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Where’s Thamel or Thayer when you need them?

Old photo via Courier-Journal

Earlier today, reported that NC State freshman and former UK recruit Rodney Purvis was under review by the NCAA, and would not be able to accompany his team on their exhibition in Spain.  According to the World Wide Leader:

North Carolina State freshman guard Rodney Purvis won’t accompany the team for its exhibition trip to Spain because the NCAA is still reviewing his eligibility.

N.C. State says Purvis won’t make this weekend’s trip “due to an ongoing process with the NCAA Eligibility Center.” The school says the NCAA is giving an “extended review” to Purvis’ high school. Purvis’ class is the first to graduate from Upper Room in Raleigh.

The NCAA requires all freshmen to complete that process to play in a summer foreign tour.

Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried says he’s disappointed Purvis won’t join the Wolfpack for the five-game tour.

The 6-foot-3 guard is a McDonald’s All-American and was also The Associated Press men’s prep basketball player of the year for North Carolina.

As UK fans are well aware, sometimes the NCAA can get a little frivolous with their reviews.  Nerlens Noel, who has completed his academic workload and is scheduled to be on campus by the 19th, was “reviewed” in a similar way earlier this year.  The top recruits typically get a little more special attention, and with Purvis being among the first graduates of his high school, things can get a little murky.  As a former teacher, trust me, the accreditation process is an absolute nightmare.  Is there anything substantial to the review?  Maybe, maybe not.  Who knows.

My issue, though, is whether we’ll see a scathing report by Sports Illustrated, the “TH’s” new home, on how corrupt and shady NC State is for recruiting a kid like Rodney Purvis.  After all, they fairly assess recruiting practices regardless of team, right?  That’s what respectable journalists do?  Expect a column from one of them soon, then.

(Who am I kidding?  They won’t mention a thing.)

Article written by Corey Nichols

17 Comments for Where’s Thamel or Thayer when you need them?

  1. HicksPickSix
    7:04 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    You? A former teacher? Pshaw. If you really were a teacher, you’d know that more often than not the accreditation process is actually quite straightforward.

  2. Kaboom
    7:20 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    With the last post as further evidence to this post I despise the direction of SI especially the hiring of these “TH” trash. Official BBN boycott of one of the most prestine sport literatures out there. Cause their status is seemingly undeserved with these bozo’s at the helm.

  3. test
    7:26 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink


  4. NCAA
    7:27 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Noel will never suit up for uk. We are looking at his shady handlers. You rednecks and hilljacks are too stupid to notice. Go post another 3 goggle pic, goobers.

  5. ATLCat
    7:34 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Oh look, #1 is bit**ing about Corey Nichols again. How wonderfully original and entertaining.

  6. Mothers Milk
    7:37 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    4 – NCAA = No Cards Allowed AHole.

  7. Kaboom
    7:53 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    #1 & #4 You both have pitiful existences. I don’t know who you are or what you do but based on you posts I know you how happy you are, I’m sorry for your lives.

  8. Apathetic Andy
    8:41 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    This is a no brainer why Thamel isn’t involved. If it’s not UK, then no one cares and no one will read the article if written.

  9. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?
    8:44 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    A Little Nervous Purvis

  10. Will You Return?
    9:10 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    Hey #4-You are a charlatan and a coward. You keep bringing that same weak crap, post after post, and calling yourself NCAA. You label others as stupid, but your own ignorance you wear like a crown. You can’t even be original. Go back to your hovel. Go. Now.

  11. Will You Return?
    9:47 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    I like to beat my meat to pictures of Jones with his hair parted down the middle.

  12. Kaboom
    10:08 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    11. I know your not whoever #10 was and with that I would like to know how insecure as a man you feel? When you act does your manhood do a scared turtle, have you even ever seen pleasure on someone’s face when interacting with you? There is so much sadness I perceive in your life.

  13. Sandy Bell
    10:34 pm August 4, 2012 Permalink

    I could have had this kid cleared in 5 minutes.

  14. duh
    3:05 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    You want to know where Thamel and Thayer are? In bed with Forde having a three way. Hey #4 and #11..why don’t you go join them…I’m sure you’d have a great time!!

  15. jill
    4:38 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    I part my chest hair down the middle.

  16. jill
    4:39 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    and my butt hair

  17. shelbyjoe
    9:48 am August 5, 2012 Permalink

    IIRC, didn’t rp and the tards recruit this kid also? I wonder if the CJ will mention that former UL recruit Rodney Purvis hasn’t been cleared yet. After, all, hasn’t it been said that RP doesn’t recruit “risky” kids?