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What’s in a number?

With the recent release of the official basketball roster for next season, it got me thinking (which is dangerous): JUST WHERE DOES EACH PLAYER MATCHUP WITH OTHER UK PLAYERS OF THE SAME NUMBER?  And more importantly, how many guys have a chance to be the best player EVER to wear that number. 

#1 Darius Miller
Other #1’s: Cliff Hawkins, Alex Legion
Chances of being best: HIGH

#3 Darnell Dodson
Other #3’s: Rex Chapman, Allen Edwards, Ramel Bradley
Chances of being best: VERY LOW (Not gonna pass King Rex)

#4 Jon Hood
Other #4’s: Kyle Macy, Derrick Miller, Gerald Fitch, Rajon Rondo
Chances of being best: LOW (Macy and Fitch are tough to pass)

#5 Ramon Harris
Other #5’s: Travis Ford, Wayne Turner
Chances of being best: NIL (Unless Harris hits buzzer beater to win national title while scoring 47 pts.)

#11 John Wall
Other #11’s: Sean Woods
Chances of being best: VERY HIGH (If his skills actually match the hype)

#15 Demarcus Cousins
Other #15’s: Alex Groza, Jeff Sheppard
Chances of being best: LOW (Maybe with monster year AND national title)

#21 Perry Stevenson
Other #21’s: Jack Givens, Tayshaun Prince
Chances of being best: SHOE-IN (Just don’t get hurt and its yours, Perry)

#24 Eric Bledsoe
Other #24’s: Johnny Cox, Jamal Mashburn, Antoine Walker, Kelena Azubuike
Chances of being best: VERY LOW (Maybe with 4 national titles)

#33 Daniel Orton
Other #33’s: Ron Mercer
Chances of being best: HIGH (3 or 4 year player with national title gets it)

#34 Deandre Liggins
Other #34’s: Kenny Walker, John Pelphrey, Scott Padgett
Chances of being best: NONE ZERO NADA (No comment necessary)

#54 Patrick Patterson
Other #54’s: Melvin Turpin
Chances of being best: ALREADY HAS IT

#55 Josh Harrelson
Other #55’s: Thad Jaracz, Jim Andrews
Chances of being best: BETTER THAN YOU MIGHT THINK (But still not close right now)

So, on the current roster of 12 players, it is likely that 4 of them are the greatest to ever wear their number.  My question to you is: HAS THERE EVER BEEN ANOTHER TEAM IN UK HISTORY WHERE THIS CAN BE SAID?

Article written by Bryan the Intern