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Where UK now stands in the SEC East race


#15 Florida 9-2 .818 20-5 .800 W4
#18 Vanderbilt 8-4 1.5 .667 20-6 .769 W5
#22 Kentucky 7-5 2.5 .583 19-7 .731 W2
Georgia 7-5 2.5 .583 18-8 .692 W1
Tennessee 6-6 3.5 .500 16-11 .593 L1
South Carolina 4-8 5.5 .333 13-12 .520 L5

Currently sitting 1 game out of an SEC bye, the race for the SEC East 1 and 2 seeds over the next 2 weeks should be exciting, with 5 of the 6 teams in the East having a legit shot at earning that bye.  Certainly Florida has the best route to the title, holding a 1.5 game lead over 2nd place, and 2.5 games over 3rd place.  But, how exactly does the road look to Atlanta?

@ LSU (Win)
Georgia (Likely Win)
@Kentucky (Likely Loss)
Alabama (Likely Win)
@Vandy (Likely Loss)
Projected Record: 12-4

Tennessee (Likely Win)
@LSU (Win)
@Kentucky (Loss)
Florida (Likely Win)
Projected Record: 11-5

@Arkansas (Likely Win)
Florida (Likely Win)
Vanderbilt (Likely Win)
@Tennessee (Toss-up)
Projected Record: 10-6

@Florida (Likely Loss)
South Carolina (Win)
LSU (Win)
@Alabama (Likely Loss)
Projected Record: 9-7

Assuming Florida handles it buisness the rest of the way, they are the very likely 1-seed.  And Georgia has 2 very likely losses in games on the road against Florida and Alabama, which knocks them out of the race for the 2-seed.  And that leaves Kentucky and Vanderbilt to fight it out.

Assuming Kentucky beats Vanderbilt in Rupp, that leaves the teams with equal conference records.  Which means the quest for the bye will be a 3-game season.  Vandy gets Tennessee and Florida at home, and LSU on the road.  Kentucky gets Florida at home, and Tennessee and Arkansas on the road.  Certainly Vanderbilt has the easier road in that scenario.  But Tenneessee has been wildly inconsistent, so they could beat either team or they could lose to either team.  Both Vandy and UK get Florida on their home floors, where Florida has not played well this season.  And the Arkansas and LSU games are close to equal on the road, with UK getting a slightly tougher draw there. 

If UK is able to play the way it did yesterday, they certainly could sweep the last 4 games and likely earn a bye.  But, the road is no cakewalk.  And I, for one, am excited about that.  What about you?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

28 Comments for Where UK now stands in the SEC East race

  1. KickRR
    2:06 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t think Vandy beats both Tenn. and Fla. at home. In fact I think Tenn. beats them tues. Lets not forgot Arkansas beat them in Nashville.

  2. JimmyDykesSchtick
    2:09 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    “likely win” is being thrown about quite generously

  3. Go Deep
    2:11 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Until we are mathematically eliminated I will be holding out hope for 1st place. I think we are at the beginning of a big run of wins. Florida could lose to GA, UK and UT. Keep the faith. GO BIG BLUE!!

  4. BlueVirus
    2:15 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    3-uf has already beaten ut 2x

  5. Rupert Ergin XI
    2:16 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    For those who just witnessed most of the Daytona 500 favorites taken out in that wreck, good news. UK Women are on WKYT playing Vandy.

  6. exciement
    2:39 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    my pants are soiled with excitement.

  7. Willis talkin bout..
    2:46 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Again, I will point out. If the Coach publicly states that he doesn’t care about the conference, its hard to imagine the players will. But I guess at this point if they are just playing for a higher NCAA seed, they have to get motivated now either way.. so who knows.. Go CATS!!!

  8. UKWildcats86
    2:47 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    terrible post lol

  9. see it for what it is
    2:48 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Cats win the next four, Vandy falls at Rupp, and drops one if not both to Tn and Fla. Cats get that bye. Write it down.

  10. Runnin'Ramel
    2:52 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Florida about to go to 10-2. Nice run by Gators and Vandy the last couple of weeks.

  11. Runnin'Ramel
    2:53 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    7 – well, you gotta wins games to get better seeding … so it’s not like they aren’t trying to win every game.

  12. We R We R The BBN
    3:08 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Facts are we need to win out. I agree with # 1 UT beats Vandy in Nashville. We will out and then get the bye and 45K will head to Catlanta to play three homes games in our bigger version of Rupp Arena. I feel we are about to string together a great streak. Our chemistry is at the highest level it has been at all year. We go into NCAA tourney as a solid 3. I also feel a another game versus the dirty cardinals (Louisville) is on the horizon in the tourney. Go Big Blue!

  13. Packers&Cats, There is a God!
    3:12 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    What if UK and Vandy tie — who gets the bye?

  14. Cats85
    3:17 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    4-1 through the last 5 games.
    We’ll get the east 2 seed. Go Cats!

  15. uk wildcat
    3:18 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    #13: Yo momma

  16. Go Deep
    3:19 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    4, meant to say Vandy.

  17. gog8ors
    3:26 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    “On the road where Florida has not played well”, that sentence made the whole article lose credibility. The Gators have the best road record in the conference, not like the Kentucky Opossums that get killed on the road. Do some research if you want to be a credible writer and quit talking about things you wish were true but simply aren’t. Enjoy playing on Thursday boys!

  18. Viren
    3:37 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    I think Kentucky and Vanderbilt will battle it out for the #2 seed in the SEC east. If it ends with a tie between the two schools Kentucky will have to return the favor otherwise Dores gets the edge. SEC Tie breaker between 2 schools: A) Head to Head match-ups is the reason Cats have to beat Dores in Lexington; B) Win/Loss record versus SEC east teams that is 10 games. Currently Kentucky is 4-3 against SEC east foes and Vanderbilt is 4-3. If Kentucky beat Vanderbilt and Florida at home that would give them 6-3 wins over SEC east. If Vanderbilt wins their two huge home games versus Tennessee and FL and drop one in Lexington they will be sitting at 6-4. Which means game in Knoxville will be huge and could determine who gets a bye in the SEC Tournament. If Cats lose versus Vols we will finish 6-4 and yet another tie. C) Wins versus the Division Leader (and preceding down the teams until the #6 seed) in FLorida both Kentucky and Vanderbilt have lost to Gators. Florida still has return trip to Lexington and Nashville both teams are likely to drop Florida two toughest venues in SEC east. D) Well let’s just hope we do not get down this far into the tie breaker list, it just keep getting fishy.

  19. Doctor Bob
    3:49 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    So UF has played poorly on the road…hmmm. Perhaps the facts are clouding your vision. Gators have lost twice in the SEC. Once at home and once on the road.

    Pretty good for “poorly”.

    How would you refer to UK’s road performance, in light of you calling the Gators a poor road team?

    I know your answer: Young team, tough night/ other team shot the lights out…

    Get used to it because UK will have a young team every year (the DDO is like the surprise inside a crackerjacks box).

  20. Alumni
    3:51 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    I just want to be a 2 seed so I don’t have to wake my ass up at 6:00am and drive to Atlanta on Thursday morning for our 2:15 game.

  21. The Dark Knight
    3:52 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    17-We will see how good they are on the road when they come to Rupp this Saturday. Enjoy playing with boys!

  22. Seneca
    4:09 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll be rooting for any team that plays Vandy (except UK of course). Florida is in. Agree with most the Knoxville game will be tough. Who knows which team you will get. They are as nutty as as their coach. At home in March, my conservative bet is a UT win.

    The SEC has got to change the way they seed for the men’s SECT. It’s ridiculous, even if, 5 years from now, the West has the advantage.

  23. I Am Me
    4:36 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    #17 AKA gog8ors
    Normally, I’d bash anyone coming on an opponents’ fan blog just to bash the writer…BUT in this case, the writer is BTI so meh…
    Oh and since we at BBN are known to have great hospitality, I figure I should invite you over for Saturday’s game. I just need to know, as the great JT says, “How ya like your gator burger?”

  24. barn
    4:48 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    hope we do play on thurs. that’s just more w’s on our resume going into the big dance.gbb

  25. the walrus
    5:18 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    think it’s more likely we lose at home to Florida than at UT, but I can’t argue with the projected league records. Just a shame someone like Arkansas is getting that bye in the SEC tourney instead of us.

  26. Rich
    5:33 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    Florida is 5-1 on the road vs teams that are 27-40 in SEC play.
    UK is 1-5 on the road vs teams that are 44-28 in SEC play.

    In other words, UF still has tough road games ahead. UK has easier ones…not easy but Ark/Tenn is easier than UK/Vandy.

    Gators have been decent on the road…only b/c they won a couple tough games – Georgia and UT…Their other 3 wins on the road came against Auburn/LSU/USC…

  27. dogballs
    9:11 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    if UGA would have not pooped their pants against Vandy would given us better chance @ #2

  28. gog8ors
    9:14 pm February 20, 2011 Permalink

    21- It won’t matter this Saturday, the Gators will be the East champs and UK will be playing for at best, third place. One game doesn’t matter, it’s what you do over the course of the conference. This year Kentucky was renamed the opossums, because they got killed on the road. LOL