…I could do SOOOOO much better” to step up to the plate.

This is our third run at the Blogger contest, and the last two years have produced Hunter Campbell and Will Lentz as winners and other KSR writers as “Daughtrey-esque” runners-up who still find a home. This year, we have five judges once again: me, Beisner, Drew, Tomlin and last year’s winner Will Lentz. Our qualifications to run the contest are simple…its our site and we get to do it. In that group however is a strong diversity of opinion and taste and pleasing everyone will require a top-notch blogger. This is the first year Drew and Will have been a part of the festivities and we wish them both the ability to judge as well as Judge Judy.

Now onto the contest. In order to enter, you need to do these three things:

1. Have an interest in Blogging part-time on the site. This means that you want to do 2-3 posts a week and on weekends, focusing on Kentucky sports in your own unique style. If you dont think you will have that time, dont enter. If you are motivated to write and have the masses read your writing, the go and do it.

2. A Sample Blog Post of Your BEST work: This is your entry submission and should be anywhere from 300-600 words. Give it to me the best you have it. It can be on any topic relating to Kentucky sports, but remember our five criteria:

a. Interesting
b. Creative
c. Informative
d. Unique
e. Funny

Your post doesnt have to be all of these…if you are informative and not funny, thats ok. If you are funny and not informative, thats ok. But over time, you need to show us your ability to do all five well or if not, three or four at a top-notch level.

3. A paragraph about You: Give me your name, age, sex, where you live, what you do and anything interesting or important about you. If you have pictures of yourself that help send them. If you have a bio, send it. We will be looking at this for diversity sake and want to have a great well-rounded staff, so tell us why you are the pick.

Entries will be due by Wednesday, June 2 at 5 pm and should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject title “Blog Contest Entry”. From the group that we receive, we will have 20 finalists. Unlike in past years, this edition will be MUCH SHORTER…and CUTS WILL BE MADE IN BUNCHES. So every entry will have to be good. But none more so than the first.

In the first year, we received 120 submissions and picked 15 finalists. Last year we received 230 submissions and picked 20 finalists. I actually expect more this year and the quality to improve. Remember that you will be writing to the largest UK audience on the internet. Only do it if you have a thick skin. But otherwise, no matter your experience level, you can do this. We all started with no background or discernable ability…and now you can too.

So get your entries in. By Monday the 8th, we will announce our 20 finalists. Good luck and we all cant wait to read the entries (except Drew who is dreading it).

Article written by Matt Jones