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When is cheating ok?

If you said “when she’s ten years younger and your wife is out of town”, then you’re probably right, but maybe not in the way we’re talking about here.  According to Michael Weinreb on ESPN’s Page 2 (which is absolutely terrible in my opinion, considering the resources ESPN has.  It’s a poor attempt at a blog), when NCAA teams were cheating in the 80’s, particularly Kentucky, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the current situation.  Weinreb says that it was so bold and unhidden back then, and everyone was basically playing by the same rules, so it was a better system of rule-breaking than what we have now.  Now, teams use charities and middle men and “runners” and coaches and anything else that they can use to change the NCAA’s direction.  He probably has a point, although I still like to be that guy who is incredibly naive to think that any of the major programs are cheating, but I still doubt Eddie Sutton and his staff really had the collective intelligence to hatch a better plan.

Article written by Thomas Beisner