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Where fore art thou Rekalin Sims?

There have been some fairly poorly kept secrets in our day. Stan Van “Ron Jeremy” Gundy was likely the only individual outside of my grandmother’s house who did not know that at some point during his job with the Miami Heat, Pat Riley was going to take his hair care products and replace him on the sidelines as coach of Shaquille and Dewayne Wade. Liberace, Elton John and Freddie Mercury for some reason fooled millions of people for years whose gaydar must have been worse than Tony Soprano’s as they kept up the fallacy that they were not playing for the “other team” during their rock careers. And we all know that we are less than a year away from a Lindsey Lohan meltdown that will end up in rehab and a rendevous with Jack Nicholson at a Laker game.

But none of these may be worse kept secrets than the news that Rekalin Sims will soon transfer to some mid level Div I college in California (San Jose St?). For weeks now, everyone who knows (and many who dont) have confirmed that Sims is indeed headed out the door, a suspicion all but confirmed from his Junior College in Utah (with he and Nate Knight, can we all now agree that no more Juco kids from Utah is a good plan??). Sims likely sees that his initial year at UK, where he performed much worse than even the last JUCO All American, the immortal Antwain Barbour, was a complete failure and next year will likely be no better as his potential to unseat Bobby Perry or Sheray Thomas looks more and more remote.

So the question is, what is Sims waiting for? There has been some speculation that Tyler Smith is waiting on Sims’ decision before he commits to Kentucky, a suggestion I find absurd, as if Tyler were to pick the Cats, a scholarship would immediately be found (hey Jared, dont you think an academic ride would be nice. You get to be honored on Academic Night!!!). So there must be something else up with Sims, as he is still in town, and playing in pickup games with the team. There has been some talk that he is considering staying, but redshirting…a move I find plausible, but not one that he has ever mentioned himself.

UItimately Sims’ best more is likely to go. He has very little to show for his time in Lexington and I dont think things are going to improve (his weight gain is approaching Matt Heissenbuttel levels). So that leaves the question….what is your favorite memory of the Rekalin Sims era? Was it his 20 point game against Iowa in the Guardians Classic? Or was it…..well thats the only one I can think of. My most treasured moment was watching him attempt to rebound in the SEC tournament with such futility that it caused one of my group to say, “well there is one positive…..he has insured that Shagari wont get the “Marvin Stone Memorial Worst Rebounder Award” on awards night.”

What are your favorite moments…..real or imagined?

Article written by Matt Jones