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Where Do We Go From Here?

Photo By UK Athletics

Photo By UK Athletics

Photo By UK Athletics

After laying in bed for way longer than I should’ve, I’ve stopped “crying in my soup” and started moving forward. For the last 24 hours, BBN has been talking about “we should’ve done this and that.” Now, it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask what this loss really means.

Where are we seeded now?

This game was significant in terms of fighting for a number 1 seed for both Kansas and Kentucky. Kansas’s only other major win was against Duke in the beginning of the season, and that’s not looking too good now. Kentucky’s major win was against UNC, who just lost at Miami yesterday. Kansas still has two opportunities for big wins against Baylor, but this was Kentucky’s last chance to get a win against a top 10 team. Unfortunately friends, our seeding can only go down from here. Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm both agree that with a Kansas loss UK’s highest seeding is a No. 2.

Is this the 2013-14 team?

In August, I had the chance to see part of this team scrimmage at the Coach Cal Fantasy Camp.  I remember texting my dad saying “this is gonna be another 2014-15 kind of team.” After last night, I’m reminded of how I felt after that March 1, 2014 loss against South Carolina. Then, Coach Cal implemented the famous “tweak” we made an improbable run, Aaron Harrison hit game winning three’s, people named their kids after him – you know the story. This team and this fanbase need another tweak. What will boost our morale before March?

Who’s our leader?

This team needs to find a leader like, yesterday. Who’s gonna be our MKG and start a breakfast club? Who’s the guy we print out shirts for that say “ROAR FOR 22?” Who’s our floor general? This team needs someone to step up for the rest of the year.  Earlier in the year, Cal said this was Briscoe’s team. Now, he’s in a slump, if not him who else?

This may be a Sunday of mourning but, remember Cal’s teams always get better. In the words of Cal himself “Thank God it’s not March yet.” 

Article written by Savannah Patton

My first words were Go Big Blue. Follow me on twitter:@savannahpattKSR

9 Comments for Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. mozes520
    4:01 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    Saying this is the 2013-14 team is a huge stretch. No way they’re going to end up with 9 losses in the regular season.

  2. Belbivdivoe
    5:06 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    Can we get as serious about balling as we do about selling books about success, bringing in Michael Buffer to announce players and going on book and media tours in season? Granted the recruiting is great and all but all this has gotten us, the same amount of titles that Villanova has the last decade. We are the University of hype! We call ourselves the Alabama of basketball? Please, they actually win titles with their talent. Players first baby, we own ESPN coverage for recruiting and practice, just not when it acturally matters….

  3. jim tom
    5:44 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    Yeah, I can hardly wait for NBA draft night.

  4. Jiminy Crickets
    7:19 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    You want leadership and Discipline? Here is the thing. I learned with Archie Goodwin that Cal may talk about benching, and may yell and scream like a man possessed, but until he actually instills discipline, it will not happen. Monk and Fox are uber talented, I get it, and will be one year NBA guys, again I get it. However, he will not bench either for repetitive stupid mistakes,all while calling Willis out for losing the game on ONE rebound, while Willis was the only scoring option we had in the entire second half. Why? because he cant take the chance of making them look bad.
    I personally think Cal fell in love with this team, and thought he didnt really need to coach them. He thought this was another John Wall Team with great speed. Cal is just now realizing this team is broken, and thats why he is screaming at them during games like a dog that poops in the house.

    Ive been a UK fan for nearly 35 years, began when I went to Rupp and seen a game with Turpin and Bowie, and I thought jim Masters was a God. I love the high level talent Cal brings in, but this mass exodus of players every year, is showing it’s perils.
    There are no PPats, damion Harris or Miller like on the 2010 team, there are no Liggins, Miller and Harrel like 2011, theres no Terrance Jones, Lamb and Darius Miller like 2012. The most “veteran” talent we have is Willis, Hawkins and Briscoe, and next years “veteran” players will be Gabriel and Humpheries (I predict SKJ transfers out).
    Why is that??
    Well every year we have guys that are “4-year guys” transfer out or jump to NBA when they weren’t ready because they keep getting recruited over, and know that it doesn’t matter how they play, they will be at the end of the bench. Lee would be a great senior, Matthews could have been a great SF, for that matter Aaron harrison and Dekari Johnson could have been serious difference makers had they stayed. But this is not the nature of UK basketball anymore, if you dont go 1-done youre looked at as a failure, and players are jumping to NBA in second round or going undrafted because theres no room for them at UK. Briscoe will be this years example.

  5. mikeintn
    8:37 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    Said very well.

  6. unbridled
    8:48 pm January 29, 2017 Permalink

    I didn’t watch the post game interview. Did coach cal really throw Willis under the bus because of a missed rebound? If that’s the case, I’m off of the “in Cal we trust” train. That would prove his philosophy of “players first” to be a complete sham. I’m a major proponent of coach cal and his methods. We are lucky to have him. But if he is chastising Willis (the only player who showed up ready to play) for his performance and didn’t critique the freshman….I’m completely over it.

  7. Ukgrad2006
    1:33 pm January 30, 2017 Permalink

    Coach Cal has now been out coached in two consecutive games. Maybe its time for him to look in the mirror?

  8. bbnfarmer
    4:06 pm January 30, 2017 Permalink

    The last paragraph says it all. Very well written and love your thoughts on the game. But, really, Thank God it’s not March yet.