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Who is that Cat: Trivia Answers


The picture above comes from Jody Demling at the Courier Journal and shows the two Kentucky titans at this week’s Las Vegas AAU tournaments. While we all may guess what the two of them are speaking about, they each (along with every other college coach in America) are checking out the high school talent in Vegas. At this point, there is very little in the way of news coming from the event (expect that to change on Thursday and Friday), thus we will use this evening’s post to answer the trivia questions and tell a couple of stories about them. So without further ado:

1. Favorite Movie is The NotebookRamel Bradley

Over the course of the Barnstorming Tour, we were able to see Ramel’s somewhat sensitive side. Whether it was his affinity for Elton John or admitting that he has been to a couple of Broadway shows, Ramel has a softer side that most dont know. But the fact that “The Notebook” is his favorite movie may take the cake.

2. In his first pickup game upon arriving on campus, stole the ball on a fast break and went up for a dunk…..only to get pinned against the rim and land flat on his back while his future teammates universally fell to the ground laughing.Adam Williams

The fact that no one got this right in the comments section baffled me. Poor Adam Williams….generally considered vastly overmatched at UK, his first game at the Seaton Center has become stuff of legend. An auspicious beginning to a UK career that was very short.

3. Once responded to a post-game question from me about what he was looking forward to in the SEC conference schedule with the response, “all the other teams’ cheerleaders.”Randolph Morris

Randolph is probably the most articulate player outside of Bobby Perry that I have interviewed while at UK. He however hated doing interviews and generally gave reporters almost nothing to work with. After one game however, the crowd had dwindled and Randolph answered my question with that response and not even a hint of a smile. I loved it.

4. Arguably (and universally agreed by all that have seem them) has the Nastiest Feet ever seen on a human being.Joe Crawford

I really cant do Joe’s feet justice….they are hideous…as bad as any that anyone could even imagine. I have bad feet….ask anyone that knows me. But Joe’s feet make mine look like a Victoria Secret model’s feet after a pedicure. They have bruises, hair and toe nails that are bent in 50 different directions. A man who should definitely leave his socks on…..

5. Is generally mentioned by all his fellow former teammates to have had the most UK college women interested in him of any other player. Kelenna Azubuike

Whether its the muscles, the eyes or the dunking, the ladies loved Kelenna. He wasnt the player who was the biggest ladies man (we wont reveal that secret), but he had the most admirers.

6. Was said by another player to have taken “fewer showers than any person I have ever been around in my life.” Jules Camara

No one is sure why, but Souleymane apparently had an aversion to water….and taking it to the rim (I kid because I love).

7. Once made 35 straight three pointers to win a bet with a fellow teammate after practice. Josh Carrier

Ask any former player the best shooter they ever saw in practice, and they all will say Josh Carrier. Once made 35 straight on a bet and could have kept going.

8. Soon after arriving on campus and being disciplined for violating a team rule, looked at then-coach Tubby Smith after he laid the smack down and thinking Coach was kidding said, “AWWW Dawg, you know how we do”, while trying to give Tubby five. Tubby was (to say the least) not amused. Rashad Carruth

Lots of people got this one correct….ask a player on the team at the time and they ALL have a Carruth story….most that cant be printed on a family site. But this early bump in the road proved an ominous sign going forward.

9. At one point got in a tense verbal shouting match over which school is better….with a female Louisville cheerleader.Woo

This great event happened on a night on the town with Woo and the KSR crew after an appearance at Longheads in Louisville. Woo saw a UL cheerleader and over the course of a few blocks, the two jarred back and forth, culminating in Woo’s immortal line (at least to us), “Louisville isnt near Kentucky….you Honda, we Lexus”

10. Has been known to break into his teammates’ rooms on road trips, use the toilet (the second way), not flush, turn the heat up to the maximum and then leave the room as is for the inhabitant to find hours later.Shagari Alleyne

Shagari Alleyne produces the BEST stories I have ever heard….bar none. There are about 10 Shagari stories that can beat almost anything else we have ever written on this site….but this one is one of my favorites. Shagari taking dumps and then leaving as a masked assassin, with the heat on high. Gotta love it.

So there you have it….some facts that you did not know. The winner will be announced later today. Oh and for the record, one former UK basketball player from this era actually guessed in the comments section and filled out an entry….and I dont think he won (although he did well). More throughout the day, including some updates from SEC Football Media Days……

Article written by Matt Jones