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What Will a Rick Pitino Press Conference Look Like Next Year?


Even though our most recent ex-coach showed a lot of crazy late last night, lets not forget our other crazy ex. The great site The Sports Pickle has this post in which they act out a potential Rick Pitino press conference after a tough loss this season. It is brilliant. A couple of highlights:

Reporter 1: “Rick, talk a little bit about why you continued to press down the stretch. It seemed their guards didn’t have much problem with the pressure and it led to several easy baskets.”

Pitino: “I find it interesting that you would ask that question.”

Reporter 1: “Umm … why?”

Pitino: “In the time it took you to ask me that, 13 children died in the world. Thirteen! That’s a fact. Some of AIDS, some of hunger — one at the end of your question got hit by a train. A train! While you were asking me about pressing, a kid got hit by a train. And it wasn’t quick either. The kid was in severe pain before the good Lord finally took him to heaven. Now what do you think? Is your question important still?”

Reporter 1: “Umm. I’ll put ‘no comment.'”

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Article written by Matt Jones